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  1. Yesterday, the first successful "Stipend" transaction was performed on the SystemD Testnet. What is a Stipend payment? A Stipend transaction is a payment of 120 SYD to an activated and qualified account. One Stipend payment is included in each ledger closing. Each qualified account can only receive 1 stipend payment per day. In the initial stage, there will be ledgers that do not have stipend payments in them, once all of the possible stipend payments for that day have been made. Once the number of qualified accounts becomes greater than the number of ledgers per day, then the system will select the stipend recipients for each day in a random manner. We will be releasing a new version of xts-rippled that includes the new Stipend feature after more testing.
  2. Hello @r0bertz We have a fork of the Ripple Client Desktop that compiles in node v4.9.1. We have not had experienced any incompatibility issues against #rippled v1.1.2 You can find our repo here: https://github.com/VokezOfficial/systemd-desktop-wallet
  3. @jargoman Thank you for your input. Yes, it does seem that that setting a different regular key would be the cleanest, and most effective way to prevent replay attacks. We are going to implement this and run some tests. Hopefully we will be able to publish a new xts-rippled release that contains the unique regular key early next week. Thanx again, @jargoman Your valuable input is always welcome.
  4. @Lucky is not some random guy. He is a very well respected member of the community and has been involved for more than a few years.
  5. Source code gives any one the opportunity to look at all of the code and compile it themselves. You are more than welcome to compile the source and we will put your binaries up for download.
  6. Hello @lucky331 The source code is available at same link. Any one can download the source code and compile it themselves. When the first project was abandoned, the source would not even compile. Our version will compile using nodejs v4.9.1 and gulp ^v3.9.0
  7. Hello @SquaryBone Yes, it is a fork of the abandoned Ripple Client Desktop which was a desktop version of the Ripple Trade web based client. The last release of the Ripple Client Desktop was v1.4.1. So to avoid any confusion, we set our first version to v1.5.1
  8. We are happy to announce that we have just released the first version of the SystemD Desktop Wallet. Linux and Windows versions are now available for download: https://github.com/VokezOfficial/systemd-desktop-wallet/releases/tag/v1.5.1 We also have a versions for OS X, 32 bit and 64 bit. Although we have not been able to test them. If there is anyone who would like to test the OS X version(s), please let us know and we will provide you with OS X download links. All feedback is welcomed!
  9. https://sydcharts.io A charts web site is now available which gives a basic perspective on the SystemD Network, including Account Explorer and Transactions. We will be adding more features to the site as the network becomes more active and has more data that can be represented.
  10. The subject of the possibility of transaction replay attacks came up as a topic in a different thread. It was suggested that, theoretically, valid transactions on the Ripple Network couple be resubmitted as valid transactions on the SystemD Network. The opposite was also suggested, that valid transactions on the SystemD Network could be accepted as valid transactions on the Ripple Network. I discussed this theory with my colleagues. We came up with two different approaches to preventing these replay attacks. If someone, maybe even @Sukrim or @at3n, were able to actually perform a replay attack, and show us the transaction in both the SystemD Ledger and the Ripple Ledger, then it would be of great help. Not only would it prove the theory that replay attacks are possible, but also it would give us more insight as to which approach we should take to prevent them.
  11. Hello @Sukrim It is unfortunate that I was not able to answer your questions in time to give you a better impression of our projects. I remember reading your posts in the early days of the original forum @ ripple.com, long before xrpchat even existed. You always shared very knowledgeable perspectives. In either case, I'm sure that in time you will change your opinion about our projects.
  12. Hello @jargoman Thank you for your input. No, it is currently impossible to create a valid transaction on the Ripple Network and then resubmit the same transaction on the SystemD Network. At the time of writing, the Ripple Network is on ledger #44,399,043. The current ledger number on the SystemD Network is #44,418,803 The SystemD Network is almost 20,000 ledgers ahead of the Ripple Network. Therefore, any transaction that is valid on the Ripple Network can never be valid on the SystemD Network. The "LastLedgerSequence" would always make the transaction invalid. Even if, by some miracle, both networks were on the same ledger number, at the same time, the transaction would still be invalid because of the "Sequence" value of the transaction. As the Ripple Dev Portal explains: "A transaction is only valid if the Sequence number is exactly 1 greater than the previous transaction from the same account." https://developers.ripple.com/transaction-common-fields.html So a second miracle would need to happen in order for the "Sequence" of the sending account to be the same on both Networks. Even if two miracles happened and both Networks were on the same ledger number, at the same time, and the same account on BOTH Networks contained the the same "Sequence" number, you would still need a third miracle to have both Networks expecting the same "AccountTxnID" from the sending account. https://developers.ripple.com/transaction-common-fields.html#accounttxnid These security measures are just one of the many examples of the superiority of Ripple financial technology, in many areas, over most of the open source financial technology that exists today. If we are successful in our endeavours, then they will bring Ripple Technology to even more people and we will see it used in ways that it has yet to be used.
  13. Hello @lucky , Thank you for your responses. The Ripple Network has been forked and the SystemD Network was created as a result of the fork. There is no question that the Ripple Network and the SystemD Network are physically two different networks that are not connected to each other. Although, both networks have a common history. Anything that happened on the Ripple Network before January 11, 2019, also happened on the SystemD Network. Anything that has happened on the Ripple Network since January 11, 2019, did not happen on the SystemD Network and vice-versa. Two completely different networks that have a common past can only happen as a result of a classic "fork". SystemD is a "parallel network", as defined in the Ripple Dev Portal: "When different consensus groups of rippled instances only trust other members of the same group, each group continues as a parallel network." https://developers.ripple.com/parallel-networks.html
  14. @jargoman Which URL and port? We can take a look to see if there is an issue.
  15. @Warbler No, am not familiar with DanielW or his project.
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