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  1. Wrong We send money O/S regularly and it's fast now versus the three days it used to take now a couple of hours ! xrp nor xcurrant used either
  2. Think they're the cash for positive comment crowd you speak of.
  3. Hate to be a party pooper but have you tried sending money internationally lately ? Things move quite fast now without beloved XRP
  4. What about the massive number of investors wanting out going forwards ? Just looking to break even or near to it . I think the sheer number that exist and people wanting out of this **** investment scam. CL needs jail time.
  5. Isn't that called insider trading ? Or don't those laws apply to crypto ?
  6. Have a look at this flow chart business model , not quite a ponzi layout but makes their dealings look suss. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbloomberg/2019/03/01/is-ripple-a-scam/amp/
  7. Yeah I've got 40 Ripple shares stuck on two nanos ... in it for the long haul so should be worth at least 20k USD according to a bear cartoon picture.
  8. There will be some big names held accountable in the years to come. The smug idiots who inhabit this place who think they're going to be multi millionaires will wake up eventually, until then we must accept that they are like like brainwashed cult followers who cannot be helped.
  9. Blocked from posting on BTC epic pennant thread too ! If I was still holding xrp now I would jump into btc now and hope for another run up past it's ath even at this point jumping on some gains would be better than riding aboard the titanic as it sinks !
  10. Even though the ones who should see it most have no doubt childishly blocked me I would just like to say so those who ridicule me that I told you so and LOL.
  11. But with the constant bleating from brainwashed sheep that Ripple has nothing to do with XRP and the fact that they're just using it to raise capital rather than Via traditional IPO alarm bells should be ringing loud and clear.
  12. Hidden meaning - ripple eats pieces of trash for breakfast.
  13. Look like BTC (the king) is going to pass its ATH shortly while leaving XRP holders receiving ATM from Ripple.
  14. Here in Melbourne we have recycle bins but recently has been exposed that they don't even recycle it, the plastic has been sent to Malaysia where vast stockpiles sit doing nothing. More recently again the local shire has announced its all just going to the landfill. Anyway we re doing our part cutting our wastage by composting everything that can be and growing the bulk of our fruit and vegetable needs at home.
  15. Well it seems this thread has taken the direction it was intended to but a shame old mate helms deep was banned for starting it.
  16. Xrp is just a taco stand and all it ever will be IMO
  17. I should add here that this forum reeks of insiders pretending to be civilians just like other forums I've been members of whether it be fishing or prospecting forums it turns out a large percentage of the contributors are working in shops that sell the gear. vested interests and all
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