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  1. Jarvis

    Interledger Meetup Updates!

    I know the feeling. I remember when they first came up with this project.
  2. Just gotta be careful with polo. In polo you don’t own xrp but IOUs unless you transfer them out.
  3. That would be great. ICO would have real impact on ppl’s lives and no one would be able to call scam bc results would be seen by the world. I’d support it!!
  4. Jarvis

    Getting to the Moon - light Humour !

    Now, it's time to put a node in space! Ha
  5. Jarvis

    Ripple ~Swell ~~ Tsunami

    I'm not desperate but I've been longer here than most ppl. (Just wanna see more good news) Ha I think some remember xrptalk from back in the day.
  6. Jarvis

    Ripple ~Swell ~~ Tsunami

    Are you implying Apple payment system (P2P) could be integrated with Ripple's ILP? If so, that would be awesome! Would me love Apple even more!!!!!
  7. Jarvis

    R3 sues Ripple (What?!)

    I'm just waiting for the price to drop, just little bit. So, I can buy couple hundred dollars worth! Haha
  8. Jarvis

    R3 sues Ripple (What?!)

    They know Ripple and XRP are gonna become BIG!! Like any other loser, they piece of pie they did anything for. I believe Ripple will win this one!!
  9. Love this image!! 😍🙏🏽 Ripple is 👉🏽🎁👈🏽
  10. Ripple could be the first Trillion dollar company! Woot woot! HaHa
  11. Jarvis

    can i store my XRP in bittrex ?

    Sadly, I needed some bc i got about 97K in student loans. hopefully, I'll have a good profile by the time my wife and I have kids in few years.
  12. Jarvis

    can i store my XRP in bittrex ?

    I had 1.3 million xrp from start until early this year but I had to sell for family member's medical care. I hoping I could rebuy but by then too expensive. now, I have around 8,000. Life sucks at times.