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  1. Thanks all for your advice. Mercury, if I'm understanding correctly, I could just make another wallet, note the recovery key, and then transfer the funds? @naminithanks for the info
  2. Thanks Mercury. I appreciate the response. I'm still new to the ripple space. Would you mind telling me what the purpose of the secret key versus the recovery key? Also, being that there was only one shot at the recovery key, would it make sense to just create a new wallet, record the recovery seed properly this time, and send my ripple there from my existing wallet?
  3. Hey all, I have an account on Gatehub. I went through the migration process from RippleTrade but didn't recall receiving a recovery key when I created the account. I'm able to access my "secret key" from my Gatehub wallet but I'm assuming this isn't the same as a recovery key since they said it's a 32 character string (my secret key is 29). Anyways, do you guys know how I can access my recovery key? Thanks in advance
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