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  1. Serious question, no trolling, gut feeling or a guess?
  2. Butterfly land? You know Jack shit about and I either you but I ain’t bought XRP in a long time, my bags are full in that number, I don’t champion anything, then again I don’t come an XRP chat forum to shit all over it...... but we don’t want an echo chamber of hopium and I’ll always read objectively into how things may not work out as planned....... your not one of them, just bitter, twisted on your own lack of success with XRP i would wish you luck for your futures endeavours but I’ll be lying and can only hope we don’t make the same decisions as me 😬😂 goodbye chump
  3. 😂😂 you just hate TA, but yet visit 2 TA threads and yet I wonder why you don’t give Eric as much crap. Just another bitter heavy bag holder or you sold at a loss Salute chump
  4. Your like the guy who visits the seafood restaurant but hates seafood, but likes the ambiance and the company, and yet keeps on moaning about the smell of fish I get it, he’s been wrong and so have many more but people do find it interesting to read how they came to a certain conclusion, what’s the personal gain you get from calling him out to be shit? He’s not charging anyone, not even telling people to lump on, just giving his personal view on he thinks the markets is going to react accordingly to his charts.....give the guy a break edit: you don’t like the ambiance or the company, just don’t like the proprietor, and just visit to give him shit 😬
  5. No agenda between normal folk having a drink in their local, (sigh)
  6. @Eric123 dude you ever thought of trading chainlink? It swings 10% continuously, too busy myself but it’s got to be making some day traders a bit of cash
  7. Huh, GTFO with this crap, we all have people we care about, get off your high horse.... and keep the blam within the context of the conversation but yer, I call it Chinese flu or even Kung Flu GFYS if you are offended
  8. Yer, but it origins came from china, stop being a snowflake and call a horse an horse and yet I revert back to my last comment”Spanish Flu” never had its origin in Spain or Latin America But yet was labelled as such, Trump is technically right Call it what you want! It don’t give a damn
  9. I’ll go with #2. They hoped and prayed it was SARS all other again, meh! Still a bad flu if you look at the statistics anyone who moans at Trump calling it Chinese flu, did you ever revert back and say the Spanish flu was a racist slur 🤨
  10. 😂😂🤣🤣 seriously 1.07 trillion US debt owned by China 🤨
  11. I wouldn’t expect anything less Back on topic bought BTT 8200 sold at 10200 bought back in again @4000, let’s see how it goes
  12. A narrative being pushed by the American media.
  13. People trading with leverages are trading in CFD's, basically a financial arrangement in which trades take place without ownership of the asset changing hands Essentially, the buyer and seller participate in a transaction based only on the price movement of the share, not on the stock itself.
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