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  1. Something that needs your immediate attention, or if you are self absorbed with your own self importance, maybe a slap around the lug hole to bring you back down to earth *not meaning “you”directly
  2. Most? I’ve a few which I’ve sold 50% at their top and still hold over x 3 what I paid and that’s over 3 months, my legs are shaking like shaking Stevens, baby” Behind the green door” 😎🤪😂
  3. Plenty of time between here and December
  4. The one coin I’m losing around 70% on, it’s been beaten down nearly as bad as XRP, I’ve always said I’d be happy to take a 50% loss and reinvest into something else.....couldn’t bring myself to double down on it even though the signs in the last 3 weeks have shown it to be a good possible money maker 😢 should forget past performance and look at the here and now, shame on me 😂😂
  5. I was merely having a laugh my man, I still feel we will have a decent run up soon enough😬
  6. Looks like a Status Quo pattern down, down, deeper and down 😂😂
  7. Please Darling, I was in the green while you were still polishing shoes and hemming skirts
  8. Interesting is so subjective, one mans meat and another mans poison etc Let’s agree to disagree, I think you talk shite and you think your interesting,
  9. Or he is as stupid as you sound, tough one, but I’ll go with the latter
  10. Make your mind up, in another thread you said you sold all your XRP for $.32, now it’s .29🤔 your link price is different on the other thread as well im still waiting for BTC to drop to 6k as you predicted months ago, I’ll guess you might be right about that at some point though, like others have said you were better asking for advice rather than giving it
  11. Yer, just imagine if he had been leaving Ripple, you would have had 4 pages of “wheels have fallen off” “ big names jumping ship” etc
  12. I guess you missed @Jotaro play on words with Monero and @AlejoMoreno
  13. Diversity should be the name of this thread, I own a lot of XRP and still think it will do well but I’m not adverse to adding money in options I think can make me money got into link to try trade between its 10% swings up and down.... Told @DrEd about in January, no idea if he looked into it as I knew he liked a bit of VET
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