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  1. Whatever I don't spend on life...savings plan took a little break this past year
  2. Not following your point here. Are you saying the whole blockbuster netflix analogy, cause if you are...xrp is netflix. Blockchain tech is the superior solution and ripple with XRP is leading the charge and making waves one ripple at a time (pun certainly intended). I mean, whats better than instant settlement in exchanging currencies and/or other types of assets. Something thats going to do it before you even want to or think about the idea of doing it. -5 seconds? Ugh
  3. idk if you are referring to quickness of the digital asset or just quicker in taking over the ecosystem, either way... 1. When the cobalt upgrade is ready, XRP will be nearly instant and not a few seconds. So what is faster than instantly? 2. Ripple has already 200+ direct partnerships plus SBI VC and R3 corda. They have years of experience and some of the smartest people around working for them. The have a huge head start. IMO nobody can catch up.
  4. This was a great blog, very important to put out to the community and new investors. Great job as usual!
  5. Ripple is changing the ecosystem of how money moves globally. XRP unlocks the ultimate bridging asset to move between currencies and eventually other types of assets. It's not now or never, its happening. It just takes time to change something so pivotal and important.
  6. alright, well none of what you are saying makes sense to "not cleaning up shop" as in Ripple the company. Go buy DOGE and leave xrpchat alone. Have a wonderful day
  7. just because its not used yet does not mean they aren't doing great work
  8. Ripple is not XRP so that doesn't make sense either
  9. how are they not "cleaning up shop"...they have over 200 direct partnerships plus agreements with R3 corda and SBI VC, they are working to change the ecosystem. Please clarify what you mean by not "cleaning up shop"...
  10. The impact of increasing the price to reduce volatility for CBTs
  11. Never said it did, just stating there are many differences. But whatever, I don't have the time to argue with you. You'll sell too early and that doesn't change my life. Have a wonderful day!
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