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  1. Low volume spike either way generally even out. Like everyone I’m expecting a wick down to 42k a couple of times before we get a significant bounce, may be lower? That’s why I don’t bother trading.... no time to watch all day and the stop loss wicks which leave you 😡
  2. Lucky man, Estonian girls are 😍😃👍 edit: Take your mind out of the gutter, I’ve had the privilege of working with a couple 🤨
  3. I don’t get you but, hey... it’s all good, I think 🤔
  4. Yer, I bought £2000 worth @ 5 cents last year.or was it 2029? One of those you forget you had after watching the big boys, pretty much same as buying BnB @ 15 cents, you just wish you had emptied your bags into them Edit 2019
  5. And mean while back at the ranch, price 🤕is kinda holding for now 🤨
  6. Nah, I’m not having this unless @Eric123has been eating cold salads for the last 30 years keep up the good work @Eric123 it’s been a pleasure reading this chat, from way back when you started it 👍
  7. How about making a search for it, it’s been out a while now 🤨
  8. Depending on the rate of sales it was predicted he could be out of XRP by end of May..... That is some selling pressure to withstand
  9. You see a “failed coin” where I see a coin, shackled by a commission that does not know its ass from its elbow. Time will show who us right and my bags are all in on the shackles being broken..... t
  10. Yer, price action is crap ATM but this is why we diversify. People too emotional, stop checking price every hour or maybe sell if it grips your shit that much😀.... plenty of time if this bull market lasts another 8 months 😎
  11. So the question is to people like @Baka ect . You have had 2 years to buy coins at prices way lower than we have now, so why bother trading the dips and why bother buying at these high prices? Seems way too much stress to me 😂😂 I’m over way over 100%, 200%, 300% on all my shit coins, even enough to trade out for more “crappy XRP”, do you guys just like the gamble and are trying to get that little extra or didn’t you buy enough of the cheap stuff?
  12. Don’t let the truth get in the way of his constant “it’s going down to 20cent or lower” mantra. God only knows why he’s still holding any XRP 😂
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