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  1. The third pic reminds me of the second pic. First pic is for reference...
  2. just visiting for some laughs to see what the new fud is on all this digitizing stocks to run through the xrpl...open your minds people
  3. ya'll gonna need new methods when xrp shoots to oblivion...
  4. If they are using Ripplenet, which is "powered by xrp", it's only a matter of time before they are using xrp...
  5. agreed, it seems inevitable at this point that xrp will be an essential part of the new digital financial system. nobody can predict how high it could go or when it might "moon"...all we know is that the ecosystem is primed for xrp's success and is currently incredibly undervalued at 25c in this moment in time. It's pretty clear the system is moving towards ripplenet, and ripplenet is "powered by xrp"...
  6. "The suggested improvements in this category add new capabilities such as an XRP-collateralized stablecoin and ways to ease the burden of the 20 XRP account reserve." Because it's going to be very costly holding 20 xrp worth as the wallet reserve...
  7. you missed the perfect opportunity to name the title "bear* with me"
  8. you really think btc will fall on the eve of bakkt...
  9. nothing will happen until we hear the US SEC say "XRP is not a security"...Until then stock up and wait, cause when those words finally come, there will be an explosion of admittance about plans to use xrp from all over the financial system
  10. do 5 mins of research on egamingfund...Heres a link to even get you started https://egamingfund.org/#
  11. i dont think you understand the reach of csc, look up egamingfund...
  12. na, csc is taking over the gaming industry with its built in KYC and AML. Already partnerships with cammegh and egamingfund... xrp will be mainly for finance
  13. it's certainly possible for xrp to be $20,000 one day...maybe 2030, maybe 2050, maybe 2100. Those who argue marketcap can shut it. If XRP becomes what I think it'll become then the volumes will be massive and price will be expensiveeeeee
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