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  1. I haven't tried Flare Finance yet, so I'm also not sure what this is all about. But I suppose this illustrates the risks of participating in (and the utility of) the canary network?
  2. Use the Ian Coleman tool with your 18 word mnemonic to generate the ETH keysets. Then add the private keys to a Metamask setup to access your SGB. If you'd prefer to use Bifrost, you can set up Bifrost and send the SGB to it after you access them with Metamask.
  3. I had no issues with Metamask and the FTSOAU Claim app Saturday morning. Everything was smooth and quick. I made several claims and each time received the SGB within a few seconds.
  4. You didn't wrap in time for the past week's (epoch's) rewards. That small amount you have is likely already rewards for this next epoch, which started earlier today.
  5. Another fake one. Miscellaneous facts about the case and mentions of "Ripple Army," Cardano founder, Ether...
  6. Remember the fake "Walmart is using Litecoin" press release from a week or two ago? Same thing -- a fraudulent attempt at a pump.
  7. For EVM-based systems, like Songbird/Flare, there is a gas limit that is set. When that is breached, the contract/transaction terminates. And when an account/contract runs out of ETH, there is nothing more it can do. I'm not sure how Hooks is proposed to handle it, but XRPL has an XRP fee and a fee escalation mechanism. (I'd imagine that Hooks would have some kind of fee limit like EVM transactions?) At the very least, a Hook could only run as long as it has XRP to pay for fees. If it spams the XRPL with transactions, the network fee will be escalated quickly and it won't be able to fund its transactions for very long.
  8. @Live4xrp You can also use this tool with your mnemonic to generate your account and keys: https://github.com/iancoleman/bip39
  9. The 42 characters (0x...) is your account, derived from your public key. You need to input the private key into MM. I believe there is an option to log in to MM via your MEW account. Otherwise, you need to find the private key either from MEW or by using your mnemonic phrase or keystore file.
  10. Use the "Import Account" function. You'll need the secret key of your Songbird/Flare account (the Ethereum-style address you created with MEW). https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015489331-How-to-import-an-Account If you are connected to the Songbird network and have the account selected, you should be able to see your SGB balance and send transactions.
  11. I did the same, and it seemed to be about that speed to me just based on the response from Metamask. But watching the block explorer as I submitted transactions via Metamask, it appeared to be just a couple seconds, with another 5 seconds or so before I would get a push notification from Metamask.
  12. https://www.coindesk.com/business/2021/09/17/ripple-is-looking-to-build-a-market-making-platform-for-xrp/
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