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  1. Ha, that was my view of eastern Europe in the 70s thankfully I’ve matured and learned a bit since then xx. Kiddo
  2. Never worked at Mac Donald’s, I hear they have good working hours for students, give it a go, kiddo
  3. Yada yada. Third party choice 🤪 you’ve only yourself to blame
  4. Dumb ass😂 you think that joining this forum gives you insight into my understanding of crytoy? I’ll educate you just for the fun of it, I’ve got some super cool kids who educated me about BTC around 2015 you however bought into the hype and are now pissed at your losses😂😂😂 no irony here I just love the fact you are losing and I’m still winning schadenfreude👍
  5. 😂 seriously! Lost out on massive gains @$3 and sold 10% at $1.09😞 It’s the greed that kills😬 I’ve a plan but 10% will stay there just for the kids 👍
  6. This I agree with, nothing to do with bots but my own greed and lack of understanding of this market i now have a plan to draw down when price rises 👍
  7. Sorry mate but if you had bought earlier you wouldn’t be looking at it that way
  8. I have other avenues which let me know if substantial prices rises, I’m sure I wouldn’t have missed those 😂😂 I did have quick look after reading this though🤨
  9. On the contrary, I’m still green and I don’t mind saying so, just another thing that pissed people like you off 👍
  10. It’s nothing specific in this thread but in all the threads you post, it’s just all the same, Debbie downer, the sky is falling in mantra, people just get fed up with the SHDD posts. Every positive is met by your bullet point negatives.
  11. I followed him a bit for BTC news, good to see in the last 5 months he’s pretty sure if a rise in XRP, means nothing in the short term but I do believe in the longer term we will see some credible growth, good to talk in here but I’ve stopped checking prices daily. Hell if I’m not on the desktop I don’t see prices here, I just judge by sentiment
  12. Seems like you are losing it, kiddo chill out, I’m gender non binary so my wife says I can share a room with anyone 👍
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