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  1. @DevNullProd's tool looks like it'll do the job easily and quickly, but if you already have rippled installed on an offline machine, you can securely sign an AccountSet transaction on the command line. Then export the signed transaction blob to an online machine and submit to the network. Workflow: Offline: 1. Generate Ethereum keys, save keys and produce public Ethereum wallet address formatted for the Spark airdrop. See: https://medium.com/@piyopiyo/how-to-generate-ethereum-private-key-and-address-in-local-offline-environment-90294308593c or https://www.reddit.com/r/ether
  2. https://medium.com/energy-web-insights/xrp-ledger-foundation-ripple-and-energy-web-announce-worlds-first-decarbonized-blockchain-5c3cecbff31a Energy Web: https://www.energyweb.org/
  3. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/audio/2020-09-20/a-top-crypto-exchange-ceo-explains-the-2020-boom-podcast Bloomberg Odd Lots, "A Top Crypto Exchange CEO Explains The 2020 Boom"
  4. CoinDesk outline of the arrests: https://www.coindesk.com/police-arrest-27-alleged-masterminds-behind-5-7b-plus-token-crypto-scam
  5. https://payid.org/ Why Ripple Supports PayID: https://ripple.com/insights/why-ripple-supports-payid/ Fortune article about the project: Ripple launches PayID allowing users to send digital payments across different platforms https://fortune.com/2020/06/18/ripple-launches-universal-payment-id-but-will-anyone-use-it/
  6. https://www.iflr.com/article/b1m2pm9g4n65mk/cryptocurrencies-and-us-securities-laws-beyond-bitcoin-and-ether
  7. https://www.coindesk.com/blockchain-shy-bank-of-america-quietly-pilots-ripple-technology
  8. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6544570783426060288 https://golance.com/faq/payments
  9. Also, a reminder about the Ripple/Brazil/Japan connection from late last year: https://www.bk.mufg.jp/global/newsroom/news2018/pdf/newse1109.pdf https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/32941/mufg-and-banco-bradesco-team-on-ripple-based-cross-border-payments
  10. https://cointelegraph.com/news/ripple-launches-office-in-brazil-targets-further-expansion-across-latin-america
  11. I'm surprised that Ripple hadn't done something Java-focused a long time ago, considering Java's enterprise importance. The only public blockchain project that I know of that's Java-centric is Hedera Hashgraph, which is very much targeting enterprise environments.
  12. @Lando, there's some more information on the ETP's website: https://www.amun.com/en/products/axrp/ One of the documents is kind of a summary of the ETP: https://amun.com/uploads/ANNEX 2 - Final Terms - AXRP_9901717_4.PDF From this document, it looks like they've issued 50,000 shares to begin with (with XRP held via Kingdom Trust), with one share being worth 64.831106 XRP (right around $20/share when the ETP was set up.) It also looks like they're using CoinMarketCap's XRP price tracker as their index for pricing. Amun is using this company as market maker for their crypto ETPs:
  13. A Coindesk article on this fund: https://www.coindesk.com/xrp-exchange-traded-product-goes-live-on-swiss-six-exchange
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