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  1. It has been some time since we had some news https://ripple.com/ripple-press/deemoney-partners-with-ripple-to-empower-faster-and-cheaper-cross-border-money-transfers/
  2. https://www.xrparcade.com/ is usually a up-to-date with news (facts) and proper investigation before posting bs.
  3. Strange, the mods on Reddit also have removed the post there. Starting to wonder why speculation all of a sudden is a crime!?
  4. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Where does that PDF document come from? https://cryptoking.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Bank-of-America-Joins-RippleNet_200218.pdf
  5. I think a link would do just fine
  6. Looks nice. A short, non-technical, explanation of the actual amendment would be great to be included.
  7. Dude, I honestly find your username funny, but your questions disturbing and somewhat unclear. @kain explains it properly above. If you want to stay under 3% transaction fee, based on 1 million, you have EUR 30.000,- worth of fee to blow. No need for Ripple to step in there if that really is your target.
  8. The first part of the (interesting!) interview is here:
  9. As long as the website has a iPhone 5s displaying the functionality, I simply cannot take this project seriously. https://www.xsongs.store/
  10. Selling at $3,00. Opportunity missed, but not forgotten.
  11. New corridor USD to Thai Bath. BITREX to BITKUB
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