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  1. Regarding the experiments, the initial results showed that the Iota transaction time was 9111% slower than that of Ripple, and 736% slower than that of Ethereum...In addition, Iota presented some instability during the tests. The number of timeouts (confirmation time higher than 1 h) and request problems were increasing in a higher proportion than the threads. These numbers reached out to 4.3% of unconfirmed transactions, and 14.3% of requests re-sent. We concluded that, even charging some fees, the Ripple network has a higher potential to be used in IoT devices transactions. Taking into
  2. "We want to offer all assets that meet our listing standards and we hope to be the place where you can come and trade anything that you want to trade" https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/13/coinbase-cfo-on-crypto-investors-dogecoin-and-growing-competition.html Dogecoin meets their standards but XRP doesn't Much wow
  3. Good points, but it could be even simpler than that: CL isn't role-playing a responsible globalist but just is someone who cares about our planet and in helping people less fortunate. In 2020 alone he gave $12 million to refugees around the world, $1 million to the GivePower Foundation to help with distribution of clean water, and $1 million (together with Ripple) to food banks during COVID-19. He was certainly the driving force behind Ripple giving $29 million to public school teachers on DonorsChoose.org and really all of the RippleWorks projects as he was the co-founder.
  4. Amazing. Thank you John Deaton. You are the man!!! I would have enjoyed if all instances of the phrase XRP Holders were changed to XRP Hodlers...but I understand why it would never fly...maybe one sneaky typo wouldn't hurt
  5. Rats leaving a SEC-king ship after Ripple's ripple slowly grows into a tsunami
  6. BearableGuy was your so called captain for a bunch of cultists. Best not to generalize. Hodor was the captain of a "Ship of Fools" perhaps but that's as far as I would take it
  7. Hodor was certainly no jerk. Galgitron though? Without a doubt. But despite being a keen jerk (Galgitron) and an enthusiast/optimist (Hodor) both had a knack for communication and "community navigation". Our community lost one of its Captains, and it would be nice to hear from that Captain while our ship is heading for a big ass iceberg
  8. I miss the extensive knowledge of @Hodor who communicated with us in a digestible format, and kept us up to date about everything Ripple and XRP . Would definitely appreciate his opinion about what's been going on lately. His perspective would works wonders for morale and would be a much needed breath of fresh air to fight this toxic cloud hanging over. I really miss the elusive Hodor. - maybe he's hunkering down akin to Arthur Britto, and simply weathering out the storm
  9. Gotcha. I'm no lawyer so I have no idea if they can refer to settlements either. I was just thinking that all 3 cases being heard in the Southern District of NY is notable in the "possibility" of using precedent for the upcoming litigation
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