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  1. Bear gets bigger, at every lost opportunity….. hibernation, gets even more bigger and steady aim and shoot! A good Hunter never snatches the shot 😂
  2. I always do, I’ve made more profits then I could have dreamed of this year even without selling 1 XRP. I’ve enough to keep nibbling at this range and lower to accumulate more for another windfall, (god willing) nothing is a certainty but I’ll take these odds🥳
  3. I’m filling in for @Eric123 today Same sideways movement, and still waiting for the bump up😬. Halfway through July and it’s been sideways since…. Well as long as you can remember 😂 Still confident we haven’t seen the shortest BTC bull run in history. Those who tell you it’s over and it’s down won’t be buying here or in the next 10k by then they will have missed the boat Fish Boy, save me the, “I’m here to save people from themselves” alternative analysis. I don’t expect people to trade off of what I say, I’m here to offer my opinion on how the market is setting up, Nobody should make buy or sells in what I think or neither anyone else on a forum 🤡
  4. You could throw a couple of hundred at them all and if one does good and possibly still come out smiling 😊 it’s all a gamble 😬 at this moment but utility will win the eventually, and not just XRP, the markets moving fast and us early adopters will reap the rewards stop thinking about jam today 😬
  5. Keep taking a nibble on certain coins, at these cheap prices😎
  6. 1 million per XRP C’mon that’s just plain stupid.
  7. Great time to accumulate if you think this market is going back up, in the next couple of months 👍🏻
  8. Don’t think we will have long to wait before it decides, either way
  9. Got me all salivating, with the chicken dinner😀I can bet it will have all the trimmings that success brings 😛
  10. Don’t feel you need to explain! Enough said, you already explain it unles they want ELI5 …FFS😀
  11. Because a lot of holders don’t like trading especially with leverage and most newbies are reluctant to open themselves up for more losses….. I respect that more than someone trying to chase their losses and getting totally realt 🙈 Rekt … auto correct
  12. Eh? Most holders are prepared to go another stretch because XRP hasn’t reached their price target, me included 😬 Not really bothered about the newbies that bought high….. { sorry no offence) tough lesson but if they don’t need the Money for the X amount of years, don’t sell at a loss and wait like the guys did in 2018. Put it to work on Nexo and similar places and let it grow without spending a penny. The worlds not falling in for the people who invested within their means Anyhow these dips and rises have actually raised my tax burden for next year so, I suppose it’s not all bad PS. Still don’t think this bull market has finished for this year, just buying in the ranges the guys without a clue draw lines of resistance and support, go figure😂
  13. Wow, it’s a coin that never stops giving 😬 Fill your boots? Make your own mind up 🙉
  14. Bargain bucket sale going on, buy now and save a little just in case of another bargain bucket sale, later NFA
  15. Don’t worry fish only have a short memory span 😬
  16. Touch a nerve fish boy? Just stating my opinion, that’s all. I suppose time will tell
  17. Next couple of weeks, people will be saying, hey why wasn’t I buying BTC within the 35k range Edit: for fish boy, they could also be saying WTF did I buy BTC in the 35k range
  18. I agree you should be allowed everything and more, now start your own thread about how charting is crap and gut feelings ect are the way to go👍🏻 I Might even have a peruse of it.🤪 anyhow, I’m still of the opinion the charts have merit for a bounce back and my gut feeling more so..... call me a hopeless romantic or should the be hapless 😬
  19. Draw whatever you think is adequate, you seem to be in control, duck head🤪 🙉. Those ducks got to stop Quacking 👍🏻
  20. I couldn’t care less for your future forecast or your buy in price on XRP, I’ll bet you a pound to a pinch of Japanese shit mine is well lower than yours, you 🤪rules of the forum do not allow to say anything else ,,,,
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