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  1. Swap was listed at Bittrader exchange (https://bittrader.io) with BTC/ETH/LTC/TRD/USDC trading pairs. BTC: https://exchange.bittrader.io/trade/index/market/xwp_btc ETH: https://exchange.bittrader.io/trade/index/market/xwp_eth LTC: https://exchange.bittrader.io/trade/index/market/xwp_ltc TRD: https://exchange.bittrader.io/trade/index/market/xwp_trd USDC: https://exchange.bittrader.io/trade/index/market/xwp_usdc
  2. Swap was listed at Graviex exchange with BTC and ETH trading pairs. https://graviex.net/markets/xwpbtc https://graviex.net/markets/xwpeth
  3. - Discord Over The Counter trading channel was deleted due to scam attempts. Trading only in the exchanges now. - Updated Micro pool software link: https://github.com/swap-dev/micropool-gui/releases
  4. A few things: - Fork will take place on 03/26/2019 @ 1:24am (UTC), almost 1 day from now. Don't forget to update to 2.8.1 ( https://github.com/swap-dev/swap/releases/tag/v2.8.1). - Swap was listed on Citex, a korean exchange, with BTC ( https://www.citex.co.kr/#/trade/2/44) and ETH ( https://www.citex.co.kr/#/trade/1/45) trading pairs. Attention at their terms of use before using it. - Swap has now a Telegram group: https://t.me/swapxwp There's a bot delivering messages from the Telegram group in the #telegram-bridge channel at Discord and vice versa.
  5. Swap was listed on TradeOgre exchange. The BTC/XWP market is now open there. Have a nice trading. https://tradeogre.com/exchange/BTC-XWP
  6. We have a mandatory network upgrade coming up at block 750000, which will take place on 03/26/2019 @ 1:24am (UTC), so everyone should upgrade to version 2.8.1: https://github.com/swap-dev/swap/releases/tag/v2.8.1 [Pool Operators only] will need to upgrade their node-cryptoforknote-util module prior to the fork (npm update and restart the pool module). MicroPool users simply need to make sure they are using at least version 1.1 of the MicroPool software. There will also be a version 3.0.0 that will likely be published before the fork, with slightly better performances and a few a
  7. =========================================== =========================================== Welcome to Swap, where anything you can do, we can do better and for free. These words were part of the birth of Free Haven Protocol [XFH], the trolling joke coin created to poke at the integrity of the devs of Haven Protocol. However, what started out as simply something for lulz has been transformed into a community project to build and bring a fair, efficient and stable blockchain to the crypto ecosystem. We feel that most projects out in the space today cannot successfully mee
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