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  1. Fantastic. So essentially, doesn't rely on the speculation of retail investors. But rather big FIs making buy/sell orders?
  2. Thank you all. I was asking, because if it is the case that the price will be determined by FI holding, then it is literally only a matter of time before it goes high. But if it is based on speculation from this young and volatile cryptomarket, it isn't something I'd be confident would happen. This is because the market does not understand XRP and many are already vested in BTC/ETH, and are also against XRP because of its perceived collaboration with banks. XRP, based on utility and the talent behind it alone should be at the top right now, if the market does not value it at this point, then I
  3. I am interested in XRP and I thought I'd register for what looks like the best place to get more information! One question already tickling my brain is exactly what determines the value of XRP. Some people say it is the banks and other large institutions holding, others say it is only the speculation of tbe cryptomarket that determines it. So which one is it? wish you all a happy new year!
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