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  1. What the **** are you talking about? I said don't worry he'll be back in the blink of an eye.
  2. Don't worry, he'll be back in the blink of an eye.
  3. @Anton you have 14,453.048668 in your wallet. Why u complaining?
  4. Dude just stop. Seriously. Just. Stop. You obviously can't even beat nl2 but ok go play 30k at nl200. Or whatever stakes you play that is worth your time. Stop running your mouth saying how great you are at poker compared to me and prove it! But for the love of God please just stop posting in this thread until you have proof. EDIT - not that it matters but I'm a mid stakes reg not micro. That was an old graph.
  5. Oooh he's being evasive! Stop pretending that you dont know what I'm suggesting. You sit on a $0.01/0.02nl 6max table and play 30,000 hands ok. Then you post the graph of your results, WOO!
  6. Actually!!! NL2 yo. Play 30k hands at the lowest level of poker there is and post results.
  7. Play 30k hands at nl10 and post results or gtfo. I have already proved i crush. Your turn sugar t1ts. Unless you can't beat nl10? Haha.
  8. Lol ahh the good old HU4ROLLZ!!! He says 74k isnt even 1 month online. If he can play 30k hands at nl10 and show a positive win rate, literally anything over zero then I will take back what I said about him being clueless. I can wait 10 days for him to finish.
  9. Wait what!!!? You thought that was 14 years of poker? Oh my God you are a complete ******* moron. Seriously you need to stop now ok. Just stop. I've shown enough evidence that I crush poker whether you like it or not (clearly not). Also I'm doing this for my charity (again whether you like it or not) so what the hell is your problem sicko? What kind of low-life tries to beat on someone who is trying to start a charity.
  10. Haha once again you make another post full of stupidity. I have proven that I crush poker. Like literally just proved I crush the game. 1. 74k is more than enough especially with 10bb/100 win rate. Almost nobody has that kind of win rate. Seriously. 10bb/100 is absolutely ******* insane. Think you could do better? The answer is no. 2. 4.5% 3bet is fine at micro stakes as proven by my crushing win rate. Having an insane win rate is more important than anything else in poker. 3. I'm not on tilt you silly sausage. Pointing out your stupidity and lack of poker knowledge is annoying you because you think you are good at poker and it is easy to the trained eye to see you are not. You aren't reading my text in the emotional state I'm writing it because i can assure you that I'm cool as a cucumber. 4. Your poker ability is clearly terrible so you are in no position to know whether someone is a capable coach or not. 5. Poker coaching does more for anyone's game than "reading a book". It's why it costs thousands of dollars. 6. You are very clearly an angry losing player.
  11. You should have stopped after you embarrassed yourself but ok let's keep going if you insist. I didn't say to only 3b AKs, that is you failing to read all the information.....again and then making an incorrect assumption.....again. But ok let's ignore your ignorance (ironic) for now and start by quickly dissecting the stupidity of your poker "advice". You have clearly read the word polarized in a book or on a forum and because it sounds intelligent you have started using it WITHOUT LEARNING WHAT THE ******* WORD MEANS. Having a polarized range means you have very strong and very weak hands. If somebody only 3bets AKs then their range isn't polarized it it? Because they don't have any weak hands do they? Also if for some reason you did choose to only ever 3b AKs then you would still be absolutely fine at micro stakes because the players are so awful that you would still make bank from their post flop mistakes regardless of how we construct our ranges. So now we've highlighted your stupidity let's return to your ignorance. What part of the following didn't you understand? Low frequency 3bets are hands you want to call with most of the time but you will also 3bet at a low frequency. For example if you want a 25% frequency then you might only 3bet 8h7h and Ah5h and call with the other suits. It merges the ranges (merge means we aren't polarized or linear). We now have very strong hands in our 3bet range like AA/KK/AK and then we have hands with decent playability some % of the time like suited aces and suited connectors. Once you move to NL100+ you can have frequencies for half of your pre-flop opening ranges so you are able to rep almost anything post flop. So you could 3b TT/99/88/54s/A2s at a 10% frequency. Then 22-77/98s/87s at a 5% frequency. JJ-KK at 90% frequency with AA at 75%. Suddenly you hit every board. Flop comes out 974 then you can have any pair, any overpair plus a load of straight draws in both 3bet pots or single raised pots. You become very dangerous to play against. If your response to all of this is, "I obviously meant....." then you're an idiot for not making it obvious. You answered with one stupid and vague statement followed by a demand to see if I am a winning player. You clearly paid no attention to what I said regarding poker and to be honest I can only assume you were offended with my tone which is something else I couldn't give a **** about. Also when you said this thread was a disaster.....? The objective of this thread was to find a poker student for my Coil channel. I found that student in 12 minutes. This thread was a success, princess. But just for you I've fished out an old graph from my play at micro stakes. Win rate at 8.39BB/100 and my EV at 9.41BB/100 at 6max, mostly micros so yes I absolutely crush the game.
  12. If you're at 50nl then you're already too good lol. I want to take someone who knows almost nothing and get them to beating the micros and thinking about ranges. It's just a small project that would be rewarding and cool but winning 50nl players (assuming you're a winning player) would already be thinking about ranges and beating the micros. If you want to talk strategy and maybe PIO then I am interested. I would think PIO is for NL1k+
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