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  1. Why not? Although not directly a part of XRP, it’s a good distraction👍😳 who T
  2. Trentsteel


    What’s more mysterious is why you bring it back from the dead, boredom?
  3. Ok big boy underwear is something you wear when you are a young guy who has little control over when your **** releases **** and basically when you get to a certain age when you are unable to control it! I’m neither **** face! You want to converse or play like a little boy with your giffs? @CARLOS here and now is how this person responds? @LetHerRip Hope you told the old **** I loved her, something I never could while she was breathing air
  4. Seriously looks like @LetHerRip phoning a friend? He ain’t got no friends, that’s why he’s on here trying to make them.... you know it’s true
  5. First lesson: if someone offers free stuff, who gives things for free ? =2 check again! I won $200 BTC from Crypto.com the other week but took me ages to verify it was actually them, rather than sending something as simple as my signing on email straight away always be careful!
  6. TLDR Got past your first sentence and knew I should have done back then when most people did....... you got it ...... Ignore feature is a dream, good bye sporty gladiator
  7. Forged in fire has a big logo before it begins and tells people this is dangerous and not to try at home without supervision, crypto should have the same warning so people don’t moan like babies to anyone who gives a shit on a platform nobody knows your name..... apparently they do, but here you are. Grow a pair sell why don’t you 😬, asking for a friend BTW.
  8. Friendly warning to other new members, just maybe, possibly. ect 🧐 not everyone is such a smart kitty as you, although they should be..... assuming you are a smart kat?
  9. Because companies don’t always use the best option, various reasons for this! Most unlikely one is that “they don’t want to make desperate XRP bag holders rich” edit: probably be my #1 reason if I was Jeff Bezos, I’d be like “let them eat cake” set of needy, whinging gits,
  10. Yer, but 485 million XRP sounds way better than 22k BTC, gets the juices flowing 😂😂
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