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  1. If regulations are what is holding Ripple back, something I don't really understand is how XLM / IBM are able to launch Worldwire with banks already on board? Why aren't they similarly held back by regulation? Perhaps all along it hasn't really been regulation that holds Ripple back so much as their corporate strategy... is it possible that there's simply no real interest in xRapid? What are Stellar's integration costs relative to those of Ripple's suite of products? Maybe the answer lies there. Or maybe the answer lies in Stellar's ability to nurture useful partnerships, as opposed to primarily just throwing money at problems? Those suggesting that timing is everything are sane. In light of this news, XLM is arguably very underpriced relative to XRP (indeed, this sentiment is currently playing out in the charts). I'll be waiting to see how Ripple responds to this news. Hoping they've got something up their sleeve.
  2. Video re ibm worldwire released today if anyone’s interested:
  3. If it was still the 1980s, you might have a point here. But today’s technological interconnectedness is lightyears ahead. Better tech is essential now.
  4. It was this guy: https://mobile.twitter.com/onemillionxrp Looks like he bought back in for $0.28 six months ago (September 2018)
  5. Seeing a lot of these types of comments: "Every day big news for XRP & yet the price never alters sizeably." The chart is everything. On such highly speculative assets, people trade almost entirely on technicals. Any news, no matter how big, is basically irrelevant until the chart completes its bearish / accumulation cycles. We're not there yet. Give it another few months.
  6. I think more like six months to one year. Six years seems a bit much. I agree in part though - if SBI launched now, it probably wouldn't have much effect on price.
  7. I think XRP will capture the demographic you describe. But the extent to which hordes of people now want to escape the matrix / the human farm should not be underestimated. Whether that's naive ambition or not, time will tell.
  8. Yep ... I should rephrase that as "I'm hoping somewhere around 2021 or 2022..."
  9. Personally I think the speculative liquidity from the next bull cycle will be a springboard for xRapid partnerships. I do not think that any of these smaller partnership deals will bring much in the way of liquidity. Even if they could in theory, they cannot use xRapid for very many transactions until speculation drives price and liquidity up far higher. So, I'm thinking somewhere around 2021 or 2022 is when we'll start to hear the kind of big news we all want to hear in the vein of "Amazon to use xRapid". There will be some magical amount of liquidity that enables big partners to take the leap. Those volumes could be reached around $5, or it could be $10. My guess is that once we hit about $5, we'll head up to $30+ pretty fast as Xrapid very quickly on-boards several big partners. But we have to patiently wait for the speculative tide to turn.
  10. It's chicken and egg... it's not just SEC approval. Arguably, tacit approval has already been given. It's the liquidity. XRP needs massively more trading liquidity before it can be properly used for international money transfer. For this reason, I don't think we'll see signs of much increased adoption until the next speculative bull market is well underway, i.e. once XRP is above $5 or so. Yes, some smaller partners may begin using XRP, but this won't be enough to move the needle on price very much, if at all. What we all want is for one or two massive players to sign up, obviously. It will be much easier to sell the solution to large financial institutions when they can see that xRapid is actually usable, i.e. has easily enough trading liquidity to absorb both sides of $1m+ (or other fiat equivalent) transactions. We aren't anywhere near that point yet.
  11. Definitely don’t agree with that. Should be doable for sure within 6 years.
  12. That kind of utility would probably take many decades. I would say 30 years at least. 2019 and we still have almost no real-world uptake of xRapid or XRP. I think $10 within three years, but I can’t see beyond that at the moment.
  13. Your way of thinking sounds more volatile than the underlying asset.
  14. If xRapid succeeds, it will go way higher than $8 within 3-5 years. The question is, will it succeed? I’m less certain than I used to be due to the ongoing regulatory issues and the threat of competition / obsolescence. With that in mind I hold as much XRP as I’m comfortable losing, plus another 20% :-)
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