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  1. Nah, Can't be a long holder! He obviously missed the rally from $0.25 to more than $0.75 in a week last September as he's missed all the pumps, or he's butt hurt he never took profits. Looking forward to next Augusts Bumper XRP half price sale
  2. It is a shame but clearbank should be up and running on CB for GBP /FSP sometime in September
  3. I was referring to Ripple expected a robust regulatory framework to be adopted in 2018, this is regardless of price. This in itself has put back full adoption by banks, way back “IF”banks were to use XRP they would need to have regulations within they are able to work to.
  4. What is it you are trying to say? Been a long day for me but you make less sense than no sense. Maybe read through what you post and add certain words you’ve obviously missed out.
  5. The biggest mistake was them thinking regulations would help adoption and here we are still waiting for some kind of regulatory framework from the US, the world moves on regardless
  6. You may see poor teeth but never a poor dentist 😂😂amarite
  7. Possibly, but I moved some into the service to have insurance, to sell and convert. I’m sure people have moved their crypto there for a sense of security and not having to leave all their coins on a pen stick! There are people who like the custodian appeal rather than making a **** of themselves, when moving coins 🤣🤣
  8. I’ll think you’ll find it’s the fudsters who call out people with a positive outlook as paid shills! But then again I wouldn’t expect anything else. Just another chipper trying to chip away 🥳🥳 Turn desire to **** and **** and see yourself satisfied “Spartacus”
  9. Not at all! Balls deep is basically attributed to ones own wealth or how big ones balls are
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