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  1. The only valid reason to compare crypto to the .com era is bubble to bubble. The rest is mute! Why? .com companies issued stock and crypto coins are not stock! This new asset class will it really be worth anything? We will see.
  2. Sound logic! What would the forums/twitter post about if everyone wasnt always reading in between the lines? Imagine if every PR was taken at face value ....(boring though) cant hype that.
  3. Yes, Theranos is a crazy story and she is good!! Biggest red flag of Ripple is the war chest and the $500+ million in selling they do yearly coupled with the billions the leadership team owns (through gifting). Ripple will be successful even if it never truly is they have endless $$$ through their war chest just selling XRP. Any other company this would be a issue. **I believe they will are legitimate, but have no issue with people who question. If this was any other company my advice would be you are getting scammed**
  4. I'm more of a position trader with some holds BNB (hold), XRP (hold), trade this year ELF (almost weekly it channels 7-10% a week), RVN has been on a terror (holding or 3.5 weeks), was in ETH move from 105-141 earlier this year, 0x last night for 6%. The big 4 for me are (XRP, ELF, RVN, BNB) of course there have been many that moved much faster and farther, but I wasn't on that train.
  5. I would disagree ignorant as in not taught, trained, or learned and given the opportunity many in G20 nations enjoy.
  6. Innovation through failure is not the same thing as making a incorrect forward looking statement. I can agree Ripple is doing fine and will continue thanks to XRP (the gifted coin they sell when they need money, talent, or a way to invest in something) for US the XRP investor hoping for a return this is bad! Dilution, increasing the circulation coin count is always bad, simple supply and demand at work. We hold to the hope that "IF" Ripple can break into banking, xRapid used, bridge currency affirmed, other use cases developed that all of the dilution, selling, and funding through XRP will be fine the DEMAND will outstrip the supply and our investment will be profitable. That is why we are here for the investment to be profitable, right? So, when Brad makes statements that clearly are not happening, embellishes others, and then offers no update that irks me a bit. Will Ripple the company be okay? Sure they will XRP is up for debate. So, I will continue to be unimpressed with Brad until he gives a update as to why, when, what has happened for his finger on the pulse of the climate to be so wrong!
  7. You can defend him all you want I will not.
  8. Behind schedule compared to Brad's previous statements would be more accurate. We are invested in XRP (true) but XRP is conjoined at the hip with Ripple. So, when Brad says "dozens of banks" or " 200 partners" and then some research finds the "partners arent doing much WU" and the "dozens of banks" where are they? Then you ponder yet again does Brad mean Euro Exim type banks with fewer assets on hand the he pays his top people? Add the # xrparmy, the endless bloggers, vloggers, strategically timed poster's, programmatic sales to fund operations, and XRP doesnt seem as exciting as it did say 12 months ago or 24 months ago. It used to seem like Ripple and XRP WERE going to take over the world. No, it seems like we will stay relavent and just keep selling XRP, branch out, hope something sticks. **I hold 25% because I believe that $$$ buys you access. Ripple is buying top talent, connections, retaining top law firms, ex Sec advisors, and that will count for something. Though they are funding all of this through selling XRP**
  9. Bots and too mang emotionally involved zealots and finally (yes)harm is done. It is like a gang. Then the buzz words use case, utility driven, solving a problem, over and over holding onto every breath, reading into every sentence anyone affiliated with or works for Ripple says.......simple where are the banks Brad? You said "magnitide of dozens by end of 2019" other CEOs are held to their comments you should be too.
  10. No, just think it goes both ways.
  11. You can believe that or the 226 page report presented to the SEC by Bitwise.
  12. 95% of All Volume is fake! The billions "we think we see" is really 60-70 million a day trading. The whole space is still a joke compared to the 100% real 60 billion traded a day on the NYSE. I'm in the camp that says this takes YEARS to get where we were 1/2018.
  13. Seems odd never said Ripple is exiting or sell your XRP just very strange. Replace XRP with another startup and ponder again.
  14. @dr_ed I agree XRP is not a company ,point? It is is (in it's current state) 100% dependent on the success of Ripple and to think it isnt is woefully naive. Good don't trade crypto just dont flip out in excitement and rah rah everytime there is a PR XRP is down not up and performing horribly this year (so far). As far as hodler dreams I'll believe that when I see it as I've volunteered, put the equity in, and tried to help in the 3rd world they wont be using crypto. I'll be thrilled to be proven wrong because they all deserve a much better life and their only fault was being born in a 3rd world country.
  15. Sound imo $1+ would make me happy and 250 billion + total crypto market cap.
  16. This all seems so orchestrated. Ripple doesn't gain the traction many hoped, competitors are behind, but coming, banks are coming, Swift is slowly innovating, price is .31, BG's previous statements are delayed again and again, now Bob starts posting 20x a day long well thought out posts on XRP chat, HODOR and the crew are making blogs about Bob, Twitter is talking about Bob, he is sharing about past experiences, the vision, dinners, the NEW XRP focused dream that is so much more than cross border payments. Ripple isn't saying anything about anything, but yet "They are?" and the #XrpArmy is through Bob. How do I gain access to this Tin foil hat club?
  17. I'm not going through that line item by line item. The previous post was about people who specifically DO NOT have bank accounts, but have cell phones. NO, THEY WON'T BE USING IT. None of this is big news until it causes investors to buy XRP, but if falling in love with the company is your favorite thing to do I suppose all PR's are good news. #1 rule don't get emotionally attached.
  18. Your argument is practically circular and Ripple isn't XRP Crawl, Walk, Run I can complain about adoption all I want because BRAD GARLINGHOUSE SAID in June: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  19. I tend to believe with a few other's the ironic timing of Bob's appearance on the forum and the amount of time spent on XRPCHAT as "very interesting" in the light of recent lack of events. It could always be now was the time to start posting 100x a day about a previous employer all of a sudden on a forum or maybe something else? Tin foil hat club?
  20. I think Ive seen this thread before once or twice. .313 long way to go
  21. No, guarantees, but YES< that is what all of us investing in XRP> are hoping for.
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