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  1. I don't get the analogy but I saw it myself, diamond all the way. He even claimed to be invited to eToro in Cypros of that makes sense. He has put everything he owns into crypto. Apperantly the losses are taking a toll I was told by someone else. However he wanted to bet big to win big. I will ask for a screenshot to back this up..
  2. Bla bla bla Yes, XRP has failed to provide investors with any ROI -or set themselves apart from other cryptos. Let's see what the future holds.
  3. Subjectively I see XRP as a ponzi masquerading as utility. I'm sure we will go higher at some point but the money the OP was expecting will never come. A friend invested 800K over at eToro and as of last Saturday he was down 57%. That is a hell of a lot. XRP is the thing everyone expected to become big but failed. I will hodl to I break zero and than see what I will do.
  4. I hardly think we will see $5, let alone $10.We might see $3 in the next bull run but that's years away. I do believe BTC will hit 10k with 12 months with XRP lingering at 30-40cents.
  5. It looks like we will be below $ 1 in May, even as low as 30 cents.
  6. Have Brad commented on yr.days pump on any platforms ?
  7. Looks like the $100mill trader made off with some nice profits. Pump & dump.
  8. BTC just passed 5K again! Hope this continues...
  9. Yes in my county as well! Reputable news papers even..
  10. Who is actually buying to make this all around pump?
  11. When there is a pump XRP is always ahead of all the other coins! We are looking strong today.
  12. The trend has turned, XRP is up 1%, that is pretty extraordinary!
  13. Q1 30cents Q2 25cents Q3 15cents ( surpassed by ADA ) Q4 10cents ( surpassed by XLM ) 2020 Q4 $1
  14. Forget utility, based on speculation, what is XRP @ 10K BTC?
  15. Wow XRP is up 3,5%! Have you ever seen XRP this bullish??
  16. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/y1Cblgdw-Ripple-98-loss-in-2-years/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=hootsuite&utm_campaign=xrp
  17. Many are happy it's going down, happy to buy more! Many missed their buy-ins at 10cents.
  18. A pump is coming 2020, 2022 or 2030 for sure crypto will bounce back! We just need to hang in there. I see a dump way before any pump!
  19. Yes, XRP looks more and more like a bust!!
  20. By nobody you mean amateur investors and long term holders. You are right. The next dump will happened -and will be set in motion by a few big players causing havoc yet again. It's after this "final" dump the whales will turn the longest bear into a bull marked.
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