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  1. I liked the link (for what that piece of information is worth). The question I have from reading the fable is what was the Chinese leader's motivation for wanting to bring down the XRP King, his castle and everything around him? A prequel is in order perhaps? Or is that reading too much into a story that is only meant to serve a more limited purpose?
  2. Maybe. But I doubt the University is in the poorhouse. More impressive is Ripple's core business in bringing credit opportunities to those in developing nations who would otherwise not have access to credit. Philanthropy and donations are merely a branding exercise--and good luck to Ripple for enhancing their brand, but that is just standard corporate activity. They all have a budget for that. (I'd love a hat, by the way, I promise to wear it everywhere--for branding purposes only). But really, 25 million xrp--to an already rich beneficiary--pfffft. Ripple will get a glowing mention in the Uni newsletter pus a champagne and canape reception with some nice speeches but it will never shift any impact dials. But providing for access to credit in the global economy for the previously disenfranchised where trades are measured in the billions everyday, well, that is an exercise in shifting the balance of global power for the better and it is done by delivering on Ripple's core business, which I might add is exactly the thing we are all hoping is going to make us richer as well. Yes, I do believe in win-win outcomes . Plus, I'd say Ripple could write home about that one any day of the week and everyone would take notice. Even put the message on a t-shirt and give em away. I'd wear it.
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