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  1. You all are totally deluded. I can't believe you can't see the obvious. It was never about McD. It can only be none other than Santa Claus! Hold on to your zerps, we're going to the north pole
  2. Max, What do you recommend we look for? Serious question, I wan't to learn.
  3. That's a glitch in the bitstamp software... refrsh the page or change the time frame and this will dissapear.
  4. Banks and other FI's will get their XRP over the counter from ripple (atleast until they release all of the supply 55b) so I don't see this as being the price mover in foreseeable future. Or am I mistaken?
  5. That is my concern exacty, solid fundamentals, good news and the price is depressed compared to other alts who doesn't seem to have a fraction of "intrinsic" potential than the one of xrp. I am not sayin it won't take of eventually but to me it seems like it can only happen when someone decides to let it go or runs out of steem. The problem here is the massive supply. Even though escrow, restrictions on the part of jed mcaleb and employees etc...we can't realy know what is happening behind the closed doors. And i think something is happening...i can only hope, RL has the thing under control and like they are saying, it all plays in the long term success even though it means short term pain in the ***.
  6. Waw, that must have taken alot of time to put together. Thank you for bringing this large scale perspective to our attention, very helpful to me personaly!
  7. What does all this mean in regards to ripple and his system? https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/implications-eus-revolutionary-psd2-game-changer-banks-online-businesses/ Is this a direct competition? Do you think this is one of the reasons for the current correction?
  8. Thanks ravintolx, can you please elaborate more on highlited part?
  9. Agree. I would say that with this sentiment right now it would take a lot of small bad news announcments or one big (fundamentaly changing) and confirmed bad news. I can't judge the probability of that to happen.
  10. Hi forum members, This is my first post. I am not an expert on ripple or any crypto currency for that matter, but have been an investor and a part time trader in other assets for a very long time. At first cryptocurrencies were not a serious investment for me, lately this has changed, you can imagine why. This has incentivize me to make indepth research into my crypto basket...especialy into XRP of which I am holding a substantial amount from Februry 2017, cought the last train to get in cheap by luck. This forum has been a tremendous help and I would like to thank everybody that made contributions. I am hopefully a long term holder of XRP but the time and fundamental developments will tell if this will actualy happen. As a trader I keep asking myself ''what can go wrong''? I hope for the best but try to be prepared for the worst. There are alot of excited and very optimistic predictions for XRP on this forum. I would like to debate realistic scenarios where XRP would take a hit on the market. As I am always judging my investment based on probabilities, i think this would better my judgement and probably for other forum members also. Please feel free to add in and elaborate: SHORT TERM (for example 30-50% correction): - I don't see good liquidity yet and fear that XRP is still prone to large investor influnce by dumping. I feel the game now is mostly holding, but you never know about the aim of each individual with the power to do that. - if the upcoming announcment disappoints and investors that were factoring in this ''good news'' announcement decide to liquidate. LONG TERM: I am not knowledgable enough yet about the fundamentals but one thing that has been mentioned often is that if the banks don't adopt it. What do you think can doom the XRP in the long run? Regards
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