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  1. I was sort of enthousiastic that someone like him, with I thought, a thorough understanding of crypto got in charge of the sec. But what a crook he turned out to be.
  2. I remember he is limited to selling when other entities ripple “donated” xrp to are selling as well. So the total selling pressure doesn’t exceed the % Jed is allowed to sell. But the above could also be true of course
  3. Haha I hope your strategy isn’t based on analysis like that
  4. @xrp-nuke maybe some reflection would be a good thing
  5. Hi plikk, Hope you realize that for every loud ridiculer, there may be 100 people silently enjoying or learning from your posts. So please continue!
  6. Did you sell? I saw you thought 38k was your exit for all your crypto holdings. Can imagine you couldn’t even if you wished because all the exchanges were down. Or do you have hope for better times?
  7. But it’s on more than one exchange. You can see the difference in pricing on bitrue vs Poloniex. Although the later gave all the flr as iou at once (so you got your total over the coming years) it’s still a 1:1.
  8. Dude most of us held through 3 years bear market. Don’t tell us how it works
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