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  1. Nah. He told the truth. 😂
  2. No. He said why on earth would you ever use BTC to buy coffee? Because by the time the payment was confirmed your coffee would be stone cold.
  3. Hi Bob! Thank you so much for being here! I followed your old blog a long time ago elsewhere. You’re a legend ⭐️ I’d like to suggest please an additional ‘subject’ which is ‘Ripple People’, past and present. Your personal reminiscences of your colleagues and what makes them tick. You’ve already given us such amazing insights into some Ripple people with a few great chosen words and memories and I would love more of this please. Many thanks indeed for all your words here 🖖
  4. Thanks @OzAlphaWolf @TheHoff and @Pablo. I have some Bax too. Also at -90% but I’m not completely giving up hope yet. Unfortunately the original ICO ETH figure for capital raised is now worth a fraction of what was reported at the time due to a much lower price value and no doubt a lot of it also resold to pay for ongoing stuff.
  5. That’s really great @Stedas thank you! 👍😊
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