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  1. Just shows we are a time away before utility moves the price! Basically if you feel in time it could,You hold, you buy more at these cheaper prices, wait for cheaper or sell what you have now and give up on the speculative game, with or without profit
  2. Charting crypto can be so unforgiving Novembers the month....I can feel it in my bones
  3. Sorry but we have had good gains leading Up to swell the last 2 years
  4. Better money than you are earning through crypto, kiddo Makes me want the price to stay like this for years, when you peeps keep crying and attacking people basically F U Iā€™m in profit šŸ‘
  5. Yer, Not a fan of his hype crap about back to school and him getting the MG kind of right but his predictions over the last few weeks have pretty much on the money
  6. Well she left the IMF 17/9/19 so I highly doubt it
  7. Yup, BTC been looking to dump for the last couple of days
  8. Most of the top 10 coins are in the red.....so no it's not going up with the rest of the market unless you are going to cherry pick through the 2000 or so coins.
  9. Ripple helping Bitso expand into Latin America, building ODL...good news story after good news story
  10. Coinfield announced they were going to announce something today 15/10 on a project they have for the XRPL *supposed to be big*
  11. Guy could have bought his stack January 2018, would have cost him over 20k.... not exactly chump change
  12. Sorry to hear it's the end of the Hodor blog always enjoyed reading it....good luck for the future
  13. Wait! that's a honey bee and not an Ant?....Gees, I need to get my eyes checked
  14. Had to check the price again this morning after reading the last few comments
  15. You are wrong, loads of others coins lose their gains XLM was nearly 2-1 an XRP but now 4-1 XRP lets talk about NEO etc šŸ™„
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