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  1. I think Ripple has one of the highest processing speed. ETH as well
  2. Yes! There are also so many jobs as well!
  3. Thank you!!! What about you? Any skills you wanna learn in the future?
  4. Have you thought of taking it online? I think today we have this amazing opportunity of getting online education that we shouldn't really miss out on
  5. In the end, having a house will turn out more expensive than revenue on its **** sales
  6. Not that big, you know I definitely need a course to get a proper education. Although, I also think about digital marketing. It is totally different but extra relevant course
  7. I like the first one so much! As for my favourite paintors, I like Vrubel and I like Rubens
  8. For future job, actually. I want to apply my drawing skills and learn something new
  9. It will not kill the coin that has a solid basis I think, although the market is heavily influenced by the sentiment
  10. Yeah that's what makes Ripple stand out on the crypto market. The company has some huge partnerships and numerous banks now are testing its technologies. So XRP price predictions are rather bullish. I like that this coin brings value into the market
  11. Yeah, tether brought a train of scandals...
  12. In general, I like the idea of stable coins, but I agree that they have a looot to work on. This is just the first step which is never ideal
  13. I feel like governments are still resisting to crypto entering the market, maybe this is the reason?
  14. Oh man, this is the question that occupied my mind for a long-long time. Why would someone do that? Month - day - year. The most important info should go first. Normally, people know what month it is, the problem is always about the day of the week
  15. Arenys

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Way to go!!!
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