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  1. The only reason I ask is because I am Twarden, the majority of my involvement with the RCL community is within the official forums (over 750 posts since July 7th, 2014), and Karlos has banned every new account that I have tried to create here insofar as of this past year ever since I got trolled into creating a poorly thought out post just once. forum.ripple.com now redirects to ripple.com. Please, unban my account, Karlos, I am getting a loan from socialfinance.org quite soon to be able to actually provide liquidity to the ledger once again; Assets supported will be all cryptocurrencies I have supported in the past under xagate.com and preciouswallet.io (BTC, LTC, NXT, Ardor, IGNIS, ETH) plus QTUM and ADA (Cardano) in addition to precious metals, CAD, and the USD. Once I secure funding from this social financing company (I just need to send in enough fiat for a loan certificate of insurance that the underwriting department of the bank creates within 72 hours of payment) it may also be possible for me to also remit the Yen through Scotiabank via wire transfer in addition to the typical fiat currencies that I would remit through the Bank of Montreal plus the Royal Bank of Canada.
  2. The SSL credentials for the official ripple forums are not allowing me to visit to perform research on somethings I am interested in about the RippleNet. Can anyone here connect securely to the site?
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