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  1. Put a sell order in for $10 and switch off for a few months. Imagine your surprise when you log back in, or not.
  2. My understanding is that in Australia it is taxed if it is owned in a way that is intended to generate income (equivalent to an interest bearing bank account) but if it is possessed for the purpose of being used for purchases then it is not taxed. I don’t know how it all works. It’s just what my tax lady told me. Because things are in the doldrums just now tax is not a big deal. Hopefully it will be soon.
  3. Yeah. Nah. Everyone understands good manners. It makes the world go round (more than money, even). Rudeness on the other hand is boring as batsh1t.
  4. The quickest ‘ignore user’ decision for me yet. A genuine creep (beyond troll)
  5. Looking back over this thread what stands out to me is that many of the posts were impressive in their prescience about the developments we have actually seen over the last few hectic months. A salute to the collective nous of the XRP community who are able to pick where this story is taking us. Exciting times indeed and more gifs.
  6. Agree. Utility and speculation is not an either/or scenario but will act as a multiplier on each other. I have been thinking speculation would keep the pot simmering for the time being until utility ramps up but I’m now starting to think they are going to move together sooner rather than later. Just my unscientific observation
  7. Me too. I’ll be waiting to see if Brad ties all the recent news, which has been a bit difficult to keep up with to be honest, into the frame for his usual narrative. It would be great if it reflects the recent developments/announcements and so gives the narrative a bit of new juice.
  8. I always find people laughing at their own remarks somewhat cringey. Don’t you Freaky?
  9. Blast from the past, but saw this little hint on the Kiva website: Lifting one, to lift many When a Kiva loan enables someone to grow a business and create opportunity for themselves, it creates opportunities for others as well. That ripple effect can shape the future for a family or an entire community
  10. Detergent down the lav. 😂. I know ignore is an option @Julian_Williams but there is such a commitment and even a strange beauty in Coolio’s relentless drive to prove his vacuous inanity that I can’t bring myself to dishonour his work. I’ve always been a bleeding heart like that. I say keep it going Coolio. Just remember we’re all laughing at you not with you.
  11. I thought this an interesting article on the big picture affecting banks in an Australian context, but probably applies globally. Doesn’t mention Ripple, XRP or crypto’s but you can see how the space is opening up for XRP from the reporter’s observations of the forces at work. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2019-09-30/open-banking-the-revolution-that-could-break-the-banks/11558740?pfmredir=sm
  12. I love this gif response—an entirely pragmatic response to an entirely moral question. And somehow it makes total sense. Could be a metaphor. Could be a bloke thing. Could be over invested in crypto.
  13. I will admit, I have no clue about the ‘T’ in the TA. It’s all Druid stuff to me. But i can read it as something that provides a valuable insight into historical patterns that feed into a broader narrative. Others like me have said on this thread, if it wasn’t for these TA insights we may well have jumped ship (unnecessarily). That would be because while we may well get the big picture—the 2 to 5 year possibilities that utility take-up will generate—but the day to day volatility is incomprehensible without a guide. So, my gratitude to all you chaps that are able to do this type of analysis and then generously provide your insights. And besides the drama of it is just good fun. Better if it went up 100% of the time, but one can’t have everything.
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