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  1. Hi XRP -Jag, so sorry, it's normally me who buys at peak and watches everthing thing tumble. Ironically about 12 months ago I had tried to make a purchase of GAME tokens (having read an article about it). They were worth $4-$5 at the time. I tried to sign up to an exchange and bank transfer money to pay for the tokens (my first attempted entry into the crypto world) . But my bank transfer failed and luckily the money was returned to me. I forgot about all things crypto til last month, where I saw GAME is now worthless! I would have lost it all. This time I have be
  2. I'm new to crypto, really since late December 2018, but I'd still like to consider myself an early adopter! I do see this being here to stay and common technology by the time my new born is a teenager. But these early days are worrying. I bought XRP at around 0.38, and now we sit below 0.32. How low do we go here! I'm tempted to get more XRP but this slide just keeps sliding!
  3. So if proof of work is doomed to fail (aka Bitcoin / Ethereum) , and Bitcoin inextricably linked to the value and progress of all other coins, either they all fail or the two prices disconnect... When do you think they will disconnect?
  4. Thanks Sam, yes , so I'll just hope I can get out in time before it goes offline. I'll let you know the outcome either way. Im withdrawing my 1.5% return each day so the closer I get to 66 days the closer I get to minimising losses.
  5. I agree with Pablo and Caracappa, everything on paper sounds like a Ponzi and the numbers and classic daily 1.5% return all seems sinister. The alleged theory is the bot is using the capital in an arbitrage manner but you never see this working behind the scene. Although there is a YouTube showing it in action. The support group has been helpful but of course I worry that one day I go in and it's all disappeared. I guess that's the big 66 day risk, so definitely don't put too much in. (if at all). I'm ten days in and really hoping 66 days in, I'm still good. I'll be Happy to show scr
  6. Hi, I know I'm new here, have been an XRP holder only since Christmas 2018 (8000 XRP only) . I'm Late joining the XRP party but have read as much as I can this last few weeks. I started playing with trades on Kraken but since I have owned xrp, the price has been flatlining 0.33-039 I would say and there's probably no moon for years! I'm hopeful like you all in the long term. I have also put a few coins in the telegram bot mentioned in the post. The telegram bot has a support group of about 1600 subscribers and I have been in their telegram support room for sometime. It's fairly
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