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  1. The whole infographic business model maybe past its sell by date.
  2. Well there goes bye bye to Moneygram. Sinking ship comes to mind. https://mobile.twitter.com/Ripple/status/1270104548888068096
  3. Great analysis. Can't wait for the post movement TA showing how we might move up or down.
  4. Jasil called this retrace back to 25c 2 years ago and was labelled a fudder by your predecessors and hounded off. They had the same blinkered, cult-minded attitude as you. Believe it or not, some of us do not live on this forum; we have lives.
  5. I am just checking in on @Molten TA. Although not always accurate, his skills have allowed me to make some wonderful trades. Wonderful wonderful wonderful trades. Especially his call to take a break at 0.17 and his calling our breakout above 34c recently *ok I will probably get banned for this one. Nice knowing you all. See you under a new new new username. P.S. @Tinyaccount in the 3 years I have been frequenting these forums we have had many wannabe gatekeepers. You are by far the weakest.
  6. I agree with the above statement. Amazing TA consistently. Stating the Obvious, but still well presented and looks very technical *trying not to get banned (again)
  7. I'm not sceptical about xrp. Right now; on the fence. I am not on the fence about the quality of this TA thread. I belive it is very low quality and in saying so can you tell me which rule I am breaking? People like yourself who want an echochamber of positivity have come and gone from this forum time and time again. I don't appreciate 'xrp fans' who signed off at .17c and return as if nothing happened. Smile. Enjoy the TA. It is great. You know it will always be wrong so if you are a trader; just do the opposite.
  8. HAHAHHAA instantly wrong!!! Dude you are TOOOO funny 😂😂😂
  9. Haha don't worry about it mate. Your calls can't get much worse from here. And your band of cultish followers will claim no TA is ever 100%. But yours is! 100%....wrong lol.
  10. And as for my TA, I follow the molten school of thought; It will go up but could do down. 😂
  11. I only comment when he makes false/exaggerated/out of context claims about his previous calls. If that means you are reading a lot of me, make your own conclusions.
  12. Hahaha how can anyone take this guy seriously. The tweet he is referring to is when xrp was at .33c and he showed charts showing how it was going to break out further to the upside. He then ended his 'TA' with a one sentence caveat that tbe price could regress. Now he is claiming to have called the downturn 😂😂😂 Guys, this is the same guy who dissapeared at .17. He seems like an OK guy but his TA is TRASH.
  13. Exactly this. I truly appreciate TA guys with integrity. That, this is not. He flopped on so many calls and then when we were really in the gutter he took a convenient leave of absence lol. Zero credibility. Now he isbadvicating anyone calling his overhwhelmingly bad calls out be put on an ignore list. Others are suggestiglng privatising the thread. I was here since late 2017, my old account got banned for calling out the cultish groups then. I see the cycle repeating here. As soon as criticism is frowned upon, labelled as fud or unhelpful, you know it is too late to save people caught up in this current cycle of dillusion.
  14. If you make a single correct call I'll eat my ***** on live television.
  15. Also, how can you have any respect for this @Molten guy. He announced his departure at 17 cents but decides to return when the market turns upwards for a few days. Pretty pathetic.
  16. "I would suspect that we are going to dip a bit below the "neck" line at $0.27 and probably touch $0.265" Wrong again lol.
  17. Lol sure. Pitiful volume on one corridor for 2 years in return for a lifesaving investment. This is what happens when tech companies try to do finance/investment. > $4 per share lol. Already nearly half that.
  18. I am not complaining. Just observing. Stop being so sensitive. If a commentator was consistently wrong, I'd also call that out. What commentators do not do is say I predict xxx team will win and lose today. And then claim to have been right when one of the inevitable eventualities transpires.
  19. lol when you have been visiting this forum for so long you notice the repeating cycle of fomo, hope, denial, privatize, abandonment.
  20. So to put your Contrarian view in perspective, this the first part of your post. "2 attempts at $0.34 and both denied. But the rejections have been very minor (e.g. no big drop) and so it seems likely to me that, sooner than later, we will have a successful breach of that level. Looks like there are some sell orders stacked up at that level that we need to clear out before the run can continue. And actually, if we look at the 15 min chart, we see an ascending triangle poised to breach the $0.34 mark by tomorrow afternoon." It is not me being disrespectful, I am voicing my opinion that you are not reliable. You have a habit of doing the above; posts that cover both bases, upwards and downwards movements. And then when you do go out on a limb and make a price prediction, it regularly fails spectacularly. But carry on....
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