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  1. XLM was always on my radar as well as XRP. James Rickards has suggested for a couple of years that XLM will eventually form part of the SDR basket of currencies, so that's pretty compelling considering the circles he moves in - he personally knows many of the decision makers after all. The macros do seem to indicate things might be moving in that direction, broadly speaking... so he may be right. The trick is remain balanced on these things. Take it with a pinch of salt, but don't be wilfully blind either. I don't consider that the pump in XLM is at all unwarranted or strange. As part of
  2. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/post/90135/ripple-series-c-lead-investor-tetragon-sues-the-company
  3. Forbes is an open blogging site, a free-for-all. Anyone can submit articles, as is the case here.
  4. https://modernconsensus.com/politics/u-s-intelligence-head-asked-sec-to-investigate-chinese-control-over-crypto-report/ For whatever reason, Jay Clayton decided to go in the exact opposite direction, and aggressively pursue Ripple for the kill... why? CCP infiltration into government agencies is not a conspiracy theory: https://usaherald.com/bombshell-data-leak-reveals-2-million-chinese-spies-embedded-in-critical-western-industries-and-governments/ Note that Brad referred to China-controlled currencies in his open response to the SEC lawsuit.
  5. According to the SEC suit, something like ~90% of Ripple's income still comes from XRP sales. If their legal team advises them at this juncture to discontinue sales of XRP as a precautionary measure - as I believe they might - then in the absence of alternative ways to replace that income they will need to trim a lot of fat, optimise operations and lay off a (large?) number of employees. If they decide to continue with XRP sales, then this might be construed as a flagrant disregard for the law - something which could work against them later on. Should the SEC win the case, then any remedi
  6. If you're the slightest bit diversified, I've got a hunch that your time will come (and soon). Within a few weeks I think we'll start seeing comparable price appreciation in other tokens. Of course, XRP has a huge supply and that may restrict its upside to a degree. I am sure it will break its ATH within the next year though.
  7. It may be that he felt the prospects for XRP / ODL no longer seemed as promising as a few years ago - and that would be quite pragmatic of course, because XRP still remains in limbo with the SEC, thereby ensuring that it cannot (ever?) fulfil its potential. I can only imagine his frustration, trying to do his job with his hands tied.
  8. Hopefully, we do nothing. If businesses can't survive the pandemic, then that's very unfortunate... but that's capitalism. If we intervene to prop up markets we just end up creating an ever-more indebted zombie economy. Without the endless money printing we've seen over the past decade, businesses would not have been able to spend themselves into a corner, nor expand to an unrealistic size based on fake demand from currency inflation. If we hadn't taken that unfortunate path, then today there would be healthier businesses with better job security and better job prospects. These would b
  9. Due to the illegal selling of non-existent silver in the paper markets... a major scam about to crumble in the wake of this crisis imo, as they're selling even more of it (the non existent stuff) to raise cash / cover margin calls. Real silver is scarce... can't really find any at the UK at the moment... even at the Royal Mint (last time I checked). People are buying real silver hand over fist. I buy gold coins because it's CGT and VAT exempt. At least I was buying gold coins - quite difficult now. Shortages everywhere.
  10. In my opinion, crypto in general will probably see a safe haven bid. Particularly as the legacy financial system falls apart quite thoroughly over coming weeks and years. Hedges in this respect have historically been the dollar, bonds and gold/silver. Let's take a look at the dollar (six month DXY chart): As we can see, the USD has been pumping quite a bit. Precious metals have relatively underperformed and will probably keep underperforming until the USD begins to look top-ish. This could be unfolding right now... note the correction in USD above which is probably worth keeping an e
  11. I agreed with Ackman's comments - although he has been known to be very wrong in the past. In yesterday's interview, he seemed to be under the impression that the current issues are merely Coronavirus-related(!), and even went so far as to say the economy was in fantastic shape before all of this. Odd. The UK just announced the enforced closure of all cafes, pubs, bars restaurant and gyms. I wonder how many of those will ever reopen. 20%? 10%? My main concern is actually ISPs or mobile phone companies. If people are isolated and cannot access the internet or make a phone call, then... S
  12. In 2008, gold and silver bottomed a couple of months into the crash (until Oct 2008, whereas the crash itself continued until Feb 2009 or so). We might anticipate something similar happening this time. And if BTC is similarly going to work as a safe haven - which does make a lot of sense - it may also bottom much sooner than the stock markets. But really, the above doesn't help because we don't know whether this crash is going to play out more like 2008, or more like (eek) 1929. A realistic-moderate scenario (i.e. 2008 style) for the S&P or the Dow etc is a 50% decline over the next s
  13. BTC and some other cryptos could do very well out of this crisis for various reasons. I wouldn't write them off. Imagine for instance if the stock markets took a 30 day "holiday" as some pundits are suggesting. The drawdown in pretty much everything at present is due to a liquidity crisis. Once the stock market stabilises I personally think cryptos (and gold and silver) will go much higher. Hard to say if that will happen today or in a few months though. Most bear markets in stocks last several months at least. This could be a second Great Depression, in which case the bear market could la
  14. So, Dow Futures closed limit down, in spite of QE5 and rates to zero. The Fed is effectively out of ammunition now - that's it. If no amount of stimulus will prop up the market, then... well... I guess you can say you were around to see it happen! Might be time to consider taking your cash out of the bank in the morning.... if it opens. Only half joking there.
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