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  1. Did you notice that this "Crypto Pump" is now just "Crypto Push"? Also the "boost" was changed to "breakthrough". Why wording is so important for Ripple in this part of the article? The rest of the text remained unchanged. Initial version https://cc.bingj.com/cache.aspx?q=pump+site%3ahttps%3a%2f%2fripple.com%2finsights%2f2020-the-year-of-the-digital-asset%2f&d=2736471295771&mkt=ru-RU&setlang=ru-RU&w=_ig_d_N9I6q6aO1BV3RJ9ow5Cr4QoxiC New version
  2. To tell the truth, I don't miss him. A self proclaimed prophet gathering disgusting cultists. Look where we are now - 0.21 and keep falling. And 0.1 is a sure thing if not next week, then next month. Just imagine how many folks didn't sell in time because of those hopium posts.
  3. No. It is not a "price speculation" topic. It's between technical and economical sides of Ripple project. Is there any "bottom" where XRP won't be usable for its main purpose?
  4. This summer, when BTC was bouncing around 10k, XRP was at $0.38 - 0.40. Now we are here, between 0.25 and 0.3. Let's wait couple of months and see if you would still be a "believer"
  5. Except BTC won't go up. Even that crowd of "TA-specialists" on Tradingview, who are usually bullish long-term, now competing in predictions of new bottoms at $6000, $4000, $3000 and so on. Without bitcoin breakout our little XRP uprise is just a head fake
  6. MrX

    Ripple is not XRP

    I don't know, what you want to hear. But if we touched the matter of XRP name, I think we all should acknowledge that this ticker contains "Ripple" in it. XBT - Bitcoin, XRP - Ripple. That was its actual meaning few years ago. And now Ripple (the company) is trying to distance from XRP and its name. I don't really care, but if you ask me, I would like them to stop dumping millions of XRP as a convincing way of keeping the distance.
  7. Call me "fudster" as much as you want, but here is one of my concerns. The number of new accounts created per week - is an important benchmark for XRP. To reach our long awaited $1 point we need an influx of new money (institutional or private). And the number of new accounts was and remains the main evidence that this money are ready to come. For some reason Ripple preferred to disable "Accounts Created" charts on their site: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/accounts But we still have it here: https://bithomp.com/chart And as you can see, the number of new accounts recently became critically low - 3300 per week. Almost twice lower than the average number of accounts per week in bullish 2017 or even bearish 2018. Why? May be bithomp data is incorrect? I don't know what to think.
  8. "Almost... soon... in a blink of an eye"! Hodor, don't you want to take a time-out with your blog and wait until all these "good news" are reflected in the charts? Because now such posts are looking more annoying than helpful
  9. No, I do care about XRP, especially about huge amounts of XRP that Ripple keep throwing into the market and the impact of these actions on the price. No, I don't want anyone to "be sorry for me", what a stupid formula. I want to post a critical article concerning Ripple policy. And that's exactly what I did. I had the same thoughts. But not anymore, after two years of dumping. That is why I'm looking for a different perspective, trying to understand the real reasons and motivations of Ripple, and also trying to understand, what I can do to change its attitude to bag holders
  10. And why should it be "sympathetic"? Does everyone MUST love and praise Ripple? We already have tons of publications about Ripple "achievements". And we even have local "saints" and "prophets" with weekly blog posts, telling us how beautiful this company is. But I myself don't care about the company. Why should I? I'm not a Bank or FI. I just want it to stop dumping millions of XRP and let the price reach $1 So, questions and doubts - are not a crime or a sin. And there is a good reason for their biases. For example this
  11. Finally "grown-up" media started to pay attention to suspicious performance of XRP this year https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-08-23/third-biggest-cryptocurrency-barely-causes-a-ripple-amid-rally
  12. Nope. Not even close. That is not an answer to the question: what is so wrong with being dismissive of XRP? We missed all the pumps, but not a one single dump. The more xrp I buy the poorer I become. And yet, I supposed to be an XRP admirer? Really? Frustration is absolutely legit here. And any talks about XRP fundamentals are irrelevant, because "fundamentals" are not pushing the price up and they never did. We have to thank BTC for 2017 pump, but looks like it won't help us again.
  13. How questions about XRP can be anti-XRP? That is the cultism he was talking about And what is so wrong with being dismissive of XRP? Is it a kind of blasphemy?
  14. https://www.coindesk.com/investors-suing-ripple-cite-sec-guidance-to-argue-xrp-is-a-security I'm afraid, that this kind of news can affect the price. Good news are not pushing the zerp price up, but this security confusion, if it will provoke a wide discussion, can easily bring us down.
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