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  1. Cus she wears as a dress, not as a T-shirt
  2. Haha! I wanna those sneakers too.
  3. I even wanted to grow my own avocado tree, after reading this topic!
  4. You are not alone! Fortunately, it becomes more popular to be eco-friendly and make the world cleaner, use less plastic for example.
  5. Oh no, BTC became red again, 3,8K now. Hope it's just a usual tendency to go downwards on the weekends and the new week will be more positive for the coins price.
  6. What a great invention to use the crocodile excrements for that purposes!
  7. It is very interesting to see it. Can you take a photo?
  8. Agree with you guys, China has the power not only in the world scene but in the cryptoworld too.
  9. Yes, unfortunately the ecological situation get worse year by year and most authorities close their eyes for the climatic changes and only we can make it cleaned starting from ourselves.
  10. But now it recovers slowly, that's good news
  11. I'm sure that it's good news for the crypto world since I hope the demand for tokens will rise after this action and finally coins will recover.
  12. Crypt0Pro

    XRP GIFs

    Awesome thread! I'd better stay here.
  13. I also found in one shopping center the XRP abbreviation. But didn't take a photo, unfortunately.
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