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  1. This is really rough. I started buying XRP in late summer of 17 at around 0.20 and added some more here and there, made some trades, and probably have an average just under where we are sitting at now. Didn't cash out in Jan 18 at the peak, just held on like a greedy son of a *****. The worst part is, for the last 2 or so years I've had absolutley zero BTC or ETH because I hold issue with the effects of PoW on the environment, I didn't dive into ADA, SOL, or any of the memecoins that've yielded absolutely mindblowing gains. I just siloed in XRP and XTZ (Tezos) about half and half. XTZ has also been terribly underwhelming when compared to its main competitors DOT, ADA, and AVA but I just really find the Tezos blockchain fascinating, as I do Ripple's IOV. You know, xrp-nuke and others who are in fiat right now pondering when to enter back in will probably make more money in one red weekend than I've profited in 4 years. Crypto is not for the faint of heart. It's made for the wolves, and I'm certainly not going to admit to being a sheep (maybe I am), but I'm certainly no wolf here. I'm just a nerd in it for the tech apparently. GL friends, I'm going to ride the wave of the SEC resolution when there is one, cash out regardleas and hopefully buy my first house... as a 33 year old millennial who's still paying rent and with hair getting too white too early, I can't follow these crypto markets as attentively anymore. Peace.
  2. @FTSO_AU really appreciate the raffle/giveaway and even more so of all your posts and contributions on the forum, which have been very helpful. Many thanks!
  3. This is just sad, from the article: Eventually, Mr. McCaleb went to the board and demanded Mr. Larsen’s removal. In one awkward scene, described to the Observer by two individuals, Mr. McCaleb, with Ms. Kim at his side, as always, was explaining to Arthur Britto how they would handle Mr. Larsen’s removal. Mr. Britto asked something to the effect of, “Won’t it hurt Chris’ career if he’s pushed out of the company?” Mr. McCaleb said, “No, you should just say that he got sick.” The suggestion that Mr. Larsen, who like Mr. McCaleb is a surfer in excellent condition, would be too “sick” to contribute meaningfully severely angered Mr. Britto, who himself suffers from severe arthritis, for its implication about the ability of “sick” people to contribute meaningfully and for its dishonesty.
  4. Hey would you look at that! It appears my message to them actually did something
  5. Thank you for gathering these data @LeonidasH it's truly shocking to see. I'm sure John Deaton will very much appreciate this and I think/hope something important will come of this. I'm 100% confident that your math is on point here, but something does not add up regarding the willful ignorance of the SEC to go after Chris and Brad but exclude Jed
  6. Well, I just submitted a ticket to Binance.US asking them politely why they are not participating in the SGB airdrop and what is going to happen to the tokens that they receive (assuming they do receive them). I'll let you know if I hear anything back, although I'm not expecting a response. It's a shame that I had half of my XRP on there during the snapshot, luckily the other half was on my nano S
  7. Thanks for the perspective. So it's possible that [the court has] pretty much decided to rule in favor of [Ripple], and they bend over backwards to allow the other side [SEC] to present their case fully and in some ways even restrict [Ripple] from presenting certain evidence if the other side objects. They do that so that the losing side [SEC] doesn't have an argument on appeal that the [court] was unfair to the losing party, which can cause the final ruling to be vacated. ^ there I fixed it
  8. Thank you for laying this out step by step, Ripley, it is helpful and very much appreciated! I've been having a great time gaining experience with Tezos DeFi, which is quite robust and elegant in my opinion, and it appears @thinlyspread and @jargoman would agree, and I'm noticing a few promising parallels with Flare Finance. I've only had time and the risk tolerance so far to delegate my wSGB to support the Oracles/Signal providers, but I'm looking forward to collateralizing SGB for a "candy loan" and playing around with it. Good luck everyone, DeFi is awesome. Songbird is looking great so far.
  9. "Brown eyed women and red grenadine the bottle was dusty but the liquor was clean Sound of the thunder with the rain pouring down and it looks like the old man's getting on" Don't mind me, just spreading the love of the GD, cover by one of the best bluegrass bands - TBT - enjoy
  10. Yep. My delegated SGB was also of the tens of millions more after 4.40 but before 14.42 ... you'd think they'd double check and message the correct time
  11. Tezos. On-chain governance, which allows for core protocol updates. The blockchain should survive the test of time becaue of this. There are some other positive aspects (PoS, formal verification for the smart contracts, eco-friendly NFTs and DeFi ramping up) but on-chain governance is the main feature.
  12. Do you use something other than Brave browser? No ads for me using Brave. Side note, it was announced today that their search engine (global public beta) just launched https://techcrunch.com/2021/06/22/braves-non-tracking-search-engine-is-now-in-beta/
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