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  1. Thank you for laying this out step by step, Ripley, it is helpful and very much appreciated! I've been having a great time gaining experience with Tezos DeFi, which is quite robust and elegant in my opinion, and it appears @thinlyspread and @jargoman would agree, and I'm noticing a few promising parallels with Flare Finance. I've only had time and the risk tolerance so far to delegate my wSGB to support the Oracles/Signal providers, but I'm looking forward to collateralizing SGB for a "candy loan" and playing around with it. Good luck everyone, DeFi is awesome. Songbird is looking great so far.
  2. "Brown eyed women and red grenadine the bottle was dusty but the liquor was clean Sound of the thunder with the rain pouring down and it looks like the old man's getting on" Don't mind me, just spreading the love of the GD, cover by one of the best bluegrass bands - TBT - enjoy
  3. Yep. My delegated SGB was also of the tens of millions more after 4.40 but before 14.42 ... you'd think they'd double check and message the correct time
  4. Tezos. On-chain governance, which allows for core protocol updates. The blockchain should survive the test of time becaue of this. There are some other positive aspects (PoS, formal verification for the smart contracts, eco-friendly NFTs and DeFi ramping up) but on-chain governance is the main feature.
  5. Do you use something other than Brave browser? No ads for me using Brave. Side note, it was announced today that their search engine (global public beta) just launched https://techcrunch.com/2021/06/22/braves-non-tracking-search-engine-is-now-in-beta/
  6. Appreciate the response. Going through the other, longer thread now and trying to wrap my head around all of this...
  7. Option 2: Distribution Halt. This option would halt any further distributions. The remaining 85 Bn would not come into existence. This would turn the initial 15 Bn FLR into the total distribution. Well that's one way to do it.... seems like that would increase the value of spark on airdrop, but maybe not? And what would the tax implications be for the option 2?
  8. Speaking of Coinbase. Just wanted to give a special **** THOSE GUYS shoutout for delisting XRP and then listing and promoting the hell out of dogecoin. What a bunch of clowns.
  9. It's absolute madness to us who are in-the-know, but I wouldn't be surprised if the SEC of 2019/20 legitimately believed XRP was a scam. I'm still skeptical though. From everything Deaton has dug up, I'm inclined to think it was an orchestrated attack on XRP by Hinman, Clayton, etc... However, given years of defamatory posts on the internet that "XRP is a scam" "it's centralized" "XRP is a shitcoin!!!"... that type of messaging/propaganda could easily have manipulated those at the SEC into thinking XRP is something to go after.
  10. I agree Alluvial. Upton v. SEC 75 F.3d 92 (2d Cir. 1996) was a big help here in that it conveyed a clear difference between a good faith defense and a fair notice defense. Judge Netburn put to rest the SEC's argument that "Ripple’s fair notice defense is an “artfully pleaded” good faith defense in disguise"
  11. It's bewildering. Like a bad trip when confusion really sets in and pieces of the jigsaw puzzle we call life are not fitting into place
  12. Regarding the experiments, the initial results showed that the Iota transaction time was 9111% slower than that of Ripple, and 736% slower than that of Ethereum...In addition, Iota presented some instability during the tests. The number of timeouts (confirmation time higher than 1 h) and request problems were increasing in a higher proportion than the threads. These numbers reached out to 4.3% of unconfirmed transactions, and 14.3% of requests re-sent. We concluded that, even charging some fees, the Ripple network has a higher potential to be used in IoT devices transactions. Taking into account the time rate and the network stability, we can affirm that at least for now, the Ripple network is best qualified for use on a real IoT ecosystem. Despite the fact that Iota had the highest transactions times, we consider it more viable than Ethereum, at least for now. That's one hell of a jab at clunky old Ethereum. XRPL is 9111% harder, better, faster than IOTA's fancy directed acyclic graph (DAG) and these guys STILL consider IOTA more viable than the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Ouch!!
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