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  1. Is anyone able to find any informations about people that are responsible for creation of this wallet? simplify xrp wallet
  2. the next day? as far as I understand the second withdrawal was one month later. 18-12
  3. unfortunately this 24 was for trx wallet. I have only one 12 words for xrp. But most of my money I have invested in xrp. I checked everything, what I was doing that day, no way to withdraw this funds
  4. I have very small response from simplify wallet, just one email asking do I have my passcode. Noone has written down any information below about who am I speaking with. What is even more peculiar is the fact that on this wallet I still have an information that my account is still not active because i did not recive at least 20 xrp. no data showing any transaction in this wallet. the only fact is sum of 20.39 xrp inside wallet. I am wondering could that be an embezzlement
  5. My cellphone was not lost or noone took it from me, moreover still noone knows about my crypto investment
  6. it was 12 words. Me too. I do not know how it is possible This wallet is weird you only need to write your pin4 digit. And then in security folder you can have the information about your 12 words passcode
  7. what can I do now? are there any authorities that will try to find this thief? Where should I turn into for help? or just to report that my money were stolen?
  8. Yes you are right Tonnie, it is just 12 word phrase for this wallet
  9. Thank you for the support. I was wrong it is not 24 words key, the paper key is 12 words. And it appears in the given application after you will write 4 number pin. I wrote a letter to simplify support, although still i did not get any response from them. Do you think that there is anything that i can do ?
  10. This is terrible. It took so much time and sacrifice to earn this money and this guy took them like there were his own. :/
  11. ok, now I understand. I had my money on Wallet simplify wallet xrp this is my address: rMmfcWJ7WSGQugYX7iNaaeYcPvUGjYFXh2 , an on 18th of december at 16:58 someone has stolen my money and withdrawn them on this address: rsbGAp8MhKaftdM8LGL4mSGmh9Hp2u3vXZ
  12. and I can not remember the name of my wallet, do you know which one gave 24 words phrase?
  13. I have the accountadress and 24 words phrase to this account. I have xrp and I want toacces my account this is the address: rsbGAp8MhKaftdM8LGL4mSGmh9Hp2u3vXZ
  14. can someone help ?I have the adress of xrp account and 24 word passphrase. still i don`t know how to get acces to this account
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