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  1. Nice! But I would not like to be a baby sheep even to live there
  2. Oh my gosh this is such a weird discussion
  3. You can start with an internship, and then show your skills and dedication
  4. Oh wow, I am an interpreter as well! What languages do you work with?
  5. Is it the worst one? Well, trash recycling has been on for some time, hope it helps
  6. Depends on how many clients you are planning on having!
  7. The thread itself was a bit out of forum specifics as well
  8. I know, right? I was checking job offers, there are so many, and what is more important, it is possible to work remotely.
  9. I don't know how much you can actually do yourself in this situation, but at least it's possible to decrease the pollution from a car and other small things thtawe are able to control ourselves
  10. I think Ripple has one of the highest processing speed. ETH as well
  11. Yes! There are also so many jobs as well!
  12. Thank you!!! What about you? Any skills you wanna learn in the future?
  13. Have you thought of taking it online? I think today we have this amazing opportunity of getting online education that we shouldn't really miss out on
  14. In the end, having a house will turn out more expensive than revenue on its **** sales
  15. Not that big, you know I definitely need a course to get a proper education. Although, I also think about digital marketing. It is totally different but extra relevant course
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