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  1. Europe? I would imagine in the world of crypto America is the trendsetter, the rest just follow.
  2. It did not hit $ 3 on speculation - this was a manipulated marked pump!
  3. 2019 looks to be an incredible year as well. If manipulations allows we might see 50 cents during one of this years pump.
  4. Not unlikely we will see sub 7 cents during 2019. Dragged down by a massive BTC dump.
  5. Stay close to your computer as we might hit 15 cents before the weekend.
  6. I think you rate aiming too low here. At that level this assets class will be a thing of the past -and end 2019 is to close for that.
  7. Don't be surprised if we see sub 20 cents shortly -end March back up to 50 cents. True now more than ever is to buy the dips.
  8. Many are happy its going down, OP now you can buy more!!!
  9. I agree that price is linked to speculation. Closed trading groups was all about selling crypto in Q1 2018 whereas reddit over the counter traders was hoping for continued increase in price. Traders that sold during this amazing year have added to their position. HODLs or weak hands not so much. Next pump will be based on speculation and not utility. I hold several coins and i can't see the future but XRP, with its growth, is likely to be a long term contender. Things take time and money, something many investors do not have.
  10. Most saw the drop coming and shorted XRP and re acquired the coin at a lower rate. OP is 100% correct its has been a fantastic year for XRP, we are all thrilled. Investors need to be long as we will ( probably ) not see past 30/40 cents in 2019 with a few drops and rises during the year. Investors arriving in Jan 2018 was late to the prom, it will take years to earn back the losses unless they have bought big during the year and reduced their average to sub 50cents.
  11. We are indeed very lucky and 2018 has been an amazing year. We have all a lower average thanks to it. Lets look forward to 2020++
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