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  1. Well that wasn't the response I was expecting . If we get an average cost of horse poo bag units across the globe then we could treat it like the Big Mac standard when looking at the true intrinsic value of xrp. For example: 1 unit of horse poo = 4.54 xrp in Melbourne .
  2. Around my area here on the outskirts of Melbourne there are a lot of horse fanatics that sell nylon bags of horse poo at the road side in front of their properties for $2 a bag for people to put on their gardens as fertiliser . Lately I've been thinking about that $2 bag value here in Australia I thought it would be a fun thread if everyone could post where they're from ( approximately ) and the going rate for a unit of horse poo in their area .
  3. Na mate , turns out santa was a marketing gimmick used by Coca Cola but nowadays just to keep retailers with shops and rent to pay alive . Sorry The toothfairy is real though his name is Brad
  4. Remember when the penny dropped that santa wasn't real ... that sucked . No more imaginary warm fuzzies of santa coming down the chimney that we didn't even have ......
  5. I value your opinion , and agree . Does anyone else get the feeling that the whole crypto space is being closely monitored for illegal manipulation at the moment ?
  6. When do you expect the SEC to officially announce XRP is not a security ? I'm starting to realise the probability they will never make any announcement either way or are you meaning the outcome of some court case will show us how they define it ?
  7. Born and raised in Auckland .Orbit remit seems to be the go for transferring between Australia and NZ quickly have a look ... https://www.orbitremit.com Think of how much money the banks make just on putting everyone's money into their holding accounts gaining two days worth of interest off of everyone . They have a perfect rort in place so why would they want to change unless it's just as lucrative .
  8. Spot on , it is a testing ground and that's the reason why it's the only place in the world you have a shot at finding a wankel lawnmower .... that is a lawnmower driven by a rotary engine .
  9. Just think about what was the fuel for the last bull run . Fake volumes created by exchanges, forks doubling cash and volume , entry into the market through bitcoin mainly gave it the boost ..can't forget the tether made up money buying bitcoin giving it extra boost . Now people are being held responsible for fraud, this behaviour is not ever going to happen again (IMO) What happens when the MT GOX victims get their bitcoin back after being burned badly once , my guess is they will mostly sell and move on with their lives .
  10. I had already sold close to 75% when I posted that this morning . I may have done the wrong thing , time will tell .
  11. It means , bad luck champ . Then we don the yellow jackets, grab the pitch forks and go get some justice .
  12. If that were to happen at least it would make sense why they were stalling on decisions ...... all for selling off as much as they could .
  13. It's quite possible that it will go on longer even another 2 or 3 while the wheat is being sorted from the chaff and the criminals are being brought to justice . There is no quick fix here .
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