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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Like I said my intentions were to learn Javascript and more about Ripple, so i've already succeeded! But i'll try answer your points anyway. Re design, those are good points and i'll change the Facebook and Linkedin items for sure. The background is real purdy so i'll maybe think about it more. ☺️ 1. Ripple Data API https://data.ripple.com/v2/exchange_rates/XRP/USD+rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B? 2. People who recently create paper wallets 3. Their exchange they hold their XRP in may not send to inactive wallets. Something I experienced with Poloniex (some time ago though) 4. People can pay the minimum, which covers running costs and stripe transaction fees, so no profit here. Although the screen before the credit card field they can optionally enter a tip amount. Thanks for taking the time @zenkert!
  2. I whipped this together to update my JS programming skills, It gives you the cheapest possible price and you can pay by credit card to receive 20 XRP instantly. Might not leave it up depending how it's received. Would love your feedback either way! https://xrp.walletactivation.com/
  3. I feel it will go up, it's just when.. There's an old saying that economists are like broken clocks, they're only right once per day. I think this applies to Ripple.. Everyone here know it's going to go up, but when is the age old question..
  4. scheduled for 4/20 in Netherlands, I imagine catering for munchies essential
  5. Retrospect is a ***** dude! You could literally always think of a way you could have done things better. Just learn from it I suppose! For me i know something is worth doing when My head, stomache and heart are all telling me to go for it. Sounds cheesy but when you know, you know...
  6. I remember getting to work one day, the lead developer at my work knew I was into Ethereum pretty heavily, and had been doing well off it (it was early 2017). He started to tell me all about XRP, his excitement really sparked my interested, after looking into it I got that same "Wow" feeling that I initially had from Bitcoin, then again from Ethereum when I first found out about them. Any other stories? It's interesting to know.. My hypothesis is it's mostly from people you trust.
  7. I've seen so many of these charts that weren't accurate that now I'm numb to them. I want to believe it, and everyone else does too... But is there any reason I should trust this one?
  8. As per this thread, I always find it interesting to examine the all-time lows of a coin as per this thread. 2014: $0.003 2015: $0.004 2016: $0.005 2017: $0.006 2018: $0.26 .003 to .004 = 133% increase .004 to .005 = 125% increase .005 to .006 = 120% increase .006 to 0.26 = 4330% increase Wait..... Now i'm more confused... *this is how every price prediction goes* As a mystical wizard of the Andes mountains, reaching into my magicians hat, i'm going to pull a 120% increase this year, right before I jump on my unicorn and ride it to the nearest rainbow. Nobody knows, just set, forget and concentrate on the tech. Or more elegantly put, "SeFoCoTech"
  9. Compelling post here, I think you have some good points. So you believe this openness of information would be gifted to the "people" as well? Not only the high powers (banks, governments). It doesn't directly address my dog being kidnapped though, but I suppose, it's pretty evident when somebody is rich..... Either way, could you please share your bank balance and XRP balance with this thread? I will if you do.
  10. Soooo, you're requesting payment from a client you've been working with on a project. You ask to be paid in XRP, this person can see how much money you have? and they know your email at least, hey let's do a WHOIS on their website. Oh cool got their name, potentially even phone number... It can escalate quickly.. Nek minute ya dogs being held ransom for 10K XRP
  11. People want to be incentivised to share their public key. Is it not a bit weird that you can see the balance of the user your sending to? A problem could arise should you share your public key and any other personally identifiable information, so the two can be linked. I suppose you could have multiple accounts, one for incoming and another for your main stash. But I'd love to get a discussion going around this either way!
  12. I found this tool the cheapest / fastest for wallet activation, all it requires is your public key for inactive wallet and credit card numbers. https://xrp.walletactivation.com/
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