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  1. Excuse me? Avoiding the appearance of impropriety by dumping millions of xrp on multiple exchanges and crashing the price of the asset? That's obviously not the right way to do it.
  2. Just several hundreds of millions? Ok then. But it is only one project with millions of XRP. What about others? We have no idea about any conditions under which all those companies and charities can sell their bags. I'm sure that is the reason why XRP bacame the worst perfoming coin of top 10. Sigh
  3. ok. I've sent 100 xrp to my new Ledger nano s - and everything went fine. Then I've sent a larger amount - and it got stuck
  4. Yes, I saw. How this thing is connected to my problem?
  5. Gatehub is a real disaster. I'm trying to evacuate my XRP from Gatehub hosed wallet to my Ledger nano s, and I got stuck with this stupid status "Processing". And the amount I've tried to withdraw already disappeared from my hosted wallet. I'm so ******. It looks almost like a scam
  6. Yeah, we all are interested in the influx of new money. But the fact is, 30-40% of my acquaintances invested into bitcoin during the 2017 bull run (no, I didn't agitate them, and they are not in IT or finance). All of them are disappointed. They are blaming themselves and treating bitcoin as a scam or Ponzi scheme now. This fact has a great influence on their social circle, so I don't see, where new money could possibly come from.
  7. It is his wallet (we can be 99% sure). A lot of evidence pointing to it, even the initial amount of XRP, which JK was HODLING (according to his own statement) And by the way, here is the wallet, which is believed to be a "Nickb's wallet". https://bithomp.com/explorer/r326gEX9w4GijJdJS9GjUEKxqTNZiQUBDj 1. This wallet got a huge amount of XRP from "nbougalis". 2. This wallet activated another wallet back in 2018 rG55xmEh9ue4Tc7i91o3MVebkVY4ozQoGS 3. This wallet sent 4m XRP to the rG55xmEh9ue4Tc7i91o3MVebkVY4ozQoGS 4. The endpoint of the "chain" is r49yezViZ8N6FtwwKg9byDYtJ3UDuJi1zv - this wallet is sending different amounts of XRP to bitmart.com, upbit.com and other exchanges. Is this just a coincidence?
  8. By the way, could anyone explain this chart to me. Is it volume from exchanges or number of transactions to/from wallets controlled by exchanges... or what?
  9. Aren't you tired of this platitudinous quote? In real life it works like this: first they fight you, and then you die (either because they kill you or because your lifespan is not infinite).
  10. 2019 is getting worse than 2018 and I need someone to hate. Just that simple
  11. If crypto lives another year or two... because what we have now - is not even a "bear market". It looks more like an agony of Mississippi bubble, and charts are pretty similar:
  12. So, this is it - "adoption and real usage" , isn't it? And if so, why it is not driving the price?
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