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  1. OK yeah I get u With the influx of funds coming in soon, $1000 will be surpassed in few years ....IMHO
  2. Lollllll....very funny Let's just hope
  3. https://buyxrpinstantly.com/2019/02/03/best-cryptocurrency-to-invest-in-2019/
  4. https://ripplexrpnews.com/ripple-vs-bitcoin-vs-ethereum/
  5. Just be calm I know it's difficult believing at this moment, even I feel same but we have to remain strong Technically, I expect a move in. The next couple of days Xrpeth and xrpbtc are both priming for the upside movement though xrpeth is not holding current support. we just have to wait n see
  6. https://ripplexrpnews.com/ripple-vs-bitcoin-vs-ethereum/
  7. https://ripplexrpnews.com/will-ripple-reach-1000-ripple-google-pay-partnership/
  8. Lol...xrp will get there Imagine what just speculation did to Bitcoin.... Xrp is coming for the number 1 spot on cmc
  9. https://ripplexrpnews.com/will-ripple-reach-1000-ripple-google-pay-partnership/
  10. https://ripplexrpnews.com/will-ripple-reach-1000-ripple-google-pay-partnership/
  11. https://ripplexrpnews.com/sec-cryptocurrency-regulation-news/
  12. https://ripplexrpnews.com/xrapid-explained-how-does-xrapid-work/
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