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  1. You can believe that or the 226 page report presented to the SEC by Bitwise.
  2. 95% of All Volume is fake! The billions "we think we see" is really 60-70 million a day trading. The whole space is still a joke compared to the 100% real 60 billion traded a day on the NYSE. I'm in the camp that says this takes YEARS to get where we were 1/2018.
  3. Seems odd never said Ripple is exiting or sell your XRP just very strange. Replace XRP with another startup and ponder again.
  4. @dr_ed I agree XRP is not a company ,point? It is is (in it's current state) 100% dependent on the success of Ripple and to think it isnt is woefully naive. Good don't trade crypto just dont flip out in excitement and rah rah everytime there is a PR XRP is down not up and performing horribly this year (so far). As far as hodler dreams I'll believe that when I see it as I've volunteered, put the equity in, and tried to help in the 3rd world they wont be using crypto. I'll be thrilled to be proven wrong because they all deserve a much better life and their only fault was being born in a 3rd world country.
  5. Sound imo $1+ would make me happy and 250 billion + total crypto market cap.
  6. This all seems so orchestrated. Ripple doesn't gain the traction many hoped, competitors are behind, but coming, banks are coming, Swift is slowly innovating, price is .31, BG's previous statements are delayed again and again, now Bob starts posting 20x a day long well thought out posts on XRP chat, HODOR and the crew are making blogs about Bob, Twitter is talking about Bob, he is sharing about past experiences, the vision, dinners, the NEW XRP focused dream that is so much more than cross border payments. Ripple isn't saying anything about anything, but yet "They are?" and the #XrpArmy is through Bob. How do I gain access to this Tin foil hat club?
  7. I'm not going through that line item by line item. The previous post was about people who specifically DO NOT have bank accounts, but have cell phones. NO, THEY WON'T BE USING IT. None of this is big news until it causes investors to buy XRP, but if falling in love with the company is your favorite thing to do I suppose all PR's are good news. #1 rule don't get emotionally attached.
  8. Your argument is practically circular and Ripple isn't XRP Crawl, Walk, Run I can complain about adoption all I want because BRAD GARLINGHOUSE SAID in June: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  9. I tend to believe with a few other's the ironic timing of Bob's appearance on the forum and the amount of time spent on XRPCHAT as "very interesting" in the light of recent lack of events. It could always be now was the time to start posting 100x a day about a previous employer all of a sudden on a forum or maybe something else? Tin foil hat club?
  10. I think Ive seen this thread before once or twice. .313 long way to go
  11. No, guarantees, but YES< that is what all of us investing in XRP> are hoping for.
  12. I just don't believe there will be any "wen moon" event until banks, large financial institutions are using xRapid. All of the other noise in the XRP space is just that. 43 Billion coins and growing won't and doesn't move easy, but with all of the $$$ Ripple spends on connections and retaining top talent if any company can crack into the financial space in a huge way it is them. That is why I hold 25%! Until then I will smile as BNB, BAT, ELF, RVN have made me very happy in 2019!
  13. Not true moves slow..but everyone's opinion of fast and slow is different. 2nd piece is with BAT, BNB, ELF, RVN and (a few other smaller positions) my crypto portfolio is up significantly on the year. XRP is down on the year.
  14. NONE. Coin moves slowly, has a massive coin count, if it starts to move on something epic I'll buy more, but no guarantees with this one. 25% of my portfolio is XRP and it hasn't move in months. I'm fine if it jumps 10-15%% before I buy extra if the news is truly that mind blowing, but I don't expect that this year.
  15. As someone who has been to these "cell phone having 3rd world countries" you are asking a lot Hait, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Nairobi, they aren't going to be using Woocomerce.
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