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  1. https://cryptoslate.com/theres-no-end-in-sight-to-xrps-downtrend-as-transaction-volume-wanes/ All those publications are demonstrating one thing: the consensus of crypto-media about XRP is pretty clear. And maybe it is high time for the bagholders to ask: 1. Does Ripple policy and huge selling pressure has something to do with XRP downtrend? 2. If so, what Ripple can do to change the situation?
  2. By the way, I do believe in "digital". It just won't be your old Nokia You know what happened to ODL and Ripple plans to get banks on board? All Ripple statements about their "focus on supporting low-value, high-frequency payments" are just desperate
  3. Ok. Enlighten me, how SBI sitting on a huge bag of zerps possibly can push the price of XRP up? In simple words: we bagholders need someone BIG to go for example to Bitstamp and buy a shi*load of XRP. Who will do it?
  4. No. We all can look for some "promising" sh*coins which are still able to bring some gains. Not much - just x2 - x3, but it can partly compensate our XRP losses. I'm sure some coins still can do it, just not XRP. It is bearish as F*
  5. No, it was published 3 days ago. Hope you feel good with your ignore list
  6. 1. Old news. 2. "the fund is set to launch in the coming months" - we all know what does it mean. "Soon". 3. SBI probably got a huge XRP bag from Ripple for free or with a nice discount OTC. So this "fund" won't affect the market price 4. With the current Bitcoin bearish price behaviour I don't expect many people to take part in this thing. We all just should accept the fact that 2017 was the top and start looking for the way out, trying to minimize losses. That's what we should discuss.
  7. Obviously they won't do a sh* because they don't care about the price of XRP. Ripple probably thinks about XRP as a failed side-project. But reducing supply would be nice.
  8. First we need XRP to pump. And pump HARD. Without it most of people won't have any motivation to improve anything
  9. https://cryptoslate.com/research-firm-xrp-is-in-a-bear-trend-and-it-may-just-be-the-start/
  10. Well... we already had our moon. In 2017. Ripple devs cashed out immediately, but we didn't follow suit. That was a bad decision. Now it's all over - what can we do? I really didn't expect this sh** to drop that low. And probably we will see it much lower
  11. Right. There is no way any of us can expect to be in profit for AT LEAST 50 years. Expecting to see ROI within our lifetimes is just pure greed.
  12. As if there is not enough bad publicity for Ripple and XRP. But it is still interesting. What happened to Sbi and Mr Kitao's "blink of an eye"? SBI invested into Ripple heavily, but it doesn't look like they wanna use their "product". No surprise XRP is losing popularity in Japan.
  13. Drama of this week. Ripple failed to get banks to use XRP for the big $$$ transfers. And now they pretending to have a plan for the "next option" - low value remittance.
  14. But there is no guarantee that XRP will be still afloat by the time of the next bull run if it will ever happen
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