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  1. So please offer us your view in how the market will turn in the coming days, weeks or are you just here to shit talk strange there’s another TA thread on here and you’ve not attacked the OP but continually attack @Molten as if you have an axe to grind! Let go, it’s getting boring and so are you ..... just **** off
  2. Yer, noticed BTC followed LTC down before the small latest crash down. If you check back a lot of the ALTs were dropping an hour or so before BTC and XRP shit their selves. Not a day trader but even I had the feeling a dip was coming....
  3. everyone’s jumping!? Sounds lively where your at Someone obviously cares because the drop was a hell of lot bigger than they anticipated and broke both legs (metaphorically), maybe all the others just got lucky, what a lame ass retort
  4. You first and maybe a few more idiots might follow, now that’s what I call trimming the fat 😬
  5. Nah that's you just thinking small, and that's what you will probably settle for....scraps
  6. Dip comes in and the usual suspects rear their heads😂😂 Take no notice @Molten
  7. It’s been like that for a while but during 2018 got pretty close to parity 1-1 when XRP was like .38 and XLM was like .30 (not exact) but around that figure, word on the street Jed was dumping his XRP and loading it all in to XLM. The guys got a lot of hate towards them and a fair few coins to burn so could ring true......
  8. more like the 4 day rise from .28 that wicked to .75 in September 2018
  9. Looks like XRP dragged the rest of the market out of the gutter
  10. I don't even see a gradual pull back to those levels,
  11. We drop below .22 I'm going to run naked up the local high street....and I don't like running
  12. Buy another bowl so they don’t have to share anymore
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