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  1. Happy New Year!!! Wow, I found place for price predictions! Way excited!!! Aem, I 100% stick to idea that this kind of bull runs are just new way to earn money! Like look, 90% do not know how to manage money e.g. pay tax, buy proper house, count expenses etc. This type of bull runs just make them into debt more and more. Also, noone believes in bull run, everyone is hyped by media, graphs, riddlea, botnets and etc. Manipulation here is just insane, everyone thinks that they will hold until 10 EUR and so forth, but same people will sell at 2 and buy back at 4, watch rise to 5, and whole way down to 0.5, and sell eventually at 1, than they will have year to rest until give another chance. Stock market is boring, for smart big money, it just so, so, so slow. Humanity desperetally needs new mechanism to make poor poorer, rich richer, and in more dynamic way, not like 10-20 years of bull/bear. World changed, we cant just look past and say "here is how it will be now"
  2. In association with "hand of Moscow" Sorry could not resist ;)
  3. Solomon, you are the king! According to wikipedia you even one of yhe 48 prophets! I have no choice but take everything you write as granted!!! Nah, I have to advice king When you bring a salt of grain you have to at least show some due diligence, some report, some figures not just create conspiracy stories, as it same as with grain of sugar and story of 1000 per XRP Nor of you healthy at the end You call zCoin Chinese, but it actually made by Malaysian or Philipines or Thailand devs, if my memory not lets me down By the way, can we discuss the message, that this pairs are just a beginning? P.S. by the way, crypto is business, pairs is business and etc. And xRapid works not only with fiat P.S.S. Zc01N gives anonymous transactions, true ones, that can not be tracked in no way, not sure how that can be played with XRP though
  4. Amazing!!! Exchanges work like a Front-End I was taking this idea and moving it one step forward. Where exchanges buy pile from makers lets say for 0.2c, and selling to xRapid users for 0.4c. I mean they use market movements to benefit from future xRapid transactions! Everyone happy!
  5. This makes perfect sense and you are right, it looks like CZ used two mutual exclusive terms to describe one thing Fiat base pairs are new to Binance, hope they prioritize XRP
  6. So far, there is only one confusion and it can be Grinch!!! This is: "Is Hodor really wtong?"
  7. And before doors close, I am gonna gesture like avatar you have, in the twikle of an eye! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
  8. I am far, far away an expert in this world, but from an first glance at investopedia, base is a first part and quote is a second part. But, what if you have <all suported currencies>/XRP pairs, it makes XRP a base? Right!? am I right? This is what CZ talking about? P.S. wow, I talk to Hodor!!! Hodor.
  9. I read it like with XRP you buy any alt coin at the end, when plan achieved. This is how I understand base / quote. Am I wrong?
  10. Not sure, be happy or sad, but you do not read whole text from CZ Binance! Its two currencies as of time, but also, there is a plan to add more and more! I believe CZ! Stay positive Alex, eventually you bought XRP? Right? :))
  11. It means that XRP will have more pairs eventually and at some point will become base currency! More positive thinking XRPer! Its baby steps like CZ stated. That what Binance do!
  12. Just absolutely amazing and positive things happening around magical time of the year. One of them! Guess what? Exactly, looks like afterall Binance will make XRP "the base" Happy Christmas Eve pipz!
  13. My Lord! Happy Christmas to you and your beloved!!! Sadly, no christmas emoji here only banana Zcoin, at the time of my investigation (Somewhere March 2017) was the only one that offered true anonimous transactions. Also they desperatelly try to fight ASIC mining. They are very, very ambitious and did their fight based on explaratory territory. Not know where are they now!
  14. Hey likeminded XRPer! Hope you enjoy time of Christmas even more, after reading that article, I really do! Though my turkey does not for obvious reasons I suspect that you will not see transactions due to privacy that xRapid clients will want!
  15. vanripple


    Yo pipz! New dude here! Want be on the right train, this is why am here! Piece \m/
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