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  1. US Stock trading through cryptocurrency is a big thing. And with the CEO confirming XRP as a potential candidate, it is really good news. Can we get Bill Barhydt to launch the feature faster? Article: https://blockmanity.com/news/ripple-news-imagine-buying-tesla-and-apple-stocks-with-xrp/
  2. Saudi - UAE recently announced a joint venture (Reference link: https://blockmanity.com/news/saudi-arabia-and-uae-launches-a-separate-cryptocurrency-for-banks-to-facilitate-cross-border-payments/) in which these guys will be creating a cryptocurrency for international bank transfer. Wouldn't this be of an advantage to them and bad for XRP, after all Saudi-UAE combined has the second most number of cash reserves. What do you think?
  3. One bank at a time. Sooner or later J.P Morgan and Goldman will be on XRPs feet!
  4. IMO if XRP enables microtransactions it will be a huge thing...banks partnerships keeps happening, but we need a tipping point them to adopt XRP! I used to work in the banking sector...these guys are slow, until someone else does it they won't bulge...they will keep testing
  5. https://blockmanity.com/news/leading-islamic-bank-kuwait-finance-house-implements-ripples-technology/
  6. https://blockmanity.com/news/exchanges/xrp-added-as-a-base-pair-on-binance-tron-trx-and-zcoin-xzc-to-be-the-first-two-pairs/
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