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  1. I wonder if the above has any connection to Cred Merchant Solutions.
  2. https://www.accesswire.com/605143/Cred-Joins-Visas-Fintech-Fast-Track-Program-to-Deliver-Payment-Innovations https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/crypto-lender-cred-joins-visas-fintech-fast-track-program-to-leverage-its-payment-network/ https://cryptopotato.com/cryptocurrency-lending-platform-cred-joins-visas-fast-track-program/ https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/77175/crypto-firm-cred-joins-visas-fast-track-program-to-develop-lending-services Looks like this news has caused a bit of a bounce. 0.016 to .02+ current price: $0.0216 current CS: 840,410,2
  3. Latest AMA came out yesterday. Worth a watch. Dan: "Second, ahh team has been working really hard on two game changing partnerships that we will be announcing this coming month, in September ... it's going to be an exciting month of announcements that's for sure. " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZOmqiH1wpQ current price: $0.0282 current CS: 840,410,205 (unchanged)
  4. On further reading Klever is the re branding of the tron wallet. https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/tronwallet-kicks-off-in-app-offering-of-klever-klv-token-ahead-of-klever-apps-launch/ I imagine the tron wallet had a large user base. https://cryptonews.com/news/tronwallet-s-4th-generation-wallet-klever-app-launches-w-mul-7563.htm Are tron investors likely to buy LBA?
  5. The above announcement (Klever) I believe was the ann CRED was referencing in their tweet poll. Only a single partnership announced and it just missed August. So CREDs social media is performing to its standards. The article states Klever has 250k daily active users (DAU) and 580k monthly active users (MAU). It is enabling Klever wallet users to particpate in CREDs borrowing and lending services. "The partnership between Klever and Cred will also enable Klever users to soon be able to Swap Cred’s LBA utility token inside the Klever App, as LBA will be added to the Klever Swap tool wi
  6. https://medium.com/tronwallet/klever-and-cred-announce-partnership-to-allow-crypto-interest-earning-in-klever-app-a51ab930568a Will read and comment later. current price: $0.0292 current CS: 840,410,205 (unchanged)
  7. LBA has been listed on the exchange BKEX against Tether. My initial reaction was tepid as I had never heard of the exchange before. Checking CMC surprised me with them having BKEX ranked 13 for spot exchanges. I am not sure what criteria goes into the rankings but what ever it is 13 seems pretty solid. CMC also has their 24hr volume in USD of BTC=85m ,ETH=59m ,XRP=11m. LBA is trading now and so far its 24 hour volume is 37k USD. Hopefully this is a precursor to BKEX offering lending/borrowing programs via CRED. Coin Geko has BKEX ranked 7 on volume. https://www.coingecko.co
  8. Cred has been moving around quite a bit over the last few weeks. On August the 13th it took off and went as high as 5.54 US cents. Over a 300% gain in 24 hours. It quickly lost the majority of the increase and fell to a low of 2.2c on the 22nd of August. Still nicely up from the pre run price of around 1.4c. There was a Cred Tweet asking: "Cred announcements coming this month, what do you think it is?" Two options were given. "New Coins" and "New Partnerships" There was an announcement regarding an update to the Bitcoin.com wallets functionality in relation to its Cred par
  9. Is this a pump and dump? or something more going on? I plan to catch up over the weekend and share where i think it is worth while. As to the current run, Does anyone know anything?
  10. Caught up on the telegram chat. Not a lot of new info there. Of note one thing that i thought was worth sharing was a comment Dan Schatt made in the AMA on May 21st. "Dan any chance to include other metals, like silver or palladium?" Dan Schatt: “ahh, something big is brewing there as well 🙂 All I can say at this point -- keep a lookout, we've got some interesting opportunities to support tokens backed by precious metals, backed by the governement...will keep you posted” AMA format has changed again and is now a collection of questions via form responded to via video. See the li
  11. Cred released 175 million of their LBA that was not in circulation into circulation, ~2million USD, since my last post back in mid April. Cred also added two high-profile executives, Daniel Goldstein and Bethany De Lude, to its leadership team recently. Goldstein served as the vice president of digital engineering at Western Union. De Lude joined PricewaterhouseCoopers senior manager in the late 90s with nearly a decade of experience at the U.S. NSA. From 2010 until 2019, she had a leadership role at the Federal Judiciary where she worked on building a modernized security framework.
  12. another partnership: https://mycred.io/blog/bitpie-partnership-cred-financial-services/ XRP lending rates have dropped again by 1% now on 4%. current price: $0.00832 current CS: 663,749,675 (225k up)
  13. Fairly major announcement in regard to LBA and the CredEarn program. Cred is now offering daily compound interest. It still pays out at the end of a 6 month term. But the interest is calculated daily and goes back into the balance to earn more interest. If you are wanting to just set and forget for a few years then compound interest would be the way to go. https://mycred.io/blog/cred-daily-compound-interest/?utm_source=telegram&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=growth Another new ann that was just announced as well is the partnership with Huobi wallet. https://myc
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RTtJ1747X4&feature=youtu.be https://earn.mycred.io/dinwiddie https://spencerdinwiddie.com/ Nice endorsement. This should help spread Creds programs/LBA awareness. Looks like there was a small bounce but has since dropped back. Any other time in the last 6 months this may have had more of an impact. Still forward progress. current price: $0.0116 current CS: 663,523,897
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