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  1. This is the BIG one, are Ripple at the table ? Swift and R3 seem to want to sideline XRP or is this all just smoke and mirrors ?
  2. How much XRP can we estimate that Jed still owns ?
  3. Hi McRipple, I am fairly new to XRP hence the positivity :-) from what I have found over the last few months, The smaller fi’s are building the liquidity the larger banks need, the FX market itself is huge and has the potential to grow as Xrapid allows the world to send smaller payments with less cost. Seems to be part of a master plan and this may only be the end of stage 1 (crawl, walk, run).
  4. Just to Clarify It was not my intention to suggest XRP had a particular problem, but “two wrongs don’t make a right” XRP is a better asset, Ripple is a better company, some awesome people (mentioned earlier you included Hodor) contribute immensely and are a huge asset to us all. I don’t even mind the dreamers and the 589ers. But .................
  5. Is it possible that as a “community” we can nurture and promote a consensus and a culture that is more let’s say intelligent ? The ideal being not to engage idiots or haters, but to dimiss them. Let the most suited clinically dissect and discard the fudsters let the so called army re post intelligent clinical rebuttal rather than join the gutter scrap. just thoughts from my recent observations,
  6. Due respect to you Hodor and as a noob I am learning as I go here, I have seen and read attack’s from btc maximalist and the professional Fudsters articles (Forbes and alike) and people like yourself Matt, Bob, Eri provide rational and fact based rebuttals that serve us all brilliantly. If a Santander employee has to justify and is asked to then re-justify understandable mistakes with jeers and suggestions about losing their job subject to offensive comments albeit some from Btc trolls (that were attracted) then I would say that is counter productive to the ripple/XPP mission . Especial
  7. Agree but case in point, Santander should not have to be forced take time to clarify there position re:XRP on Twitter because their receptionist doesn’t know the difference between XRP and Ripple especially as this then attracts abusive comments from trolls. Rather wait for good news than hear fake news As for Brad etc, you have waited longer and suffered more than I have so your opinions are more relevant than mine, i am learning who to listen to though People asking Santander for an explanation as if they are obliged to respond, criticising the social media team ?? Ffs
  8. I understand a lot of people thinking they are doing the right thing and are pushing in favour of XRP/Ripple but it is often counter productive and bad rather than good P.R imho
  9. Hi I have seen a couple of short videos like this one, I thinks he says we were using XRP “of all things” which is a bit dismissive and “their people went crazy” just my opinion but sounds like distancing. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Tom Menner from R3 talking about Corda Settler using XRP with SWIFT plugging in. <br><br>March2019 <a href="https://t.co/9xyrALVQ5Z">pic.twitter.com/9xyrALVQ5Z</a></p>&mdash; Steven Diep (@DiepSanh) <a href="https://twitter.com/DiepSanh/status/1109081901162061824?ref_src=twsrc%5Etf
  10. Most of you have been around crypto/XRP a lot longer than I have so apologise if this has been posted before. Since buying some XRP I have been tracking the relevant news, Twitter,Reddit here. Some of you people are excellent and a real asset to ripple/XRP. I have genuinely not seen Matt Hamilton lose a debate (which many have tried to make an argument) Hodor is fantastic and Bob way is awesome amongst others. BUT there seem to be a lot of people taking it upon themselves to email bank staff, or companies naively asking for information or commenting on people’s feed with no real clue how
  11. Hi i originally posted re: Frances Coppolas article and was also concerned by Mr Bloombergs follow up atack on XRP/Ripple , i was new to Xrp after investing what for me is a significant portion of savings. After weeks of reading and questioning the pros and cons i am Confident that the above articles are what i now describe as FUD and the "research"and assumptions made by the two Forbes contributitors has been roundly refuted.
  12. Hi Bob, Happy to be part of the club, I am more old tech so will loiter quietly. And be of little use ! thanks for all pearls of wisdom Padster
  13. Padster

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi Bob, I only got into crypto this month (exclusivey XRP for now) thanks for the "enlightenment" Do you feel like the new Kid in school with the skateboard and the cool trainers ? ( Trainers = sneakers to us Brits) Everybodys new best friend !!!
  14. Thanks Tiny, I may be naive and as stated no background in finance but her whole argument is that Nostro/vostro accounts hold no locked funds. Then this : Nonetheless, nostro/vostro balances are on average very high. This brings us to the role of XRP. If, instead of funding nostro/vostro accounts in the settlement currency before making payments, banks used XRP as a bridging currency, would this eliminate large balances in nostro/vostro accounts? If practically instant payment is available, wouldnt this negate the need to store the funds in N/V A simple obvious answer to he
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