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  1. Sometimes I wonder if common sense still makes sense in this crazy world. But still, I press on with common sense. It seems blindingly obvious (to me) that regulatory bodies - if they're doing their job properly - will feel that XRP's ownership of such a vast quantity of XRP is an absolutely massive problem. And further, that Ripple is being unbelievably naive if they think this isn't having any sort of impact on relevant regulatory discussions relating to XRP and xRapid.
  2. Agree with @Valhalla_Guy. What is needed is this: (1) Ripple divests 90% of its holdings. (2) As a direct result of (1) XRP and xRapid achieve regulatory certainty / approval in no time flat. (3) As a direct result of (2), the world's biggest financial institutions jump on board with xRapid, sending its price to $xx or $xxx Unfortunately however, I think it's much more likely they'll hold on to their vast XRP warchest. If they had plans to divest they would have made much stronger moves in this direction already. And this means that steps (2) and (3) may take far longer.
  3. Signal to noise ratio here isn't great. Mostly seems to be accusations of FUD and rebuttals. I'm not a fan of smoke and mirrors. The fact is, Euro Exim bank is extremely small (thanks to TruthBot for posting the value of their assets, valuable info). I checked Companies House, and noticed that they've also got overdue accounts. I don't believe this is a reflection of what is coming - as I'm sure much bigger, more tangible partnerships are on the way - but I certainly do think it's a shame that this is the first bank to use xRapid. I expected better than an operation with 7 employees, overdue accounts and just £300k in assets. To be honest, for a bank this doesn't really sound like enough to remain solvent. I think the fact that Euro Exim is the first bank to use xRapid, and whether this is a good thing, merits some discussion. Personally, for the size of the partnership, I think it's been overhyped. It makes me wonder how long we may have to wait before we see the kind of partnerships that are worth shouting about.
  4. Euro Exim Bank is very small fry. The only real tangible benefit is that it sounds good to have a bank using XRP for marketing purposes. There are rules that govern the capital requirements for banks, and their balance sheet would seem to indicate that they only deal with exceptionally tiny volumes. We might look past this and consider that it's a step in the right direction for XRP... but what doesn't look so good is this:
  5. Yes, it’s a normal part of due diligence. The XRP army I’ve mentioned is one of the most immediately noticeable things about XRP. You can pretty much guarantee that some potential partners will be thinking: “Getting swept up in this kind of hype really won’t look good later on, if XRapid doesn’t work out as intended. Let’s wait a few years and see how much of this is just hype”. It slows down adoption - that should be obvious really. I'm sure Mr. Greenspan knows fairly intimately how these types of decisions get made.
  6. It's not just a few rowdy spectators though. It's an army of overly-zealous, impatient teenagers. They're so loud and so active on social media that they run the risk of producing an absolutely massive noise to signal ratio. This makes it more difficult than it could be for potential partners to discern the seriousness of the company. It all feeds into the decision making process. Banks in particular are used to exclusively dealing with impeccable organisations keeping impeccable company. It's not a hopeless cause obviously, but I don't see massive XRP adoption until the "XRP army" essentially disappears. If they have to lose all of their money for that to happen, so be it. I'd welcome revisiting lows of 1 cent if it got rid of them.
  7. 100% possible imo, as I said before in Dec:
  8. The ‘budget deficit’ is a red herring . Even if they reduced the deficit to zero, this is merely like planning to get £50bn into debt, then making a big deal about the fact they succeeded in that goal and didn’t get £52bn into debt. The debt always goes up by an unsustainably gigantic amount in either case. It’s meaningless political obscurantism.
  9. Head says it won’t break ATH until 2020 / 2021. Heart says next week.
  10. Even though M2 might have something to say about it, XRP can probably hit $100 in a speculative frenzy - before reality kicks in. But to do this, distribution of the asset needs to be much broader. If this happened today for example, then selling pressure would make the price unsustainable beyond a few seconds or minutes. Distribution is typically helped along by successive boom and bust cycles. When the amount of XRP per wallet is (on average) much lower than it is today, say 1000 XRP or less, then selling pressure at $100 would naturally be far lower also. But I think it will take 10+ years before it can conceivably hit $100, as it will require successive generations of speculators to sell / distribute a large portion of their holdings. This can’t happen overnight. It may also require some degree of dollar hyperinflation in order to hold its price for fundamental reasons. $5-$10 probably much sooner, within a couple of years.
  11. Not sure what that’s all about. I’m sure bearableguy is just a joker, but: W = 23rd letter of the alphabet. I = 9th letter F = 6th letter So what he’s really saying is: $2396+ = $WIF+ I don’t think he’s referring to a specific price.
  12. Debt is far worse than they portray it, if anything. A debt-based monetary system means endless currency creation - backed at present by nothing. Yes, overpopulation is part of the problem as it stands (albeit not the cause of it) - precisely because deficit spending is needed to cover the vast amount required for public services / Defense etc, and it cannot possibly afford to pay such a massive amount without running up insane debt levels (I think this is currently about £5000 per second in the UK.) Profits leeching to offshore tax havens wouldn’t make a dent in the main source of the problem which is bloated government spending. Without a backed monetary system we’re screwed. As you may know, this was a primary reason behind the invention of Bitcoin in the first place, hence the encoded image in the genesis block.
  13. Not sure where the capacity for confusion is creeping in here, but it's pretty straightforward. Binance will use XRP as one of the quote currencies, along with BTC and ETH and some others.
  14. So imagine a financial institution that was thinking about partnering with Ripple. Whilst having board meetings, someone mentions the severe amount of spam tweets and emails from #thexrparmy that have been clogging up the company’s inbox for days from overexcited, childish speculators. Is this broadly positive for Ripple, or does it make the potential partner question the company’s seriousness further? Pretty obviously the latter imo. And then they stumble across all of the bearableguy123 stuff. Yeah, that’s a great look. Faced with this, it’s hardly a stretch to imagine they’d put out a tweet saying “no, we are not working with Ripple” just to stem the tide of spam... and to buy themselves some time while they consider it they *really* want to go this route at all. If anything like the above scenario has happened even once - and it probably has imo - it’s damaging. Partnering up with a trendy blockchain outfit is likely not an easy decision even without the above nonsense. If it’s not net positive for the adoption of XRP then do away with it imo.