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  1. 1. On the days my partner works (not the same every week) then I am only free 19:00-22:00 London time. 2. On my partner's days off I can attend any time from 10:00-22:00 London time. Can everybody who wants to attend Bob's first session please post their availability (in 24hr format) and time zone so we can choose the optimal time.
  2. I actually prefer option 4, then option 1 a few days later lol. But I'm ok with the majority decision.
  3. I like this. 8 hours of coffee, Bob? You gotta be freaking tweaked by now.
  4. I attended an online poker school a couple of years ago which was created by one guy with a lot of knowledge who wanted to share that knowledge with a lot of people around the world and his system was very good. I will gloss over his system so you can see if there's anything you want from it. To teach the core material he went through aspects of poker step by step with 6 guys and recorded each hour long session. Then he posted these videos to his website so when later students came along they could go through the syllabus without him having to rehash old material himself every week which spread the knowledge without him needing to be there. For example he had a section called "Flop Play" where he would go through the different types of hands and how to play them on the flop (when the first three community cards appear). There were hour long videos for A2s-A9s which would include flush draws or flush draws with a pair and/or straight draw etc. Then he would have an hour long video for overpairs like how to play AA on K72 flop or JJ on T98 etc. He would speak almost non-stop for an hour to get through the material and fielded very few questions. Then he taught a second 1-2-1 session with each of his students going through problem hands relating to the topic that week. This would give the students more of a chance to ask questions about the material and go through hands in greater detail. Perhaps you could pick an aspect of Ripplenet you want to focus on and do a short 15-30 minute prep video very quickly glossing over what you want to share and then post that video to youtube or whatever. Then our job will be to watch the video and prepare at least one question each (?) about the topic which would be anything from standard, "What did ABC mean?" to more deep questions like, "Could ABC connect with DEF via ILP to create ZYX?" A day or two after the prep video is released you could host a longer, recorded question and answer session. This would allow students of all abilities the chance to digest the material in their own time and ask questions pertinent to their understanding, without you having to go over material again and again and post those to youtube too. By the time you finish you should have a syllabus library made up of a short(ish) video about a core topic paired with a longer question and answer video which should cover most questions regarding the topic. If you use teamviewer for the sessions it will allow many, many people to attend the sessions and it has functions like "raise hand" and you can unmute them to ask the question and there's a box for attendees to type in if they prefer to ask questions that way. It also allows you to send invites to the sessions so you won't get flooded with hundreds of random people from outside the study group. Bilingual students can teach and record their own sessions about the material and others can create blogs in other languages covering the material which could all be posted on one central intelligence website which could be the oracle for all things Ripplenetty.
  5. We have to start somewhere so I suggest time zones with the Americas forming one group, Europe and Africa forming the second and Australasia with Asia forming the third. If you work night shifts in your continent or have any other reason to switch then coolio. @ScottLoveForCrypto @XRPSIMBA @PeterC @LLAC3 @SPQRLee @XRPAfrica I guess that makes us team GMT to GMT+4 which has a certain ring to it.
  6. Hello all my name's Mikey. I'm UtopianHive on twitter and my website is https://www.vote4tomorrow.com I am from England. London Timezone (GMT+1). Yes I would like to participate in a regional team. I am looking to build my charity's finances on the XRP ledger. The direction I am going to take the charity in will require me to have a great deal of knowledge about the movement of value on the XRP ledger so that I am able to support the splinter projects built from the core premise. I am fond of chocolate.
  7. Are trust lines the XRP Ledger's version of (USD@Citibank) but in the form of (XRP@Gatehub) or (USD@Bitstamp) and it costs 5XRP to open a trustline to your XRP address similar to opening a bank account in the real world? I haven't Googled this jholmqist but am I right in assuming PRX@Jholmqist makes him a "bank" for this trustline meaning we're just trusting him with our XRP like we trust a bank with our FIAT.
  8. This statement alone shows how little you know about markets or marketcaps etc. I'm sure you're the smartest thing since sliced bread but David Schwartz is smarter and he disagrees with you so unfortunately this time you are wrong. I'm guessing you won't accept your wrongness.
  9. Wietse said in one of his responses that it will take a couple of hours to appear in the store but you can still access it direct. I think from this link below? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/xrpayments/id1460119072?ls=1&mt=8
  10. Wietsewind has just announced the approval of XRPayments by Google and Apple. I guess XRP really will be a currency in it's own right soon.
  11. Wietse should look into an "I bet you!" feature. Let's say I bet you something happens. You bet me something doesn't happen. We agree to send 1 XRP to the "I bet you!" feature. Then a third XRPTipbot user (mutual friend) releases the funds to the winning account once the event has concluded. I bet you 1 XRP I can pot the black into the middle pocket. You bet I miss. We send 1 XRP to the feature and once i've potted the black, my date for the evening (Emma Watson) signs into her account to send me the 2 XRP and then Emma confesses her undying love for me and we get married. If Wietse creates this I'll get Emma to send him an autograph. Win-win.
  12. What ways can someone target you? Do you mean in the real world if they know your identity? Or are there other ways to hack a wallet without knowing the secret?
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