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  1. Ripple sells it on Jed's behalf upon request up to the agreed upon terms fyi.
  2. Yes Brad actually said in an interview recently that they allow employees to receive some of their salary in XRP(but that they would be ending this program soon)
  3. Seems like they have sued on patent infringement before https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/14613500/cooperative-entertainment-inc-v-peer5-inc/
  4. Interesting note on here page 35 "Other crypto asset-related businesses are in preparation, in anticipation of the revisions in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and in the Payment Services Act, which are scheduled to be enacted in April 2020"
  5. Yes i ordered directly from both they basically came over-nighted and secure. Too many horror stories out there.
  6. Why dont you just buy wallets from Trezor and Ledger directly; thats what i did..
  7. I thought it was great, open and honest segment. I liked the part about Brad driving for Uber for a month. I have more respect for Pomp now.
  8. Agreed. I think XRP layer will come after the fact - but all sounds like a Ripple based system.
  9. They re-organized my question and beat around the bush- they are using XRP for something.
  10. I for one find them very entertaining. i laughed.
  11. Ladies and gentleman, think BIGGER! X-Rapid volumes are not currently outpacing trade volume books - once this happens, we moon. Right now Xrapid is still in infancy. Patience young Jedi's.
  12. Also to mention one of Imgur's biggest investors is Reddit...soooo think falling dominos here.
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