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  1. Should we sell now so we can buy cheaper?!
  2. Hello guys, I have seen today some XRP telegram bot which offers 1.5 % daily ! I have seen a lot of HYIP scams and this seems like one, do you have an opinion on the matter ! I cannot really find anything on google and that`s why I decided to ask here !
  3. I wonder if it is a pump.... so we can make some cash out of it...
  4. IS toast wallet safe ??? I have mobile app and downloaded it on my mac !
  5. Dear forum members I received this message this morning. I keep half of my zerps in ripped desktop wallet as recommended here... what does this message mean?!? ”Rippex discloses a schedule to close its Ripple gateway services Dear Rippex user, In 2014, Netmint created an unprecedented service in Brazil by launching Rippex, a solution that allows deposits and withdrawals in Brazilian reais, to and from ripple accounts. That is one of the first solutions of its kind and the first one in Brazil to use the Ripple platform and provide access to the XRP currency. Our history over the last three years has been marked by the growth of our brand, by the expansion of our services and investments to make our processes even more timely and safe, and, above all, by the development of the trust of our customers and users. We started out with 40 users in the first and today they are thousands. Along the way, the market has evolved exponentially, which allowed us to grow at the same pace. The national and global scenarios and the progress of technologies provided the leverage needed to expand our business, however restructuring our models is essential to enhance the impact of our products and services. Nevertheless, we highlight that we will continue to work with Ripple and developing the ecosystem around XRP and digital assets as a whole. We honor a history of credibility and trustand every day we reaffirm our commitment to transparency in servicing our users. That is why we publicly announce the end of the Rippex gateway project. (...)”
  6. BTC is **** due to loong transaction times.... XRP to the MOON ! I am happy I bought at 0.006$ !!!!!!!!
  7. Hey guys are we expecting some news today from Brad as I saw some post over the net about Q&A today at 12:00 PT ??
  8. Hey guys I saw somewhere that Brad Garlinghouse would have QandA today at 12:00 Pacific, is this true or some photoshop bullsh***
  9. Seeing the responses I achieves what I mean- warn people on this scam... yes I can read, I did my research.... I just wanted to make people aware :))
  10. What the f*** is XRP connect ???
  11. A lot of posts on FB that XRP was pumped and now it is... dumped???? DO you see any reason behind this allegations or no ??? HOLD RIPPLE FOR LIFE !
  12. On bitfinex it goes down in BTC terms I don`t know how you see it going up....
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