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  1. Hey Now! He has multiple degrees from Yale he told me so!
  2. I agree with that.....I thought it was something juicy.
  3. Explain ? Even if by PM!!
  4. Yep.....because when I bought 2017 there were many theories and one was destruction. We can argue short or long term benefit as well. Let's just hope Ripple becomes successful enough in a area to make people want to buy XRP in enough quantity that this plane can fly again.
  5. We obviously wont see eye to eye. I see a growing coin count as a problem and you do not. There is a difference between 20-200 million coins and 43 billion coins.
  6. I do get the point I dont agree with it. If they were running in one area I might agree, but Ripple isnt some leader in anything everything is at the beginning. As a holder in XRP the more they sell the harder it is for my investment to grow. Hopefully something takes off XRP is a laggard in 2019.
  7. 43 billion in circulation is more than enough to do anything needed to be done. How do these other coins function when they only have millions in circulation? Yes, some seem to care more about Ripple than XRP increasing in price. Strange investment strategy.
  8. It wasnt xRapid lol. I'll take manipulation and some pump for .80 anyday over .307 today!!
  9. I dont think you have spent much time in non g20 nations. It is 100% night and day from what anyone in Europe or the Americas grows up understanding and seeing as normal.
  10. As a investor in XRP that should not sit well with you, but to each his/her own. Funding all operations through selling stock/coin hurts the investors. Supply and demand!!
  11. They spend like they have endless $$$ all by selling or using XRP.
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