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  1. Hi Mpolnet, The 3 main drivers for price potential currently the way i see it are: 1) Staking the 10k lba for better rates with both Loaning and Borrowing as you have discussed. 2) Speculation in general. When the market moves its likely that small market cap coins with use cases are bought up with the hope of bigger returns by speculators 3) Buying LBA to lend and earn interest off. Currently LBA shares the top interest rate on Cred earn. I imagine that as Cred gains a bigger target audience and more people are lending via Cred Earn and people start getting returns and having positive results from the programs people will start to move some of their funds into LBA to get a better rate of return vs other crypto currencies they hold. I personally was all in XRP but i like cred and have always thought i should diversify a little so have directed some funds into LBA instead of XRP for the purpose of diversifying and earning passive income at the highest rate possible . One other potential use case would be the possibility to lend 10k LBA to others that don't have 10k LBA and who do not wish to purchase LBA but would like the increased rate of return. For example. Bob has 10 BTC. Bob trusts cred and would like to lend all of his BTC for the next 12 months as he will be holding strong and may as well earn some passive income. Bob is not interested in LBA but would like the increased rate that it would give him if he staked 10,000 LBA (10% vs 6%.). As long as the cost to borrow 10k LBA for 6 months is less than the amount he would earn off the extra 4% it would be in his interest. This could easily be done as part of the cred earn contracts via Cred. There could be a market place where you could lend 10k LBA to cred on behalf of someone else so they can stake them. You could be paid in a one off lump sum or a percentage of the extra interest (say 50:50) or there could even be a pool which you could loan excess LBA to for others to borrow for increased rates with fluctuating rates based on who/how much value is requesting borrowing LBA. This could all be facilitated via smart contracts much like the current way the lending works. This could work for bob, the LBA lender and Cred as the more LBA staked the less in circulation and the more price pressure there is. One other use case that was brought to my attention the other day which was new to me was the following "The transaction involved Ohana accepting Bitcoin Cash by using Cred’s LBA token as a translation utility, with sales and city tax proceeds settled in Universal Dollar. " https://cointelegraph.com/news/us-politician-uses-crypto-to-buy-cannabis-for-tax-remittance-demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=327&v=_JacRhaFUBM Now i'm not sure why there is a need for the "translation utility of LBA" why cant you just go from BCH to Stable coin? But hey if Cred is embedding itself as a value transfer token to assist in some function, say tax collection for example, then great. That could be big and who ever gets their hands on these transactions first will potentially do well out of it even tho it could be any fast coin acting in this way or just a system with out an additional token. Will be interesting watch this space. current price:$0.01512 current CS:581,607,302 :how do i link to someones profile @Mpolnet etc?
  2. Yeah out of all the bits of your situation that one is the biggest red flag so far. Let us know the resolution when/if there is one. Cheers.
  3. "It was a 6 mo contract, this was the first opportunity to close it." That is blatantly false. You have the ability at any time in the first 5 months to turn off the auto re-enroll. (Although i have opted out within a week of the program coming to an end without issue, 5 months is just the stated time in their FAQ but doesn't seem to be enforced currently.) "And even then there was no option to close it after I logged in" Do you even know where to turn off the auto re-enroll now? "I did contact their chat, no response, ever. I emailed, no response. I still haven't gotten an email response from support, only because they DMed me on twitter. Their legal email address is nonfunctional. Their legal department phone number has a vmail greeting that's barely set up. No call back." This is average at best. Hopefully they take note of your feedback. I myself have always had timely responses on the multiple occasions that i have contacted them. "and they've made it impossible to get my crypto back" -> My funds have now been returned to me. Did you receive any penalties for cancelling your lending during the lending window? Did you receive the interest that you had earned over the last 2 weeks? All the best
  4. It's not in the most obvious spot, but it has always been there. Sounds like you just didn't know what you were looking for and never asked for assistance. Creds chat support is right there one click and one sentence typed would of had you sorted. Not sure how it's not your error? I think "I highly recommend NOT using CRED" is an overreaction considering you simply couldn't find the option and never followed up with support. I am surprised that they didn't allow you to release your funds after it was auto enrolled. What was their reason for not releasing your funds when you contacted them to cancel your next 3 month lending and get your crypto back? current price:$0.01574 current CS:581,607,302
  5. Why didn't you toggle the auto enrol option off so your funds were returned? Was that really impossible?
  6. @truekumar I have been using cred earn for some time. I have a running thread in the ALT Coin chat if you're interested in a quick catch up of where it's at and what it's doing. It's more of an endorsement of LBA the cred earn coin than the cred lending services. I personally favoure lending to Cred over the others. If your interested link is below.
  7. Just got my next payment (off XRP) which i put straight into more LBA as its under 2c which i think is a great deal. XRP rate with 10k LBA staked has gone up to 9% . All time high rate of return again. Great news for all XRP holders. If you have been tempted to earn interest off your crypto the current price of LBA and interest rate off XRP is good, I cant remember a better set of numbers to dip your toe in the water with. Cred Earn is now offering rates on 15 assets. current price:$0.01896 current CS:579,971,570
  8. Cred has now added TRON, on the back of uphold adding TRON, to its eligible crypto currency's for lending. 6% with 10k lba staked. LBA taking a bit of beating with the rest of the market the last 24hrs. If you are considering using credearn in the future today might be a good time to grab 10k LBA on uphold for better rates on future lendings if you haven't already. Zedy44, have you considered moving some of the USD into LBA and earning 10% off that and being exposed to the potential upside/risk of LBA? current price:$0.01875 current CS:579,971,570
  9. Cred appoints two new additional executive team members. Dan Wheeler and Joe Podulka. https://business.financialpost.com/pmn/press-releases-pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/cred-appoints-former-paypal-executive-and-bryan-cave-partner-to-leadership-team https://www.theblockcrypto.com/tiny/former-paypal-executive-joins-crypto-lending-startup-cred-as-cfo/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielfwheeler https://www.linkedin.com/in/podulka Seems someone likes it as LBA shot up 25% on the news. I don't know anything about these people but at the least it lends cred/lba more credibility and more connections. current price:$0.0238 current CS:579,971,570
  10. Binance Lending. LBA has another serious competitor. Very limited Caps on lending currently no XRP yet.
  11. CZ tweeted the following earlier today ------------------------------ CZ Binance @cz_binance Would you like to earn #crypto while you sleep? Keep an eye on @binance today. 2:34 PM · Aug 26, 2019·Twitter Web App ------------------------------- This could be anything. Fingers crossed its LBA listing on Binance and lending via Cred Earn with BNB made available. Cred has been pretty quiet lately. No major news, and hovering around 2c for the last few weeks. current price:$0.02 current CS:579,971,570
  12. https://medium.com/binance-us/exciting-developments-coming-soon-for-binance-us-f79f86bdd9c6
  13. It looks like BAT has now been added to the digital assets that you can lend Cred to earn interest on. With 10k LBA staked you can earn 6% on BAT. current price:$0.0242 current CS:554,971,570
  14. Cred is keeping up the pace. LTC added via uphold. 8% return with 10k LBA staked. https://medium.com/@ihaveCred/cred-announces-support-for-litecoin-ea78a9a74a5a current price:$0.0261 current CS:552,471,570
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