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  1. I guess you will have no choice than to eat it as you promised... very soon
  2. Great pics! I love them all
  3. Great! It is very popular nowadays.
  4. Is anyone left here, who didn't see this series? Hope I'm not the only one...
  5. Neither do I... So many questions here about it, but still no answer
  6. That's right! As you mentioned already, they made great strides to high-speed transactions.
  7. They came already! At last, we see BTC in green
  8. Bitcoin is already about $8 K. Did anyone believe in such sharp recovery of BTC?
  9. Why not? Another good idea Maybe someone already created such one.
  10. Really? This is a great idea to make money from ... nothing
  11. Because it is such a ridiculous waste of coins. I agree, that he didn't realize how he will regret this purchase later.
  12. I absolutely agree with you. That's a sad truth about mankind...
  13. Not a bad translation, Guest! It doesn't matter where are you from, your language is quite good!
  14. Yep, I heard it so many times, but still don't believe it to be true.
  15. Yep, the unexpected pair of shoes, but very attractive!
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