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  1. How’s everyone doing? Taken a bit of time off for the last few weeks, time for the bulls to take control and for the hodlers to take time to reflect and enjoy the next couple of months😎 Man, I swear 3017 was less stressful but 4 years can play tricks on the mind 😂😂….
  2. Yes and I’ve plenty on it 👍🏻 And that twonk was added after I wrote what I did 🥳
  3. Note to mods: you’ve asked me not to reply to Trolls and for the best part I’ve done what you asked but, he’s an 🍆
  4. I thought you were and now you have proven it ( insert comments) 👍🏻
  5. Yer, you might be right, a broken clock is right twice a day, and while your making your money on these ups and downs, without margin would be pretty low….. I’m assuming, just saying! But you come across a a crass talking bag of shite😬 sorry can’t help myself, bang another warning point for that mods but this turkey is talking gobble gobble, thick turkey Keep posting though, it’s all about the community……. Blam blam 😎
  6. People called the bottom in September and November for BTC in 2017 and they were wrong….. it jumped from 6k to 20k in a crappy one week of a 30% dump in November 😂 I’m not fooled that this market has peaked but history is littered with those in January 2018 saying the same……. I would say say don’t over leverage and if you’re happy with what you have, then bag savings because it’s going to be volatile
  7. So you disregard the 2nd drop of 20% just like 2017after retracement before hitting 20k? …. This is why’s bull market doesn’t make millions of people richer…… and on the downside people will hang fon the the next leg up! after there’s no leg up just saying, there was a drop similar to this as it went to 20k and another in November what lost more! . It’s trusting your conviction of the price you want, and if it’s over to you, then sell buy back at lower prices or take your money and enjoy a holiday, new house, retirement ect For me if the cycle plays out the same, then we are far from over….. no guarantees
  8. Feel sorry for the newbies who sold the bottom of this dump😂😂 good call from the BCBacker….
  9. 🤷‍♂️ Wood hut in the middle of nowhere 😂, nice fishing I guess 😎
  10. If this is like 2017 there’s going to be some disgruntled people ( XRP static) no guarantee it will play out the same (SEC)but I’m holding throughout this consolidation period….. got a few more irons in the fire but TBH I’m waiting for them to shoot as well😂😂😂 the fun of crypto, even when your winning, you’re never confident….. good luck every one…. I think the next few months is the final stretch 👍🏻 still got the spark tokens 🥳
  11. Actually after today it’s 6 weeks in the green, no charts required 😎 BTC - $ market @xrp-nuke was correct XRP has had 4-2 😎
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