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  1. I really am baffled by some people, it looks like they are investing in cryptocurrencies just because they heard something. Do your own research! ODL was great because Ripple said so, and now it is bad because the SEC says so? What about using your brain? Have you ever tried to send money across borders? It is so easy to verify by yourself that ODL is a great proposition, you don’t need to trust Ripple for that. Just choose a country and calculate how much it would cost to move money there through your bank vs. how much it would cost to move it through XRP using your local excha
  2. I must admit that when I first saw Line of Credit, I was like: "Oh, great, another way for Ripple to sell XRP..." Only later this idea about the combination of lending and buying back came to my mind and I thought it might not be bad, quite the contrary. As you say, as XRP holders we've been through some rough times, so it's not easy to think positive. I agree, time will tell and I sure hope something like this plays out, it's about time.
  3. It might not be about altruism, they might make more money in this process than just by selling XRP they have. If they just keep selling XRP, its price will go down and their 50+ billion XRP become worth less and less. They can do it only for some time before it gets unsustainable. The value of the entire company will go down, ODL will never be able to grow. On the other hand, if they keep rebuying XRP according to my scenario, the price of XRP can go UP, the value of their 50+ billion XRP will go up, they will have even more XRP, the value of the company will go up, ODL will be more
  4. I may be missing something, but if you are Ripple, maybe you can: 1) Lend for example $100 worth of XRP 2) Get repaid for that loan $102 3) Buy back XRP in open markets for $101 or $102 Doing that you: 1) Buy back from markets more than is being sold ($101 or $102 vs $100) -> you create pressure on the price of XRP to go up 2) Reduce the amount of XRP in circulation -> you create pressure on the price of XRP to go up 3) If you choose to buy back for $101 instead of $102, you increase the amount of cash you have at your disp
  5. On the other hand, these bigger volumes we were witnessing seemingly did nothing for the price of XRP. So, if they change their approach and do something that will positively impact the price, I'm all in. If... But I'm not gonna lie, this the first time in years that I am somewhat down because of news coming from Ripple.
  6. I think it is at least partially for the XRP community, because this week we can see the Liquidity Index Bot showing decreasing XRP liquidity, on Bitstamp I also see Monday's volume being the lowest since February etc. I see it as a message for us, they said: "You will see lower volumes, don't panick, we are still working on our goals". Now, whether it will be enough to calm down everybody...
  7. Hi Bob, first let me thank you for sharing all your knowledge with the XRP community. Concerning health related issues, for me the best source of information is Nutritionfacts.org of Dr. Michael Greger. His videos are based on the best available scientific evidence, he also provides insight about all the research, how some of it is sometimes manipulated, how public health care lags behind science etc. He has several videos about diabetes, so you might want to check them. I don't want to hijack this thread, I want it to continue about Ripple and XRP, I just thought this might help.
  8. Had a look at Coinmarketcap and it looks like Coinbase is already the biggest XRP/USD exchange. RightBTC has a bigger volume, but I believe RightBTC is trading only USDT, not USD. Well, Coinbase is still very relevant.
  9. I'm in the EU and I still can't buy XRP with a credit/debit card on Binance.
  10. I heard of this B of A clause before, but do you have a reliable source for that? To me it seems very unlikely, since RippleNet network effects is what will make it succeed. So they need as many clients as possible. Sure, I can imagine refusing a small and dubious company, but Visa and Mastercard? With my tinfoil hat on I would say this would be possible only if they already had something in place that is supposed to directly compete with Visa and Mastercard and destroy them. Can Amex do that? They don't seem to be going that way. And if they wanted to have strict control over who joins t
  11. Cool your jets, 1) Binance advertised and promised XRP purchases with credit cards, so it is up to Binance to apologize and explain what happened. They should not even need somebody to ask them, they did not kept their promise, they should automatically give a public explanation and not silently edit their blog article. 2) I am a client of Binance, I don't care which third party they use for this service, this relation is between me and Binance. If brakes fail in your car, the manufacturer won't and can't tell you "go ask Brembo why it happened". Is Binance that bad that they could n
  12. Despite Binance said on their blog it would, at first XRP was not available. Some other people and I pointed that out, then XRP appeared on Binance for a short period of time and then it disappeared again. Then they also edited their blog article and removed XRP from it. Was it a mistake? Seems weird to me. First they say XRP will be available, they say it in their article, they get all the retweets and reposts and other articles from the XRP community, then they remove XRP and give no explanation. To me it stinks...
  13. That might be just another trick from Binance to use the XRP community for marketing. Like when they lied about credit card purchases, they advertised XRP, but they offer BTC, ETH and LTC only. Remember Binance Jersey? Only BTC and ETH pairs. Binance is obviously biased against XRP, they are systematically skipping the 2nd largest crypto. CZ knows that when he mentions XRP or xRapid, he will get a massive support from the XRP community, so he uses us. Until Binance allows XRP credit card purchases as promised I have no reason to believe that Binance means the xRapid partnership serio
  14. For me the most interesting thing is that Beetech were able to drop their fees by 90% thanks to Ripple technology. Costs going down 90% is something no financial institution can refuse.
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