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    Doubletap reacted to Bystander in Western Union Beginning to See the Light???   
    Maybe, but quite frankly, at this point, such speculations are just hopium. IMHO, XRP holders or prospective buyers should not base their decisions on conjecture and hope alone.
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    Doubletap reacted to Wandering_Dog in Ripple- Stop the dumping   
    So in a regulated market, Ripple breaking the law is their fault. But in an unregulated market, it's our fault. I like this logic.
    We can always pass a retrospective law, as a democracy, and literally put them in jail because the fraud is their fault, not ours, lol. 
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    Doubletap reacted to Malloy in How would a recession in 2021 affect xrp and Ripples strategy?   
    @WuWei Ripple will do well...and probably change the world...but we supported them for 6+years now and since there was no way to buy Ripple stocks we bought XRPs...and Ripple took quite many profit for that fact...beside some private investment most of the cash came from selling XRPs to "us"...so yes I feel I can say something even though I'm not a "shareholder" I've been an evangelist/supporter/investor long enough.
    By ignoring "us"...my question remains: are we noise?
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    Doubletap reacted to Malloy in How would a recession in 2021 affect xrp and Ripples strategy?   
    Are we noise?
    Early adopters enthusiasts and evangelists (like me since 2013) have been very disappointed with the distribution and market maker program the past year (price of XRP is the result)...and many messages have been sent regarding this issue without any feedback from Ripple.
    If ever we're going into recession banks institutions etc. won't be more incline to "buy" at market price and if Ripple wants to continue the past years path of XRP distribution I'm afraid it'll be at a very discounted price.
    I understand you're in a sensible position to answer but my question is only: do they know/feel/understand what we're saying or are we noise?
    I don't want to spook you since you're almost the only Ripple employee posting anymore...so if you ignore the question it's ok! Cheers 
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    Doubletap reacted to Cooliozxrp in How would a recession in 2021 affect xrp and Ripples strategy?   
    This is just pure fantasy. Sure that's where the government money is gonna to a highly unregulated asset so that whales and bagholders can benefit hahaha
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    Doubletap reacted to Riseup in Chinese Ponzi scheme PlusToken have over 400 million XRP   
    Old news, but still, its not problematic how many xrp they stole, whats problematic is BTC they stole (because its a lot a lot bigger total worth of BTC)
    3 Billion in USD in total crypto. 1/4 of XRP market cap
    On a side notice there are some incredibly smart people who will say here "who cares about BTC", and they will respond to my reply with "I dont care about btc, i am here to hold for 10 years, and buy dips when xrp gets cheaper".
    Those are the people who were laughing to me when I 1 year ago suggested XRP doesnt have time forever to grow, time is its enemy, I said major huge companies might step in, and people here said "that cant happen, its to complicated". Well now you have FB, other will come sooner or later, there is no 10 year time
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    Doubletap reacted to Kiwi in Chinese Ponzi scheme PlusToken have over 400 million XRP   
    Like I said, being 60% in minus or 80% is same crap. I am numb to these news, but thanks for bringing this up.
    Now we have jade, ripple, cl and these morons. 
    Actually, they are not morons. They are clever. If they really scammed ppl for few billion dollars I congratulate them.
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    Doubletap reacted to CryptoBoiler in Right now is absolutely the worst time to sell...   
    Absolutely true. The past is written. It mooned. No guarantee it ever will again....I can’t say it will or won’t nor can you....
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    Doubletap reacted to Xill in Ripple- Stop the dumping   
    Im going to dump all my xrp shitcoins when xrp/btc pumps again. xrp is useless coin
    stop watching alex cobb and all the other shillers. they prob bought the top
    btw i hope ripple ceos will get arrested. larget ponzi scam in history. lmao what a **** show
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    Doubletap reacted to wogojump in Ripple- Stop the dumping   
    Please stop the XRP dumping.  The current strategy is not working, we can see this by looking at the XRP price decline and XRP holder feedback for the past few years.  If this trend continues we are going to see XRP trade less than a few pennies. Including retail investors mass selling off XRP based on frustration and and attempt to cut off their losses.  Myself like most other investors would love to be wrong, but unfortunately that is not the current market trend and consensus throughout the community.
    Below are a few summary points on the sell off problem:
    Most people are aware of co-founder Jed mass selling off his XRP. He had 5.3 XRP has of 2016.  Including selling XRP worth ~million a day.  Ripple established an agreement with how much if his XRP can be sold per day.  This is a major lessons learned. https://www.investopedia.com/news/ripple-execs-get-superrich-xrp-success-new-billionaires/ Ripple owns about half of the current supply of XRP.  It has been estimated that Ripple has sold $1.14 billion worth of XRP since Q4 2016. With an estimated $251 million worth of XRP sold Q2 2019.  https://www.ccn.com/ripple-q2-2019-xrp-sales/  
    XRP holders above that were able to obtain XRP at no cost or low cost, have been able to make a ridiculous amount of profit in the last few years.  But what about the XRP investors in the last few years?
    XRP trading value has become a fraction of the same value when compared to 2017.  Including XRP being the worst performer of top 10 cryptos in 2019.  This is a huge concern for current and new XRP investors, when considering the past sell offs and future risks of sell offs. https://www.coindesk.com/xrp-was-worst-performing-top-10-crypto-in-h1-but-bnb-shone  
    What about next steps, are we on the right track? Ripple has stated they are going to reduce the sell off of their XRP. That should help, but majority of investors do not have confidence this is enough. Investing in XRP and Ripple's sell off has become a running joke, that isn't funny.
    News that was published today: Ripple to Give Away 1 Billion XRP in Massive Bid to Fund Online Content - CoinDesk.  The feedback generated in the community is counter productive. https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/cqved6/ripple_to_give_away_1_billion_xrp_in_massive_bid/ Earlier this month news like the following is being released Hundreds of XRP Holders Petition Trump to “Stop Ripple Dumping": https://www.trustnodes.com/2019/08/08/hundreds-of-xrp-holders-petition-trump-to-stop-ripple-dumping Then we have desperation lawsuits popping up in the news SEC Guidance Gives Ammo to Lawsuit Claiming XRP Is Unregistered Security, which are only going to continue: https://www.coindesk.com/investors-suing-ripple-cite-sec-guidance-to-argue-xrp-is-a-security   There is a lot of counter feedback that has validity. Like Ripple and their employees should be rewarded based on the XRP sales, Ripple and their employees have the right to sell off XRP as they desire, distribution of XRP has long term benefits, Ripple selling off XRP will help bring in short term profits, etc. Those are all good points, but they will be irrelevant in a few years if the XRP price continues to decline.  It is critical for all XRP holders, that this trend is reversed. The impacted XRP holders include Ripple, Ripple employees, institutions that have already acquired XRP, and retail investors.  This is a vital group to ensure they have confidence in order for long term success.
    We need to make sure XRP holders in the next few years have confidence.  Including reducing risks and opportunities for mass sell offs.  Ensuring there are investment opportunities. As well as improving confidence and trust with all XRP holders.
    Ripple can take new and creative steps to resolve the above.  We also have a community with plenty of suggestions. Ideas like burning off tokens, Institutions buying from open market, etc. have been discussed.  Please find a solution that is in the best interest for all of the XRP holders.
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    Doubletap reacted to ZzZerper in I'm out.   
    Currently there is zero, zilch, nada public record information about software licensing fees paid to Ripple. That sadly is a fact. 200 partners/clients/customers is great but it’s about time Ripple revealed how many are actually paying.
    As for institutional investment, VCs and banks put $100m into Ripple the company and Ripple the company  made $1.1 Billion from selling XRP. A large portion is described as institutional sales but we have no idea who they are, what restrictions etc. Many could simply be hedge funds who buy at a discount and then sell.
    So HODLers, you are the ones funding Ripple.
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    Doubletap reacted to Kiwi in Charting the course of XRP   
    I really wonder how folk like you manage to always look on bright side. It must be like living in a bubble full of illusions just to feel good.
    It is not my fault you do not like the truth. What else is this quote from BG then fake pump in the middle of  run?? Stop being so emotional, geez.
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    Doubletap reacted to fatlever in Nobody cares about XRP - until they do   
    Just because you have a product and it launches does not mean it's mostly hype and/or that the company hasn't set it's hopes on a product that may fail to deliver.  Let me give you an example in stock market investing with a traditional blue chip tech company IBM.  IBM lost revenue for 22 straight quarters until 2018 while almost every other tech company made massive gains.  All throughout this span, IBM had nothing going for them but they hyped up that they were the leaders in the emerging AI field with Watson.  IBM's Watson platform and its marketing as industry leaders in AI was all hype.  If IBM can hype up a technology or have false hope in a new product and platform, you don't think Ripple can also hype or make the same mistake?  Is investing in XRP investing or a religion?  I can't be realistic and critical and say xRapid has been just hype so far without being blasphemous?  
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    Doubletap reacted to Spekul8 in Ripple about XRP price   
    Ripple does not talk about their price. They just send people to this forum to meet the hodlrs, $589sers, and the others know it all about the future of money.  The purchase of XRP after is guranteed. Then something magical happens, after they buy XRP.... they themselves become experts in XRP and advise others.  This forum is the sales machine of Ripple.  
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    Doubletap reacted to Moonraker in I'm out.   
    NDA's are just a pathetic excuse and a mask for the lack of progress made. It's funny how entities such as SWIFT can openly mention which banks are testing / using its new system but NDA's only seem to apply to Ripple!
    BOA Patent - it's common knowledge that 90% of patents don't actually get used. BOA is indeed a Ripple partner and, just like many of the other so called dozens of banks that were meant to be using XRP this year, we are still waiting...and waiting...and waiting...
    SBI - don't make me laugh. We've all seen how many of its banks are using XRP right now. The figure in round numbers is zero. It's been almost 2 years since Kitao made the statement about XRP going to $10 in the blink of an eye. In reality, we are much much closer to 10 cents.
    R3 - the company everyone used to laugh at and mock right here on this forum is now everyone's dose of hopium following Swifts announcement of its partnership with them. R3 the company that filed a lawsuit against Ripple is all of a sudden going to start using a Ripple commodity in XRP?? Who in their right mind would file a lawsuit against someone and then suddenly become their best friend? They can choose to use XRP if they wish but they can also choose from a number of other options. 
    Moneygram - judging by all the other partnerships formed over the last 5 years and judging by current XRP progress, this must be the 50th or more new development that is supposed to increase the value of XRP. Well the value did increase - the value of Moneygram shares that is. The effect on XRP? Yes you guessed it - absolutely nothing.
    I really don't know why you would embarrass yourself by mentioning the trollop in your post.
    Do yourself a favour and accept that you are now forever a bag holder. The opportunity to invest and cash out has come and gone. 
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    Doubletap reacted to Finesse in I'm out.   
    All other cryptos say that because they have no progress, only an idiot would say that real world progress wont one day influence price.
    In a more sophisticated and mature market the one with progress would far outshine those with no real world utility.
    And not a single bank that youve heard of lol NDA
    BOA patent 
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    Doubletap reacted to Moonraker in I'm out.   
    We're all here for the price, not the progress.
    And what progress do you speak of anyway?  Not a single bank is using XRP.
    Where are the dozens of banks that were supposed to be using XRP this year?
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    Doubletap reacted to Staigera in I'm out.   
    What are you color blind? What's with this black and white vision.
    " Oh you hold other coins then XRP, that go up in value, and make you cash you can spend on real things beside XRP, you are sooooooo crazyyyyy hurrrr durrrr, you no reasonable man you shitcoin holder hurr Durr."
    If there shall be one to begone it's you, you fanatic.
    cant even have a argument without getting upset about his little investment..
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    Doubletap reacted to Staigera in I'm out.   
    Starts with "You are literally not even worth my time"
    End with a huge pile of nonsense 😂
    Here I'll show you how it's done
    You are literally not even worth my time!
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    Doubletap reacted to Staigera in I'm out.   
    You mean that at first March 2018 till eoy 2018 I was excited that xrp might go up in price since every day there was good news / hopium speculation.
    But as months past and the truth became crystal clear that this asset is going to need either a decade to increase in price and perhaps maybe even function pretty well on a lower price then many intend to believe.
    I'm a realist not some blind fanboy who clings on to xrp as his only life support in life because sure as sh!t it hasn't been any support rather a big pile of steaming dissapointment. 
    We have been laughing at btc and their folloeers with our nose sky high like we were some superior crypto holders and we new that we would leave them all behind crying while we where partying on the moon because we are the superior thech.  
    But btc has given a nice return from 3 k to 13k to those who holded it. What did xrp do besides crapping out more good news.
    Look buddy if you want to stick to xrp like glue that's your deal. But if I could I would sell and trade for btc and if the next day xrp would be 100000$ ok so be it. Because I really think that the next 2 years xrp will keep everyone stuck at around 1$ and that btc can give you nice returns in the mean while.
    The irony almost everyone including myself here trashed on btc while btc once again gave their followers what that want MONEY! 
    SO Yea my tune has fcking chNged because I'm in it for money not talking on this chat with random ppl about a asset that can move value I don't give 2 flying fcs about any of this thech all I care about is money and I want it fast. Not maybe in 6 years because till then there are better investmentd so yea maybe btc was more my thing.
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    Doubletap reacted to MrEman in I'm out.   
    I agree, I sold all my XRP for BTC over a year ago. These HODLERs behave like cult members when someone dares to question their fantasy delusion of impending mega fortune. 
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    Doubletap reacted to Cooliozxrp in Finding hope in dark times   
    Yep need other fools to buy our heavy bags like in January 2018 to gain money..oh wait!
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    Doubletap reacted to Cooliozxrp in wouldn't it be funny.... LOL   
    And then you woke up
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    Doubletap reacted to CryptoBoiler in Can XRP be a ponzi?   
    Don’t worry bro. You gonna be rich. Only need like 2 xrp. Anything over that is just stupid. Moon. Price just went up .001 cents, so it’s only a few hours til moon. The TA line shows it. Just draw a line on the chart, any line will work. Just make sure it goes up.
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    Doubletap reacted to Staigera in XRP Roundup - Why I am buying   
    I'm not at all  at capitulation level despite I invested huge amounts of money in this black hole. I have been husseling and grinding threw out the year and almost gained my investment back. Instead of being here talking about this nonsense 24/7.
    Me and plenty of other bro's here are tired of ppl talking like they can predict the future or think they know which way xrp is going price wise.
    I have seen it so many times that it became fcking irritating. To see ppl like you defend their presious investment thinking it's a closed deal with their " it's a long term investment bla bla bla.
    Man get the hell out of here everyone thought we would be around atleast 1 $ by now xrp is just garbage.
    If I invested what I did in xrp around 50 cents in btc around that time at 5k I would have made around  $120k profit. But like I said I'm not dependent on this crypto **** I'm getting my wealth from getting my sh!t together in real life. It's just frustrating to see that all that money was wasted on this garbage asset. Now it's just waiting to see if there will be a rise or that it's just a sinking ship.
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