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  1. Is it best for Ripple to use a backed USDT type coin instead of XRP?
  2. Similar to how you are able to see all bids/asks on Polo so you can see buy and sell walls. Can this please be added to the exchange?
  3. I should just send it back to BitStamp and withdraw to bank? I only want to buy and sell on GateHub.
  4. In my GateHub Wallet I have 52.39 USD Bitstamp how can I use that?
  5. If person A wants to send $100 to person B in Yen, what will be the best way? Is it like Bank A will buy $100 of XRP and sell the XRP for Yen at the same time then send the Yen to the receivers account? Possibly do a double trade where Bank can buy XRP at the same time exchange that XRP to whichever currency if the rate is right on the market. Would this completely take care of volatility and get banks saving with XRP? Keeping it on their balance sheets is too risky for now but would this way work?
  6. They accept Slovakia over the internet not Slovenia so I must go in person to the bank to send money to Slovenia
  7. Yeah that's what I will have to do
  8. Wells Fargo does not like Slovenia Confirmed
  9. I'm confused Business name I should put "Gorenjska Banka d.d.? or Gatehub? then whose address and city. "Wells Fargo may utilize any reasonably selected funds transfer system or intermediary bank" Does that mean I cannot use Wells Fargo because I cannot put the London bank as the intermediary Wells Fargo says in their terms they can use any....
  10. I need to enter bank information do I put Gatehub limited information or the Gorenjska Banka d.d. ? I cannot enter both. I attached an image. For state, province and region just blank?
  11. Both companies should support each other, build bridges not walls nice to see.
  12. The company is much more valuable than the CryptoCurrency at the moment and is almost a sure thing for success as you see their business partners and network increasing. All of that is increasing the company stock while there is still time to wait and see how banks will react to XRP acceptance. I feel XRP use can expand well beyond just the banking scene however that is the primary outlook that banks will use it. Majority of the company value has come from XRP investors money even though the currency does not have much worth until banks start adopting and using it, right now as far as I know only Ripple Labs block-chain technology is being used by the majority of their partners. We are investing in XRP and that money is supporting the company with funding, if theoretically every bank in the world signed with Ripple but for whatever reason decided not to use virtual currency XRP then despite Ripple being worth so much XRP would have no value and investors would lose all their money while the company itself would be extremely successful. It would be one of the biggest scams ever using XRP investments to fund their company stock and then at one point say "sorry guys banks have not accepted XRP". This does scare a me a little but hearing about the people leading the company from an early investor friend of mines who convinced me to invest in XRP makes me trust them, I don't feel they're a money hungry corporation without morals like many companies are. I like how they're focused on the work to become successful not just promoting their CryptoCurrency like many others do. I have good faith in the team and feel they really care for and appreciate their investors.
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