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    you are absolutely correct, I chose an arbitrary spot showing growth of the LAST 5 MONTHS...and the funny thing is, I used actual numbers and not rounded up/down numbers on the dates you chose....
  2. "apologies needed" haha GTFO...if you need apologies for self satisfaction than somebody needs to set parental controls on your computer and block you from entering mature websites. HAHAHAHAH GO AWAY dude, nobody wants that type of attitude here. Go see if you can get the right shaped blocks in the right shaped holes you child
  3. XRPLearner


    It's clearly representing USD lol It's comparing (XRP v USD) v (BTC v USD)... the % of change are based off USD and of course you need to compare crypto to crypto, not gonna compare it to real estate or bonds or something. Thanks for your input
  4. XRPLearner

    Please cheer me up :(

    Listen man, just look at market cycles and the history of BTC thus far, with crypto adoption and acceptance starting to take place, we should breeze past the previous ATH, I'm sure most of us are in the red but we know what we have and whats to come. Just HODL and don't look at day to day prices. Set an SMS alert for $2 and go enjoy your life or at least follow the amazing news along the way to help boost your confidence
  5. XRPLearner

    Please cheer me up :(

    Wait, let me get this straight... so you invested all of your savings into something and then came back a year later to find out your down 96%? So you put your money into something, looked away for a year and didn't follow ALL OF YOUR SAVINGS to see what happens with it. Sounds either very irresponsible or completely made up. EDIT: You wouldn't be freaking out if you had followed the incredible news this past year and see where crypto is heading in general...
  6. September 17 2018 XRP = $0.271 January 28 2019 XRP = $0.288 6% increase September 17 2018 BTC = $6,261 January 28 2019 BTC = $3,440 45% decrease
  7. XRPLearner

    I’m out!!

    you're selling yourself short IMO study market cycles and the history of BTC for 5 mins and you'll re-think selling at 1/3 of the previous ATH
  8. anything under $1 IMO is MFO
  9. I just wanted to throw some positive vibes out to some of the XRP community members in here. We are in fact nearing the longest bear market and as we see amazing news specific to Ripple and XRP, the price continues to drop in a manipulated market. HOWEVER, we can certainly see where the future of crypto is heading, BAAKT, Fidelity Digital Assets, Morgan Stanley "Crypto is the next institutional Investment Class", Wallstreet, GoldmanSachs, Circle etc. The writing is on the wall, or maybe I should say ALL OVER THE INTERNET! We hold the best DA of them all. The future is bright and we are still in the very early days in all of this. Changing the ecosystem of money movement is not a simple feat. We are living history as it happens, remain patient and you will be rewarded. We are currently in the pits, "Point of Maximum Financial Opportunity", a lot of despair throughout the community. HODL strong friends! If it bothers you then consider your investment lost and go enjoy your life, set an SMS alert for $1and then come back a little happier, take a breather. As long and tough as this bear market feels, just know that we can go bullish at any second, it can turn so quick and so fast in this crypto world. If anybody needs additional words of encouragement, feel free to PM me. I'm staying rather positive through this bear market
  10. XRPLearner

    The Real Price of XRP

    Yeah, those people need to go away haha
  11. yup XRP will be 3 digits within 5 years IMO, idk about trading XRP in the future though, when utility kicks in it'll have a mind of it's own.