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  1. The people of Reddit... Jokes aside theres many people on Reddit that got their funds frozen because of KYC apparently and lost some money... I mean if youre not laundering then you are probably fine?
  2. I have heard stories about bitstamp being shady... Guess its time to open TransferWise account. Hopefully the banks are not too uptight about it when I withdraw
  3. Anyone knows the stance of banks in UK on accepting money from exchanges? I heard they freeze your bank account and suspend it..
  4. Okay, so a newbie question... I have some XRP and would like to sell it for GBP if possible in the near future, or EUR. I live in the UK currently. I would like to sell some in near future, but have no idea how and where to sell it for cash! Any help appreciated. btw got Binance and Bitstamp accounts
  5. The usb stick wouldnt store the recovery seed, the recovery seed would not be typed anywhere, the usb stick is to save the wallet address for transfers nothing else
  6. I dont think I trust myself enough to acctually open the ledger up
  7. I literally said no critics on the last post... So why talk about last post
  8. Hey guys, As probably most of you know from my previous post, my ledger was probably compromised and I lost 18 000 xrp to some fradulent hacker that even has a freaking facebook page, but police is too lazy to even try catch the perpetrator Now I am sure that there are critics etc. but forget that. Now I want to invest again and I want to prevent this sh** from happening to me or anyone else again. Now What I am about to do is this: I will buy a laptop, not the best not the worst ,cheap enough to do the job. Buy ledger nano s from ORIGINAL
  9. https://bithomp.com/explorer/rK31P75sRN5coQNSYYbasgBtiefYT9t19N Wallet holder who the XRP has gone to. https://www.facebook.com/Geonomis/ Website talking about crypto?
  10. He did have control of my emails but i changed my password before he could access the verificstion email. I dont know about you guys but if your 10k was stolen your explaining would be better than mine? I think about it 24/7 and thats a promise i think am going crazy
  11. It looks like its been my pc as the haacker tried to setup an account but he didnt have access to my email
  12. I have used an external cd drive on it, which I thought couldnt put malware on your pc, but apparently they have some new next level trojans now.
  13. OKAY GUYS GUYS BIG BREAKTRHOUGH!!! It looks like its been my pc that has been infected a while ago. The hacker has took the xrp that way. BUT he tried to setup a western union kinda account on my email adress and password thinking i Didnt change my passwords. So i got in that newly created account before he could and checked the details. He has put his own name and home adress with my email and paypal address!!! Probably because he wouldve needed his own ID to get the cash out in Latvia!! WILL THE POLICE NOW CATCH HIM? I AM FROM UK BUT I HAVE HIS NAME AND ADRESS FROM LATVIA. BEFORE
  14. What about if i call my provider and setup a calling password or something like that?
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