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  1. Hello, I am available in the morning around 8:00- 13:00 pm - mountain daylight time. However, I don't mind watching the recorded video or just read what you guys discussed.
  2. Hello everybody, I go by the name Crypto Tomato. Sorry for being late. I see a lot of amazing people on this thread which make me a bit nervous and humble at the same time. I know there are many people that are much better than me, but I will do my best to pass the great info along to people in Korea. I am from South Korea. I have a cryptocurrency Youtube channel where I post my videos almost every day. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX2HXx2zvM5nOHzjB0wMDpw Now I am working as a full-time YouTuber, but before that, I was a professional illustrator and did some graphic design works as well. My time zone is UTC -7 Thanks!
  3. Hello, I tried to test escrow feature on xrptipbot, but it didn't work. Simply, I went to withdraw - select escrow option - set the date and sent it to my Nano s wallet. After it released, the xrp didn't come to my ledger wallet. I think I am missing something here. How can I finish my transaction? Thanks.
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