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  1. Agree that this is what should be happening. However, even if Congress were to make the rules I would expect those rules would be tested in court. Anything as novel as crypto is going to end up in court eventually. It’s a pity it’s taken so long. Also, like you said in an earlier part of your post, sorting out the founders’ whale-sized bags has to be dealt with. The quantum under consideration is just too extreme. I get the risk/reward arguments. And ‘principle’ and ‘slippery slope’ and all that. But really, where are the risks to justify actual and potential multi billion dollar reward
  2. The trick is to buy the limited editions. Things like the Taj Mahal, London Bridge, etc. Star Wars models are usually the best. The Millenium Flacon in the box is lucrative. You can take them out a build them but value falls away if the box and instruction manuals are not in mint condition. Just my observations.
  3. Thanks for this link @PunishmentOfLuxury. I read it as a vote of confidence—investment—towards building something that is working now but can become better and bigger. And not, as much of the negative commentary here is assuming, to prop up the starting position in the one Mexican corridor.
  4. Not sure if this fine debate between Tiny and aye-epp is finished but just to change tack a bit, the fantastic essay from @galgitron touches on (among other things) where utility through ODL is going to have the biggest immediate and long term impact. Most here have probably picked the essay up already. But one thing of interest from it that Galgitron notes is that the world’s heavily used corridors are not the main use case or target market for ODL because those corridors are already fast and liquid (e.g. USD-EUR). But from the charts posted above in this thread I see the USD-AUD cor
  5. Agree. And you can tell from my question that I would be one of those people who would default to FlashFX in a, er, flash.
  6. Nicholas, a friend at work tells me he sends AUD to family in Kenya using XRP. He and all his family are blown away at the Financial impact of Ripple and XRP on their lives. As a well educated man he is in no doubt about the future success of XRP and Ripple (and he would probably agree your business too) once word gets out enmasse My question is how he can do that now? As I didn’t know a corridor existed between Australia and Kenya for XRP. He must have a work around (what would that be?) but what difference would it make to him if he could ditch the workaround and use Your services in
  7. This insight and @Tinyaccount‘s ‘optimistic’ one makes me wonder whether Brad is floating the IPO idea to draw regulators and others Into committing to a position and actions that reflect somewhat more integrity. Currently Ripple’s script is being recited in all sorts of public forums but the company name rarely gets a mention. Meanwhile, XRP is the crypto that no one dare mention. The dance is just getting a bit silly Maybe Brad is just sick of the bullsh!t and has done something designed to focus the minds of the players. As the saying goes, at some point there comes a time to
  8. I get better arguments from my 10 year old nephews after their football team wins a game on the weekend. They tell me, in their own childish way, that history has finished and the unfolding of change through time is now over. Team [x], they loudly proclaim, is now champion/loser forever (pick whatever suits you). But, alas, the next weekend they are in tears as the world has turned upside down on them when their champions are suddenly the losers. Of course, at that time I, as an adult, speak gently to them as they are upset and merely children. So, before I tell you that you are an idiot, plea
  9. Put a sell order in for $10 and switch off for a few months. Imagine your surprise when you log back in, or not.
  10. My understanding is that in Australia it is taxed if it is owned in a way that is intended to generate income (equivalent to an interest bearing bank account) but if it is possessed for the purpose of being used for purchases then it is not taxed. I don’t know how it all works. It’s just what my tax lady told me. Because things are in the doldrums just now tax is not a big deal. Hopefully it will be soon.
  11. Yeah. Nah. Everyone understands good manners. It makes the world go round (more than money, even). Rudeness on the other hand is boring as batsh1t.
  12. The quickest ‘ignore user’ decision for me yet. A genuine creep (beyond troll)
  13. Looking back over this thread what stands out to me is that many of the posts were impressive in their prescience about the developments we have actually seen over the last few hectic months. A salute to the collective nous of the XRP community who are able to pick where this story is taking us. Exciting times indeed and more gifs.
  14. Agree. Utility and speculation is not an either/or scenario but will act as a multiplier on each other. I have been thinking speculation would keep the pot simmering for the time being until utility ramps up but I’m now starting to think they are going to move together sooner rather than later. Just my unscientific observation
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