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  1. We're in maybe the bottom of the first inning...of a long ball game. Nobody's won anything.
  2. Ha, gotta hand it to you @yvv, that was witty/funny.
  3. Step 2 is tricky, but I believe it's, 'exchange thy nuts for XRP'.
  4. Step 1: Get your nuts in order....
  5. cjd

    "Satoshi" trash talks Ripple

    @tomb. Exactly this. The bitcoin purists/originals are still out there, but they have been crowded out by the myopic horde that says it's, 'bitcoin or nothing!'. I've always felt Ripple and Ripple's endeavors are a pseudo trojan horse for cryptocurrency and blockchain acceptance/usage. Unfortunate reality, but you sort of have to 'play the game' to get where you need to go (especially in the finance/govt. arena).
  6. cjd

    From what country are you from ?

    Amazing to see such diversity in the places people are from/reside that come to this hub! Really awesome to see, and certainly representative of the idea that Ripple's initiatives are needed and a no-brainer for the entire world. I'm in Chicago, btw.
  7. cjd

    XRP Investment Risk

    I downgrade the risk profile a touch to 'extremely high' versus that of 'complete speculation', as I think Ripple the company, the people associated and involved in the company, their vision, and funding is worth something (not to mention Tiff's point about "70 billion reasons"). I am incredibly intrigued by the lone soldier that says it's 'low'. They either have some fairly nice clairvoyance/information, or they walk the tightrope wire on a daily basis.
  8. Looking to see if there are individuals in or near the Chicago area that might be interested in doing a quarterly (or semi-annual) regular meet-up to discuss ripple/XRP and related issues? My initial thought was monthly, but upon further contemplation I think doing it less often makes more sense, and for a couple reasons. First, there probably isn't enough 'action' as of now to warrant that frequent of meetings, but obviously hopefully that changes. Second, a less frequent meeting of say quarterly or semi-annual might convince some that are a bit farther away from Chicago to make the trek for the get-together. So, who resides around Chicago that frequents this board? Would you be open to meeting every now and then for some food, drink, and discourse on XRP and Ripple? Obligatory disclaimer that i am certainly doing this for very selfish reasons. I'm not exactly wired genetically to grasp all this high-tech stuff, so I'm hoping people will flock from all around to explain it to me in person. Thoughts would be appreciated by anyone even remotely interested!
  9. cjd

    Hello Everybody...

    Thanks, Sev! That certainly appears to be a good place to post the meet-up query. Cheers!
  10. cjd

    Hello Everybody...

    Hello Everybody. Long-time lurker deciding to officially sign up and say 'hi'. I likely won't post much due to being very much the layman on this stuff (technology in particular), but I appreciate the site being in existence, and being able to learn from everyone. My primary reason for signing up is to see if there might be individuals in the Chicago area (or near enough to commute), that might be interested in getting together monthly/quarterly to discuss Ripple and such. Where would be the best place to post such a query to see if there is interest? Thx!