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  1. I thought it was more generally accepted that it was the actin of a select few manipulators wash trading tether.
  2. I remember complaining on the way down, on a particular day, when XRP went from 1.20 to around 1.50, that it was not rising quickly enough. Lol, live and learn.
  3. I use it as my main portfolio tracker. The only thing I find weird about the app is the news tab. It is as if Ripple or XRP do not exist. They never cover them.
  4. I am in that zone right now, but I think a fall below 20c would still sting. Especially as it coincides with a round number value of my portfolio.
  5. I thought about buying a couple grand more on Friday. Wired over some money from US but missed the time cut-off before the weekend. Thank God wire transfers do not work on weekends. How ironic given the whole context of Ripple
  6. China traders back in the office on Monday morning. Read news. SELLLLLLLLLLLLL
  7. Wow, I never bothered watching the video till you posted this. How right you are! This is Alex Cobb in a few years if this xrp thing don't work out hahaha
  8. According to TA etc. how does one escape a falling wedge!? It sounds quite ominous.
  9. Surely this year has taught us that this is not the case. BTC has risen significantly from it's bottom whereas we have not. Just my humble observation.
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