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  1. For sure you have as many Enters as possible.
  2. Has anyone read the book called The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell? For those who did; I really have the feeling we're on the tipping point of XRP at this very moment. I have the feeling that all pieces - all parts needed to create an 'XRP Epidemic' - are slightly starting to come together. For those who haven't; big recommendation to read this book. Super interesting! A short recap of the book can be found here on Wiki. Cheers!
  3. Since when do beers get traded on Forex markets?
  4. What that means is that Euro Exim Bank is not really a Bank, but can only offer Money Remittance services? The only connection to being a bank is the actual word 'Bank' which is simply in their company name. Lol. The status they have is already active since Feb 2017 though.
  5. Because other banks charge reasonable monthly fees (3 EUR/Month) for functionalities that most consumers desire. I guess as suggested above, I am indeed not their target audience.
  6. No bank in the world that would get me as a (consumer) customer for EUR 20,- per month! That's ridiculous.
  7. Good luck with your Brexit guys!
  8. ErikNL

    Look whats on the IMF website!

    I can see the link to the program, but can't open the PDF. https://www.imf.org/en/News/Seminars/Conferences/2018/11/24/joint-cbs-imf-adb-regional-seminar-on-fintech Can anyone tell us what's interesting about it?
  9. ErikNL

    Seen this yet re :R3?

    Check out the other topic guys.
  10. What happened to his curls?
  11. Prefer to be number 1000 with a value of $100 lol. When m00n?
  12. These are the answers i'm looking for! Many thanks
  13. I know you guys hate titles like this, but don't worry, I don't only want to know why the price drops because it's not m00n! I want to give my lack of knowledge about the market a small boost by simple asking you; what - in your humble opinions - causes the price to drop 10% in such short amount of time, while it looked like XRP was the only coin being steady during yesterdays decrease? Could it simple be a chain reaction of stop-loss orders, someone that has shitloads of XRP that decides to sell, market manipulation, etc? I really wonder what can cause a sudden decrease in price (but as well vice versa). Throw your knowledge to me! Thanks and much appreciated PS: I see a similar subject on Reddit, but man I start hating that place. A critical view on life is not allowed there...
  14. ErikNL

    Banned from /r/ripple on reddit

    I see my comments disappearing because i'm not always talking about moons, but also like a critical point of view sometimes...