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  1. Markets tend to move where the money is moving, utility is secondary in the crypto market, but XRP is near the top of the pile when it moves to utility. I’m happy to park the bus with this coin... just my opinion 🙉
  2. I tend to agree, BTC was looking weak in all aspects and this news brought about a dump which was coming, time to fill your bags or if you was savvy enough to sell around 54k, pick up some cheap coins in the next few days. I sold a stack of TRK Wednesday, still not prepared do go back in just yet wish I had sold some of my BNB but hey ho....... still not sold any XRP 😂😂😂😂 FU jay clayton, Sec ect NFA my XRP was bought at a very low price 😎
  3. Yo’, he blocked you ages ago and may block me for doing this but, I think it’s a valid question for you to ask him 👍
  4. I just get the feeling BTC is looking a bit knackered, keeps getting knocked back at certain levels and looks primed for another leg down. Don’t think that’s the end of this bull cycle by any means
  5. The more the better so I don’t have to see his ramblings quoted 🤨
  6. He merely suggests the minimum should be lowered to 5xrp while the price is over $1😬
  7. He’s wanting lower the minimum you need to hold in your wallet
  8. Yer, waiting to see if there’s another push with the SNL and I’m done with it. Might put it back in TRX or BNB and kick myself if it keeps rising 😬
  9. It should drop to a certain level and then eventually move back up if this is to mirror previous bull runs
  10. Buy rumour sell the news? I think this one has a little more to run! ? Exchanged a little TRX into it at 20 cents and well I’m still intrigued 🙄
  11. BTC been looking to drop for the last few days, just been held up by the strength of the ETH pump
  12. Patience my friend, they’re not going to bend you over, well I hope not 😬
  13. Goes to show, you just can’t buy class, you’ve either got it or you don’t..... annnnd he got nothing 😎
  14. He’s still pissed at himself for not buying cheap, even reached out asking why ADA was worth anything 😁.who or what is Mike N, anyway?
  15. Kinda get what you are saying but I ain’t selling my allocation, as you say it’s free and I’m lm letting it ride until I get the full load, which should be in time for the next start of a bull market 😎
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