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  1. I second this. I've mentioned XRP to my girl a few times and her eyes immediately glaze over. She doesn't ask questions, or even play devil's advocate. I'm just talking at her lol. This investment is not for weak hands, or non researchers. As much as we would like to grab people on the street and shake 'em "HOW HAVE YOU NOT HEARD" there will only be a handful that can see the 30,000ft view. And out of those people, only another handful will do the right thing with their gains: Not When Lambo.... When Financial Advisor
  2. Exactly this^. Everyone here should watch Warren Buffet speak on investments during any time of FUD. His whole philosophy is to HODL when you find an undervalued "stock". I might be the only one here, but I value XRP at much higher the .30 and that's about that. If you can HODL your XRP... you can HODL your wealth. Once we cash out we re going to have to reinvest our Fiat in the sock market anyways. Get used to HOLDing or kiss your retirements goodbye right now (more than 50% of people deplete their windfalls in 3 years, even big time lotto winners). Use this time to DYOR on financial advisor
  3. When do you get the most flak? When you are over the target...
  4. Holy ****... you're right... owning XRP is like owning an "every currency" coin. It's a USD, GBP, ZEN, BTC, ETH....it's gold, silver, platinum, any currency! ~Mind blown~
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