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  1. With all respect, utility has kicked in, xrp and xrapid are being used, with no impact on price. What am I missing? What would real utility look like to you?
  2. feeling pretty s*** about XRP as my main investment lately. That's all.
  3. As good as TA as any, I dreamt that xrp had a sudden rise to .35 -.36 dollars and it had something to do with that ex IMF head showing an interest in it. Hell why not, this is what happened, I was checking the price on my phone. As I put it down I forgot to lock it (as i commonly do as my wife gets annoyed at how obsessed I am with bitcoin). As the phone slides across the table the ex head of IMF (cant remember her name) sees my phone. It is then I realise the price has jumped to .35 or .36 dollars. Now, I am aware she knows what xrp is and I am slightly embarrased (don't know why) , so I pose her a question of if she has heard of xrp, (whilst knowing she full well has). The convo then turns to bitcoin being a scam and that's it. Sound stupid, but if there is any correlating price movement linked to ex head of IMF in the near future, you heard it here first and I will fully milk my new found legendary status.
  4. I remember in 2017 or 2018, when SBI first announced their trading platform launch. The price of xrp jumped to .73ish, up a few cents, and I nearly got late for work watching the price move. Those were innocent days when xrapid was not released yet, MG and WU were going to take us mainstream, and coinbase was the weekly rumour.
  5. Well don't feel too bad. Xrp just caught up in the rekking scale. Bloody hell. Time to switch off for a while me thinks.
  6. *prods xrp Little green ***** there. I'll keep prodding!
  7. Would this not put Ripple in direct competition with a lot of their customers?
  8. I aspire to check it once a month. In reality, when i wake up, on the loo, at the dining table, when i restart my phone, when I leave the house, when i get out the shower, after sex, in the middle of sex, I have even dreamt of checking the price.
  9. I inspired a mate to invest in ltc at near ath. Let's just say he never asked anything about crypto ever again.
  10. One of the best things about the competition is the big hitters may clear the regulatory pathway for us all to benefit from. As for it "competition," expecting Ripple to be the only player in this would be like expecting there to only be one bank in the world.....
  11. They are like the ents from lotr. So what have you decided? SEC - We have decided cryptocurrencies do exist.
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