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  1. do you think m1/m2/m3/m4 of 2020 will be a closer prediction?
  2. Can anyone link me evidence to which exchange is the Australian ODL end point??
  3. Hey Green Thumb, It definitely feels like LBA is going under the radar. I have been using creds lending services for something like 10 months (only a small percentage of my holdings). It works great and they definitely seem like a professional outfit. I am still shocked how they never get a mention on /r/cc and the market cap is so low compared to other coins that are all hype and no substance. I keep adding a little every fortnight along with adding to my xrp stack. I am currently in a new round of lending(LBA->LBA) every fortnight for 6 fortnights to increase my returns from cred and my exposure. Still at a level i am comfortable with, as they say not your keys, not your crypto. But not only am i making a decent return it's also supporting the crypto environment. The volume looks like wash trading on bithumb global. I wouldn't put too much value on that. current price: $0.02 current CS: 603,523,897 (500k increase)
  4. New partnership between Cred and BitBuy allowing bitbuy customers to take part in Creds services. https://business.financialpost.com/pmn/press-releases-pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/bitbuy-and-cred-launch-high-yield-crypto-lending-platform-for-canadians Hopefully will bring a few more customers in and more holders of LBA. current price: $0.0212 current CS: 603,080,177
  5. Another article regarding CMS. Nothing really new in it but good to see more awareness. https://news.bitcoin.com/cred-merchant-solutions-to-help-unbanked-business-sectors/ Cred is the 7th largest crypto custody holding on uphold which is pretty impressive for such a low market cap coin. https://uphold.com/en/transparency Cred breached the top 200 again recently. Volume is still cranking away at 25m in the last 24hrs . Still unsure as to why the volume is so high with little price movement.
  6. Anyone able to comment on the on going strange volume on CMC? There was a sharp drop off midnight of the night of the second which continued until 9.30am on the third where it jumped back to 20mil volume but no movement in price. Very strange has to be a CMC or Feed bug. Or wash trading.
  7. Take a look at the CMC graph for LBA over the last 1d/7d. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/libra-credit/ Volume is large and price is stable at 2.1c for the last 24hrs. (24mil volume for a 12mil MC) Bug? wash trading? luck? seems strange. I assume its nothing to do with their CMS??? https://mycred.io/blog/cred-merchant-solutions-goes-live/ "On Wednesday, October 30, Cred and the Universal Protocol Alliance held a private event in Emeryville, California, to unveil Cred Merchant Solutions" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lft8DmN8xsE current price:$0.0214 current CS: 603,080,177
  8. New Chief Marketing officer: https://mycred.io/blog/blockchain-revolution-cred/ Left Tron for Cred. They have also updated their website. https://mycred.io/ Looks good, take a look if your interested fair bit of new content albeit most is "advertising". current price:$0.0195 current CS: 603,080,177
  9. https://www.sbigroup.co.jp/english/investors/disclosure/presentation/pdf/191030presentations.pdf
  10. https://news.bitcoin.com/cred-to-demo-global-merchant-solution-at-blockchain-week-kick-off/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=[twitter] Edit: Missed this one a few weeks back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbYTQH_wTj0 current price:$0.0139 current CS: 603,080,177
  11. Another mention of the weed industry integration that i posted about a while back. https://twitter.com/ihaveCred/status/1184940102834937859 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/taking-crypto-to-a-new-high-tickets-76095721351 Of note are some of the comments to the tweet. "We are launching a revolutionary Merchant Solution for crypto and debit card payments, cannabis is the first use case but there are other merchants who will use our services." "Cannabis is divisive for sure, but its a purely cash-intensive business and we are solving for a need. We try to take an agnostic approach, definitely not pushing drug use." Will be good to get some more information about what they are trying to achieve and why. "launching a revolutionary Merchant Solution" sounds like the other 100s of coins attempting the same thing. Hopefully creds position in the market, relationships and team can get some momentum. current price:$0.0104 current CS: 603,080,177
  12. https://www.finextra.com/pressarticle/80264/ripple-invests-in-towo-labs "In addition to the leading hardware wallets, XRPL Labs’ signing platform Xumm will also be integrated as a signing option."
  13. Cred is currently offering a bonus 1% interest for staked XRP for a total rate of 10%. https://twitter.com/ihaveCred/status/1181636946549825536 current price:$0.0102 current CS: 603,080,177 (20mill drop in the last ~10days)
  14. I am also waiting for the next release to see what i have missed and view the complete volume of work Leonidas puts into it.
  15. Like the rest of the market LBA has been doing poorly for the last few weeks. Currently sitting on just over 1c. My first LBA lending payout got paid out on the 1st of Oct and i opted for being paid in LBA so that turned out quite nicely with my stack increasing by about ~9% instead of 2.5% due to the decrease in the LBA price. Although the value of the stack is still way down on what it was when lent at ~4c. I still have 3 months to go earning interest at a 4c value so if i goes up great, if i get another 9% increase in my stack great. Cred has now added another 15 coins to its lending with all the new to uphold coins being added. Hopefully this brings in new lenders who will buy 10k LBA to get the premium rates. Not much action yet tho. https://twitter.com/ihaveCred/status/1179467067025588225 BTC lending was increased to 12%(bonus 2%) which is great for all those BTC holders out there although has now finished as it was only available for a few days pre October. Cred put out an article regarding state licencing in the USA and its challenges. https://medium.com/@ihaveCred/state-licensing-a-message-from-creds-general-counsel-82b6a5fedb93 There has been a lack of weekly videos so not sure whats happened with them. Didn't last long. Overall things still seem to be moving in the background and with its current market cap of 6.5m USD im still happy trickling a few penny's in but with XRPs price being down to close to multi year lows i have reverted to topping up my XRP balance with the majority of my spare funds. trading on the binance Dex has dropped right off with only 500k LBA traded in September. current price:$0.011 current CS: 583,040,177
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