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  1. Aye, aye cap’n. Morale may be good but some rum wouldn’t go astray.
  2. Lordy. I’m thinking the Cybermen from Dr Who swapped his brain
  3. As for me I’d enjoy the opportunity to get a discount for one way out the back. Everyone wins
  4. @Julian_Williams, you are so onto the possibilities here (thanks for outlining them so clearly). Some of the other posters really need to lift their eyes up a bit and take heed. Netflix and streaming and ad blockers is just nickel and dime stuff From my experience in a big corporate entity big sums of money are never handed over without a clear strategy and execution plan. And 1B XRP is big for anyone. Ripple have a grasp on something, they have surely done their risk analysis, and I’m sure they’re going to make it count. No doubt it’s a long play.
  5. Awesome as in awesome response.
  6. Very generous. It’s a virtue.
  7. I’m following thread. Some god points are being made. Ive registered agreement along the way. I generally don’t comment. Better people than me make better posts. You, however, are just a disingenuous irritant. Either that or just an ijit
  8. Who even are you? It’s getting Trumpesque now. But perhaps put in a bit more effort, go harder. Something like: ‘the most horrible lie ever. A more horrible lie I can’t remember’. Give it a go. Perhaps use all caps too just to add that little touch of SHOUTY MAN. Always a good look.
  9. Debt is the killer here. There is a possibility that, as a fundamental driver for the next recession (and it must be assumed to be coming sooner rather than later), global debt may be addressed by freeing up capital locked in unproductive fx accounts. Globally that could be—cue Dr Evil—more than 1 million dollars put into circulation. I wonder whether there could be a solution for that to be developed within 2 years? Oh, wait, there is something. If necessity is the mother of invention, how are we related to ‘rapid uptake of something that already exists’?
  10. But is he a bag holder? Is he anxious about the price? And who does he pray to?
  11. What about a double payment model for cat videos where the intended contributor and viewer both have to pay. Perhaps that will control the virus. That would prove a utility case for the IoV.
  12. Without putting words in Panopticon’s mouth, the advice is to broaden your perspective. The narrative you are running is a particular variant on a common FUDster line, intention’s aside. There is plenty of great information from contributors in the forum across the threads. You’ll soon pick up on the guns. Probably a better way to consolidate your thoughts.
  13. Yeah. Nah. Im not ignoring you. Im yet to experience tears of boredom. That is my goal. But keep going at some point the sheer inane predictability of your posts will squeeze some moisture from my tired old eyes. By the way, and not wanting to detract from your quest, you should try and differentiate negativity from genuine criticism. But I feel safe you won’t understand the difference, so carry on.
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