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  1. Are you basically saying that all European banks are (inderictly) able to use Ripplenet (with the possibility to use XRP) from november 2018 onwards? ?
  2. Well, now they’re not (anymore), I assume ?
  3. I’ve read an article about the possibility of crypto to prevent wars and international conflicts. In short: countries are more prone to be involved in or start wars when their economy is bad. To protect their interests so to say. When we look at nations with poor economies the big deal is that they have a weak currency which immediately has consequenties for their population. On a geopolitical scale the use of a World currency as a replacement might be a solution as it is less susceptible for hyperinflation. (Hence the reason why in Venezuela, Zimbabwe, etc Bitcoin is very populair). Crypto has not only the power to support the unbanked but also to empower weak nations and their civilians to have better acces to basic needs.
  4. Why so rude? IMO she made a good point by stating that a tokenized economy is not realistic. People are lazy! There’s a usecase for XRP!
  5. Yoshitaka Kitao stated XRP has the potential to become a World currency. Noone knows if they will cooperate. But it’s easier to get banks using XRP by using the contacts SWIFT has than approaching each bank seperately. From what I know Japanese banks (like SBI) are globally big players. They can use their influence on SWIFT. But this is pure guesswork/speculation.
  6. Though I’m not a bearable guy believer, could the following be true? Thinking out loud: SWIFT (all the money in the world cross border payments) + RIPPLE (the tech and token for settlement) = (XRP = 589 USD)
  7. Cooperation could be a possibilty. Two weeks ago 'convergence' came as a cat out of the bag. https://ethereumworldnews.com/ripples-convergence-solution-with-xrp-as-its-base-fact-or-fiction/ Seems a viable and very smart solution to cooperate with a lot of different kind of organizations. Couple of days ago approx. 6 billion XRP was moved (to reassure banks and FI's!?). Meanwhile SBI moves on with XRP. There's more behind the seen! This could be really big!
  8. C’mon folks... a lady with a fishy reputation predicting 1 cent OR the CEO (with decades of experience) of SBI predicting/retweeting $10 EOY. Who do you follow?
  9. A wise Chinese saying: Don’t ask what they say, ask why they say!
  10. Yesterday in a FB post from a group member i read ING is going to invest € 21 million (± $ 26 million) in a company called TransferMate. The guy said the icons used by TransferMate are akin to those used by Ripple. (scroll down on this page https://www.transfermate.com/?lng=en&usr_ctry=238). Does anyone know whether TransferMate is doing business with Ripple?
  11. What would it mean for the value of XRP when Ripple loses? Will R3 dump the coins on the market?
  12. On Twitter: Seems to me an ideal use case for XRP https://www.yahoo.com/amphtml/finance/news/moneygram-gcash-drive-financial-inclusion-230400473.html?__twitter_impression=true
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