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  1. Why would you use a stablecoin if you can settle fiat directly with XRP? That is the whole thing. You have USD, swap it for XPR, swap it for CNY. No need of any CBDC to interfere here, so the market for the WU's and MGI's still exists to make the settlements from FIAT to XRP.
  2. More questions arise, so more time to investigate begins... If BG and Clayton met in 2018, how the hell is it possible that a lawsuit, investigating data starting 2013 only now comes on the table? Were these meetings back in the day discussing how nice the weather was in August? Don't think so. https://www.sec.gov/foia/docs/secchaircalendar/chairman-clayton-calendar-2018-8.pdf
  3. At my company, we also run our API's on Microsoft Azure are also partner of Microsoft. I sincerely hope Azure services will become more reliable if 43.000 banks start working with it. Downtime of Azure services is significant, even remarkable. Especially for such a company. Edit; i don't buy the sales story on their website.
  4. If you are checking the status of ODL, why are you posting screenshots of liquidity? Liquidity does not equal ODL. ODL corridors tend to work more efficient when there's higher liquidity, so surely it's correlated, however this does not mean that there'll be no ODL transfers with a lower liquidity.
  5. https://flare.wietse.com/ if you have a ledger, xrp toolkit works. If you don't, not sure if you can use it, but try it via the link.
  6. https://flare.ghost.io/claiming-spark-faq/ First (and important) question and answer:
  7. It is visualized nicely for sure, however. All data is from 2018, which means calculations are based on 2018 supply, demand, coin circulation, etc. For this to be actually relevant, i really think you should recalculate all numbers based on current data, (realistic) expectations and assumptions. Otherwise, for me, it doesn't really have much value at this point. It'd be like living in the 90's and saying that Nokia will have stock market value USD 100,- per share in 2021 while actually it hardly exists anymore.
  8. I don't really understand why this would be relevant. They are talking about a contact service SaaS solution. The only 'transactions' being made in that system are transactions between types of communications with customers among their branches.
  9. It has been some time since we had some news https://ripple.com/ripple-press/deemoney-partners-with-ripple-to-empower-faster-and-cheaper-cross-border-money-transfers/
  10. https://www.xrparcade.com/ is usually a up-to-date with news (facts) and proper investigation before posting bs.
  11. Strange, the mods on Reddit also have removed the post there. Starting to wonder why speculation all of a sudden is a crime!?
  12. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Where does that PDF document come from? https://cryptoking.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Bank-of-America-Joins-RippleNet_200218.pdf
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