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  1. This is true. And it does not even have to be an official statement. A member of the SEC commenting on the likelihood (or unlikelihood) of XRP being a security in a speech/article etc would be enough to reassure some investors. I recall the BTC/ETH comment made by a member of the SEC last year (or was it the year before) was completely out of the blue.
  2. Just to make sure that people realise that this case being dismissed would add no further regulatory clarity with regards to XRP being a security or not. We are still (by all measurable means) a LONG way from any regulatory clarity.
  3. I was going to pluck some numbers out of thin air but this brilliant comment changed my mind.
  4. THERE IS NO POINT IN ARGUING ABOUT IT. WE ARE GOING OFF GUESTIMATES, BLIND FAITH, EDUCATED FAITH AND CONJECTURE. Either, 1. ODL is a real priority strategy for Ripple and they are fully committed to using xrp on a large scale in partnership with banks and significant FI's. OR 2. It is a token (see what I did there) product, to give the illusion of XRP utility whilst using it merely as a revenue and funding source for Ripple as a company. Either way, just hold on for a few years and the truth will become clear. Why bother arguing or debating it?
  5. ad hominem "When xRapid is used, the XRP is bought on an exchange. It's then immediately sold on another exchange. So there's no net increase in demand but there's no net increase in supply either." - David Schwartz I think the best we can say is it seems a possibility that XRP could rise in price but we do not understand or foresee the mechanisms by which this will happen. Chucking around words like demand, market makers and deep order books in no context does not bring clarity to anything unfortunately.
  6. I really find this hard to understand. So you say there is a method for how ODL will directly impact the price of XRP? What is this method or mechanism? If you say one does not exist and instead it is a combination of sentiment and "a number of other things," - then my statement stands that there is a consensus that ODL does not directly impact price. I want Ripple to succeed, I want my 50k XRP to pump to the moon and beyond, but I feel like 2+ years has taught me to be honest with myself. Can we admit that ODL does not directly effect price.
  7. I think that is precisely what makes me uneasy. It is one of the misconceptions I had when I invested over 2 years ago. I thought at the time, Xrapid was going to be a mechanism that inherently increased the price of XRP. Utility and price increase are not synonymous and I think the blog post does well to separate value from price. The "subtle combination of a number of effects" is what I am trying to get at. Traffic on a freeway may seem to be random but there is always some physical or psychological reasoning that can be applied. Parameters such as the number of vehicles, number of lanes, speed limits and pedestrian volume are all things that can indicate a given amount of traffic. Looking at ODL, the infamous quote form the big man himself, "When xRapid is used, the XRP is bought on an exchange. It's then immediately sold on another exchange. So there's no net increase in demand but there's no net increase in supply either." So when you mention the "combination of number of events." I am lost as to what these events are. What are those parameters of Ripple's solution can even theoretically show to impact price, in the same way the aforementioned parameters would effect highway traffic? The buying and selling does not have an effect, market makers and takers will behave as dictated by the buy and sell orders, and these if not effected by ODL are at the mercy of......the speculators. SO, for all the VALUE that XRP would give to a system such as ODL, I cannot identify the parameters that would effect the price beyond speculation. As of recently, the speculators don't seem to be our friends. Peace
  8. How? What is the mechanism by which ODL will increase price? I get the market makers argument and I would say yes that has potential to increase or decrease the price - they just react to the natural supply and demand of the market. What specifically is the mechanism by which ODL increases the price of XRP? And yes, nothing but love here.
  9. It still leaves me with the same questions. We know that XRP is one of the stand out coins in that it has clear case for utility. Will it be used on a significantly large scale. Let's see, but the general feeling and evidence points to, yes it will. Does the utility model directly dictate for a increasing value of XRP - I believe the consensus is no, ODL does not directly impact price as XRP is bought and sold near simultaneously. So indirectly XRP will rely on market makers to increase the price of XRP. These market makers are only as good as the supply and demand for XRP which, as said earlier is not impacted all too much by ODL. Which leaves speculation induced price. Speculators seem to hate it. It is hardly moves on price, and has been performing consistently badly for over 2 years now). Sorry to sound like a moaning fudster, but this argument of utility will change things, just does not hold water in my mind.
  10. Well that doesn't bode well. The last 4 times we have touched the top of your wedge we have fallen hard and fast. Oh ffs. You TA people are meant to feed us hopium!
  11. That's a LOT higher than I had assumed.
  12. Nobody, or very few people, are going to pay to see content. Coil is pretty dead. I mean, as a community. There are a very low number of active users.
  13. That makes no sense. You are saying it will grind sideways yet your TA shows a wedge all the way down to 4000, a drop of nearly 50%. That is not 'grinding sideways.' Edit: Ah OK, I get it know, You think it will not carry on going sideways as per the wedge in mid-January.
  14. Oh I do think he was doing the latter, there was just enough substance to him to not qualify for troll status imo.
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