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  1. Stellar up 7.8% XRP down 0.31% it's looking more and more like we believers have been scammed while they sell out their xrp from under us .
  2. Having been through that ird machine and spat out the other end, stripped of close to half a million in cash and my dignity ,threatened with prosecution if I ever disclosed to anyone what they did to me but wise to just how broken and unfair that system is. never trust a woman
  3. Hmmm , Well there will always be white knights and feminist sympathisers but for me personally violence is never the answer.
  4. Maybe you're right , I shouldn't judge all women from my experience with kiwi bush pigs. I hear that Brazilian women are much more appreciative and better looking. Ive a 21 y/o daughter What is your opinion of spousal maintainence truck driver ?
  5. Put the amount of xrp she bought on a ledger and give it to her , wash your hands of all responsibility for her investment because I'll bet she expects the whole sum at cash out without taking tax into account . Women are not to be trusted ever .
  6. Yes I totally agree they are amazing survivors and really not suited to the modernisation that had been forced upon them. They do get a fair go though with opportunities available to them that no so called privileged white has on offer the problem is most of them don't take what's on offer. When my partner and I moved to Perth from the BOP in 2006 she was sexually assaulted by two drunk ones on her way to work. Then a few weeks later a man was beaten to death in Geraldton with the cricket bat he and his family were using to play beach cricket with. You see thee was a couple of troublemakers who helped themselves to the families esky/chilly bin to which the dad objected, so then they beat him to death in front of his family and others who were at the beach. Amazing survivors but sometimes people earn their stereotype.
  7. What percentage do you pay in tax for that kind of transaction ? And how do you work GST into it if you're doing it as a payment form for a business ? I am in Australia and the rules that the ATO have published for tax on crypto-cash are so broad and almost offputting . I wouldn't be surprised if they add stamp duty type tax going into it in the first place soon .
  8. The chances of xrp reaching $100 in the next 50 years would be so remote we would all have more chance of being struck by lightning , surviving and then winning powerball the following week .
  9. I will eat my own d!ck and cash out 100% if it goes to $50 in the next decade .
  10. Tempted to swap some over also seems like pundi has far more potential for everyday use by "Everyman" with a smart phone than any other project .
  11. But they do , in fact I was attacked on this very forum only a matter of days ago for suggesting that they don't control it or care for the price of XRP . Maybe his strategies were not effective , whatever they were ....
  12. Chief market strategist didn't do his job properly looking at the price plain and simple. Do sports teams keep coaches on after a losing season ?
  13. I agree , environmentalists would push that knowledge to the general public easily if they knew . A point should be made here that 57.4% of the czech republics energy is made by burning fossil fuels .
  14. Limited edition coins and tokens can remain worth much more than their original intended value as collectables . Even baseball cards and comic. Anyway it seems my idea for something truely collectable that could be worth something even if xrp fails miserably is just laughable to some.
  15. Haven't decided yet but without new money I don't see anything else happening other than pumps every 3-4 months with ever diminishing peaks . I also think we are due for another one soon .
  16. Another internet bully , I sincerely hope that dig made you feel better about yourself for a few minutes. What is it mate ? a short man? Small pecker ?
  17. I am betting on a mirror of mid November . Let us pray together
  18. Ok then well how about an official ripple released collectable 10 gram 24 carat gold 10xrp coin with a price tag of $1000 with 10 xrp burned per coin . What a Stupid idea aye
  19. Far from it lol , just an ideas man. Back in 1997 when I was in my teens , with my first computer and pathetic dial up connection I called vodaphone who I had my mobile phone with at the time and asked the call centre guy why I couldn't use my mobile phone as a modem. Now back then as I young tradesman I had no knowledge of what was going on in the tech world , but I had that idea before anyone had heard of it. So laugh all you like and ridicule my ideas it's all good 👍🏼
  20. But we are everyman are we not ? At least last time I checked I wasn't a bank and last time I checked it was only us everymen that were using it .
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