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  1. Sorry, didn't make myself clear...I would not be prefunding any coin to make everyday purchases.
  2. Yer, I pay for 90% of everything I buy with my phone through Apple pay, that gets deducted from my bank account. Not sure I would want to pre-fund FB coin or any other coin to buy things though
  3. Checks price...AWW NUTS Suppose I'll have to wait a little longer, good news nonetheless
  4. I’ve noticed this, would like to see volume increase if it was making an attempt at over 8400
  5. Well from my experience, a move upwards without much increased volume only gets so far before it retraces, and the alts haven’t seemed to be interested in moving with BTC makes me think that this is going to bounce down. This my opinion, only i personally would not not make a buy at this point until we closed above 8200 and were still looking bullish, it could swing either way
  6. Judging by your username, you’ve worked with a few horses or maybe a few donkeys 🤔
  7. Alts don’t look interested in this move, makes me wonder if this can bounce back down again, I suppose time will tell. Volumes still way lower than May and I don’t trust big moves upwards without volume
  8. Kinda annoying that he called it BTC he was investing in, told him many times but he still told everyone he held bit coin 🙄
  9. They were not interested in the tech, only profit, I did tell them it could go either way and to read up on what they were investing in. One did do well on NEO while the other just watched his investment drop and decided he would not be putting anymore into Bit Coin (his words)
  10. 2 although I didn't try to convince them. They just saw how much money I had made by the end of December and decided to jump in. They do like a moan about it every now and again but are patiently waiting for the price to rise once again
  11. I like your opinion and I’ll not be taking it as financial advise👍 Took another gamble when it when back down to .37 the other week. Hope you are right in what you are seeing👌
  12. Get a grip man and even to those who were expecting a surge up without any correction this place is manipulated to hell as you could see with the BTC 400 point pump and dump, no alt coin followed ! This is how it is at the moment, hell it may swing another 10% back up in the coming days. To me this was expected.... just saying, it’s not all up hill to the promised land, so don’t get disheartened just yet👍
  13. Man I like your analysis, if we get to ATH anytime this year and I’m happy
  14. @Eric123 you think this could go 10k before retracemnt ? I’m not sure of a breakout just yet but it’s looking good
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