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  1. I believe at this point we are not waiting on SBI as such but for the correct framework and legislation to be passed to allow them to operate. G20 just finished if I am not mistaken, though unsure if anything came out of it or if this was the meeting we were waiting for.
  2. Would probably keep an eye out for the Japanese passing regulation. If that is delayed then I would assume SBI would be also. End of June is the time the the regulations were to pass by, thus SBI going live in July. Let us hope.
  3. Yeah, get those xCurrent chickens to lay some xRapid eggs!
  4. From an evolutionary standpoint if you went back far enough, at some point it wouldn't be a chicken laying the egg but an ancestor. At some point the first chicken had to hatch from something which we would not classify a chicken. So therefore the egg came first
  5. I completely concur, thank you for the continuously productive and informative posts @JannaOneTrick. It is contributors such as yourself that keep this forum alive.
  6. I don't disagree that it could be a hint and I do not wish to dismiss other's interpretations. However addressing your point of it being a question of time, if my piers ask me if I will attend a social event and I say that I may and I will let them know later - it indeed could be a time dependent variable and that I later do go. It could also be that I will not attend as something else comes up. On top of that, I have experienced many people who speak English as a second language (fluently) who have used may/will interchangeably (not to say this individual has). By my opinion I am not stating
  7. Sorry miongski, I have to side with DtotheK. May implies that there could or could not be a follow up announcement. For all we know they to date have no intent of using XRP. Will, on the other hand indicates there will be another announcement. It is these kind of instances which people begin to misquote and 3rd rate crypto writers tend to incorrectly perpetuate. Wrong hype can hurt as much as FUD.
  8. Yes, but for how long? And only one company. A statistical sample of one which is NOT PROOF, it is evidence. More companies with success will inspire more confidence. This will happen in time. I don't understand why people have the mentality of hey look XRapid works so (insert huge name here) will use it soon. Smaller companies first. Then when larger entities see it works and that the risk of upgrading to this tech is offset by the benefits, they will come. It will take time, this isnt 589 EOY
  9. We know the tech works, but there is a lack of real world usage evidence. Ripple cannot go to any bank and say hey use our product, it will save you money. They want to see proof. Not a proof of concept, not testing, but real world production proof. Its great that Murcury and blink-of-an-eye-guy hype XRP but it isnt proof. Taking small businesses and having them implement this tech for free or no cost is literally the best advertising Ripple can get. Real world proof. Look at Transferwise. Their business has exploded since they have used Ripple tech. They intend to upgrade to Xrapid soon. What
  10. @Archbob Ripple's technology is back end tech. It is not something that (general) customers care about. A customer wants to take their money to WU in one country and for their payment to go through as quickly and cheaply as possible. What tech is used will be completely arbitrary to most. To address your statement, you are correct. Ripple tech would be used between WU in country 1 and Amazon in country 2. You are also correct in the aspect that other than transaction speed and fee, it has nothing to do with the customer.
  11. @Archbob Ripple COULD fit into this as Western Union recently alluded that they were still trialling Ripple's technology. They could be using this tech in corridors where their existing infrastructure does not reach. Hopefully the attached thread is of interest.
  12. @Dario_o As far as I understand, they confirmed their tests to have been undertaken last September. This somewhat coincides with the positive price action we saw. The price action and volume seemed to pop at the same time each day suggesting a singular entity. Someone please correct me if I am incorrect.
  13. Hi guys, Year long lurker and grateful hodler. Thought I might introduce myself with an article I found while looking around. Not sure if it is anything but we do know SBI has a stake in R3 and I believe that some aspect of R3's software can use XRP? Keen to see what more experienced members think. https://cointelegraph.com/news/swift-ceo-reveals-plans-to-integrate-blockchain-consortium-r3s-corda-tech All the best and as always, hodl on! Rust.
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