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  1. This was a cool read... however if it’s a wallet.txt and as user and password, can’t you just install the ripple desktop app and open the wallet.txt with that using the user and password like supposed to? It’s the only program I’ve seen that uses a wallet.txt file to open access.
  2. These are same Databases used by 2 big developers in community that I know of and spoke with (one of which is xpring dev, obvious who that is).They are not up to Today’s date but they are at least mid 2018 if not later. That’s the information I wanted anyways. have you found any bad data inside them? This is same data that’s on BigQuery as far as I know. also I run a node of HDD currently. It may lead to short life on them, idk. I plan to run ssd in abit anyways.
  3. PM me if it’s possible on here. We may be able to help each other if interested. I’ve already downloaded 2.4tb of it. The main part many people look for. I’m on HDD also. Took 5 days but downloaded screwed up and had redo it for another 5 days. But have it now.
  4. I believe it’s that high cause SSD not HDD. Ssd gets pricey there is a lot of information on the full history but much of it is not used. Have the transaction.db is enough for me. I have the ledgers.db but I don’t need it. Transactions have the ledger number attached to them. i wanted to get entire history but only because I wanted to host it for people on my site.
  5. Hey , what exactly are you trying to do? I downloaded the transactions.db (2.4tb) and ledgers.db(80gb approx.) onto regular HDD drives. I broke down the information into separate databases and tables for faster indexing... like you, I have 128gb ram and 48core dual cpu server at my house. It takes me about 11 hours to do a single query in the transactions.db. For example I want to take every transaction with a single pubkey and save to file(not just payments). 11 hours later it will be done. My server for the past 7 days has been saving transactions from one 2.4tb database to smaller one
  6. So is this a module for ruby? Article I read said it was a tool. I didn’t download it cause seems like a module to use ruby for interacting with ledger, and I don’t use ruby. either way, it’s great! More the merrier, easier access for every dev the better.
  7. Where did I say ripple was xrp? also BG has a company to sell software to banks. Not sell xrp to us. He’s not obligated to release statements to us or owe us an explanation. We buy it at our own risk and we all own 0 stock in ripple so if brad meets his deadline or not really doesn’t mean much, except our xrp might not get adoption as fast as wanted in that one use case. Again look at all the xspring stuff they are doing that was previously complained about. I would rather see xrp escrow go wayyyy down and more companies using xrp and bringing value higher with more of a long term mind st
  8. So what happens when all of us original holders dump our xrp causebprice spikes during next bull run to $10+ ? Xrapid and the banks you speak of need people like us to buy and sell the xrp to in order to complete the actual fiat settlement... all of those game and xrp given to regular companies to use xrp is ESSENTIAL to xrp existence and use it’s banks. When there isn’t any profit to be had with xrp, what will you buy it for? What would anyone buy it for? Now if xrp is used with emails, messaging, games, online content... what would people buy xrp for? You need to to build an enti
  9. I’ve been saying since day 1 of this swift r3 crap, they shouldn’t have made any agreement with swift and just let them sink. They were already being viewed negatively for not willing to evolve and then r3 gives them to attention as being apart of new technology. Doesn’t make sense to me what SBI was thinking. They kept ripples biggest competitor still kicking. Swift will NEVER want to use XRP for settlement. Should’ve let them fail
  10. Hence why it’s so pointless and crazy to think it raise 1.7 billion!!! People have too much money laying around. Who would use a coin to transfer money that can only be sent to other social media users lol. There’s a ton of other options out there and while those cost money, so won’t the exchange fees and the time it takes for exchange to send money into receivers account. Nvm who is going to hold the users information. Accounts etc. if it’s the exchanges job then it will still take few days to get the actual fiat AND users will need to KYC with exchanges before anything. Sounds like a l
  11. “ The five people who have been briefed on the Facebook team’s work said the company’s most immediate product was likely to be a coin that would be pegged to the value of traditional currencies, as Bloomberg first reported. A digital token with a stable value would not be attractive to speculators — the main audience for cryptocurrencies so far — but it would allow consumers to hold it and pay for things without worrying about the value of the coin rising and falling. ” not every coin coin that comes out will compete with xrp just because the article says cross board
  12. Most exchanges use just one large wallet and issue its customers IOU. So if you were to buy from an exchange and send to a wallet then whoever has the public key for that wallet can see which exchange it came from. That really is the extent of it publicly. If you are law enforcement with warrants I am sure they can get the information because exchanges keep track of everything. Even if you do KYC through the exchange and link your bank account, the new wallet that receives the XRP won’t have any information other than a giant exchange XRP wallet being the sender.
  13. First I have to say that I meant nothing negative by saying it’s API calls. Honestly anything at all being hosted and able to be used by everyday people is contributing in a huge way. The first project I was doing was just simple program to let users run every individual API call offered by ripple inside a GUI program. It was allowing them to click which type of input was allowed for each call and how the ledger responded. Stuff like this lets people be hands on and then see how cool he ledger reallly is. We all are operating within the same scope of information and it does make it tough to st
  14. So here is my take on this because I’m sure every person who digs into ledger has thought before doing so lol. Having the ledger be so open and having people dissect it is more to our benefit to show people how decentralized and open xrp really is. Each and every one of us can host a node, use the ripple API, use various coding languages to write tools and programs for XRP etc. this should really be embraced. to address your main concern, IMO I think if we were not actively dissecting all of ripples transactions and escrow, someone else would be without good intentions. At least we are p
  15. I will for sure... The best part is seeing the different ways everyone visualizes the data and with so many sites popping up that are all unique, people who do not have any computer background can still learn the ledger. I am hoping to allow people to sign up and if they do then we can create some sort of query ability for those users. Like bigquery but won’t run out of data. This will be more realistic the more spread out I can get the data people commonly look for. Continuous 2.4TB dB queries would be pretty heavy. Like I said before so many ideas and hoping most can be accomplished!
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